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  1. If any reviewer's see this, I would appreciate their input as well. Thanks
  2. A nagging question has been eating bothering me for a weeks and I guess you could consider this as a poll-type question: 1- Should the cache page of an EarthCache provide the actual lesson? (i.e. should all the information be made available on the cache page so that when you visit the site you only get to grips with the practical side of things). or 2- Should the actual lesson be reserved for the EarthCache site? (i.e. The cache page has introduced the problem but the actual feature can only be seen at the site?) Maybe a little difficult to understand and perhaps I should exemplify. Say you want to do an EC that brings together elements from a whole region (eg. mineral deposits, or types of minerals). It would be impossible to send everyone to every location that these minerals come from. However, you find a site that has a collection of these minerals (not a museum!) where samples can be viewed, touched and even smelt. Additionally, the site is complemented with information boards on each mineral, their mode of occurrence, etc. The cache page would obviously have to be generic enough to describe the site in detail but not each mineral, etc. Please let's have your opinion on this. Thanks.
  3. Tend to agree although there will never be too many EC's. Just more opportunities to learn about the blue planet we live on.
  4. If EC's are meant to be educational then it is EVERY OWNER'S DUTY to respond and correct wrong answers. If all the answers are correct is is polite do acknowledge that as well.
  5. Totally agree.However, I also like the courtesy of everyone who replies to "send their email address" with their answers. As you well know, replies to the GC.com address go straight to jail, do not pass beginning and do not collect $200
  6. Hi there. I understand your hesitation perfectly. We have hundreds of things to do and then it seems that everything piles up at once. I have adopted the "autolog function" in my EC's. That means that I allow all visitors to log their "find" if they think they are correct with their answers with the proviso that answers still get sent and will be checked. Even though I tell everyo9ne that I will only contact them if there's a problem, I still respond to each mail correcting any errors, confirming answers or just generally thanking them for their visit. If I were a visitor to a EC and I simply logged the cache and never received a reply what would I think? 1- yeah! all correct. I am the best in the world!; or, 2- The owner is sick and tired of answering emails and doesn't care anymore. ...that nagging feeling is a terrible burden to carry.
  7. Congratulations on this initiative. Another incentive to go EarthCaching.
  8. Thank you Geoaware. You are all invited to Lisbon on that day to join me in celebrating this day by looking at some Cretaceous limestones and some very nice stalactites and stalagmites and along the way we can all see a huge Lapies field.
  9. Well...... I'm a little suspect in answering this topic because I earn my living from being an exploration geologist and hold PhD's in Economic Geology and Metallogeny, each from a different university and I have a few EC's published. However, my experience regarding EC's has been that 99% of people enjoy them. They start out by being icon-hungry (a new icon on their profile goes a long way to inflate that self ego) and them the actually start to realise that those cache that are on top of those nice mountains with those nice views actually are there because geology has made that mountain (in a matter of speaking) - tectonics is now a new word in their vocabulary. Then they realise that those rectilinear coastlines are there for a reason - they have now discovered faults and the world is beginning to look different. A few weeks later they see artesian wells and hydrogeology is now a thing they are perfectly comfortable with. Then they travel to Paris for an holiday and see that the Obelisk of Luxor in the Place de la Concorde ignites the knowledge of quarrying and the transformation of stone from rough, dirty outcrops into beautiful slabs - hey!!!!! we might have of that in our buildings downtown!. Alternatively they travel to Brussels and discover that the sandstone plateau that the city has been built on actually teaches them about deposition of loose material - erosion, deposition, diagenesis start to take on a whole new meaning. You see where I'm going with this. We are all basically ignorant until we get taught not only to look but also to see and when that happens the sky is the limit. EC's are the that tip of the iceberg that tell everyone that they must stop looking at the bus as a bus but rather that the bus is made of alluminium, iron, copper, molybdenum, glass, etc. and that has all got there through geology.
  10. Does anyone know when that is this year? Thanks
  11. Oooh an event - sounds like fun (at least once I get out of the stocks and can dodge the rotten fruit and insults a bit better!) geoawareUK has an active caching alter-ego, is based in the United Kingdom, and covers new EarthCaches in the United Kingdom and (for now at least) France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. geoawareUK has a BSc in geology from a decent Red Brick university, an applied geology MSc from Imperial College and has (some) experience of working in a geological workplace, although the geology is nowadays just a hobby. geoawareUK likes long walks in the countryside, Italian food and enjoys both fine Somerset cider and Theakstons XB. If you want to know more, then you really should do the decent thing and take me out to lunch geoawareUK Thank you.
  12. That is a very good question. There is nothing like adding a (new) target to get people to aim for in order to revitalise one's interests in EarthCaching.
  13. Ouvi dizer que o Monho tem cerca de 600 logs em atraso
  14. As novas guidelines estão cá fora: AQUI
  15. Is it really? Recent news events and extensive coverage would point to falsified reports. In any case, be the truth what it may, Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2010 to all geocachers!
  16. "Time is now: 14th December 2009 - 02:40 PM"......nos states. Ainda faltam algumas horas para dia 15
  17. Começaram a surgir novas contas, ex. geoawareHQ, geoawareUSA, geoawareAUS, geoawareDE, GeoawareEU entre outras. Serão estes fantasmas os novos reviewers das EC's? Com este assunto ainda envolto num grande mistério logo veremos dia 15......
  18. In a few more posts like this one we can have a new Hitchcock and Christie novel in the making.
  19. Good question! I'm going for World Poker Tour ........or .................Waypoint. But perhaps the answers should come from someone named Geoaware.
  20. Let me tell you what I do. 1- If I get correct standard replies to my questions the log is 100% valid. 2- If I get some answers that are correct and some that are wrong, I correct the wrong answers and allow the log. 3- If I don't get the answers and still no reply to my e-mails, the log disappears into thin air. I think your's is perhaps the latter situation. You decide what to do.
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