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  1. If your request includes uploading of photos then YES, give them the benefit of the doubt and allow the log before the e-mail. However, when the only requirement for logging a cache is to get the answers right (or at least learn something) then there is no excuse not to comply with the owners wishes. I have the same philosophy.
  2. I know several folks who do exactly the same thing--or something similar. Of course, there is always that one guy in any area that has the "mine, all mine" attitude but they are fortunately few and far between. Most folks would prefer to see lots of people making earthcaches, so they can enjoy finding them! Most people who go through the process learn enough along the way to create accurate caches, even if they don't have any expertise in the field. Even if you have a background in geology, you can't be a specialist in "everything" ( I know, I've tried!) --if you pay attention, even someone who has been in the field fr decades can still learn new things. The nice thing about earthcaches is that the people who review them for publishing know their geology, and can make good suggestions if someone makes a glaring error. Other than that, the cache page can always be changed even after publishing, so if you run across an earthcache that has info that is grieviously wrong, you can always let them know about it in a friendly way --and they can reword it to provide the correct info. I agree with you that even if you're in the earth sciences you cannot be an expert at everything. The field of the earth sciences is so vast that the possibilities are endless. However, you have an advantage over the others because you can spot an EC " a mile away " whereas others would take a little longer to recognise the potential of a site or feature. The other thing that I've experienced is that the "icon hunters" want (very much) a EC icon in their owned list and as a result I have been approached by other cachers to create EC's for them - isn't that cool? The only problem I have is to find themes and the time to do it all.
  3. No, I dont think so, but I get the feeling you think they should? Nope. Not at all but I think that they should have a helping hand from a local knowledgeable person and they needn't hold any degree.
  4. What Level of background of earth science do you think should be acceptable? a degree? Masters? Or just someone who watches the National Geo channel once in awhile? I think you need to remember geocaching is just a game. Also, if geoaware publishes them, then one would presume they cut the mustard? Thanks for your input and you tell me if they should need a degree. That's why I launched the topic.
  5. No. I'm sorry and have to ask you what do you mean? Is it a superfluous question? If so, ignore it and move on.
  6. I've seen earthcaches (EC's) developed by those who know exactly what they're talking about and hence develop strong, and well researched EC's and also by those who simply find a "interesting spot" and develop weak and poorly researched EC's. Who should be allowed to develop earthcaches? Those with a background in the earth sciences or just simply everyone?
  7. Definitely not. If its educational everyone should have the opportunity.
  8. Well....this can develop into a "hot" topic very quickly. I've never had to delete logs because the EC's I've created have a specific task associated with them and the visitor cannot complete the task without having to get out his/her car and actually getting close to the "object" in question. Nowdays with Panoramio getting more and more pictures in Google Earth many sites have photographic portfolios that would shame any top model so I guess photos can be obtained and photoshopped accordingly. I have however perceived that cachers treat EC's as easy finds and many times will log the find BEFORE e-mailing the owner. That get's my blood boiling. However, at the end of it all, the EC developer has chosen a site, researched it and has sent an open invitation to all. Those that visit the site will learn something while those that cheat will not. Who is the real looser? I say let them keep all their finds and live with their conscience.
  9. Obrigado a todos / than you to all!!! Cache page altered / Página da cache alterada
  10. Espero que lhe seja de utilidade. Um cumprimento John Rover Hi John Rover, Thank you very much for your help. I guess the name is a give away and now having said that I guess this thread could be placed in three different forums E claro que me é de muita utilidade. O meu "Portunhol" é péssimo I will change the cache page ASAP.
  11. Traducción automática: Caros amigos geocachers españoles, Vos invito a visitar la nueva earthcache "Punta Umbria - Los Enebrales" que nació ontém. Pido también a los que tienen más facilidad con el Inglés o Portugués que me traduzcan para Castellano el pequeño texto que dice respeto sólo a la cache en sí. A las almas caritativas el mi muchas gracias. De facto, assim pode ser de melhor compreensão. Gracias Fetiche
  12. Caros amigos geocachers espanhóis, Convido-vos a visitar a nova earthcache "Punta Umbria - Los Enebrales" que nasceu ontém. Peço também aos que têm mais facilidade com o Inglês ou Português que me traduzam para Castelhano o pequeno texto que diz respeito só à cache em si. Às almas caridosas o meu muito obrigado. Muchas Gracias
  13. I still don't see an icon for the Athens geocoins. What's happening with these?
  14. I'm going to have THREE Portugal 2008 geocoins for TRADING very soon. All geocoins are only going to be sold to Portuguese geocachers and there will be none available for purchase through the www. If you're interested, make me an offer I can't refuse through my e-mail. Please note that the gold version will be made available only to PT cachers.
  15. I'm still trying to get my money back ....and the name just connects to very bad memories
  16. After loosing almost all my activated traveling coins, I prefer to show them off at events and then take them SAFELY home.
  17. In Euros that's the price of a MCDonalds meal so you might a lot of orders from Europe.
  18. Pity about the spelling though! Speed typing will do that to you
  19. I would classify a collector as one that spends money on things that end up in a shoebox in a dark cupboard only to see the light on a few (special) occasions
  20. Lisbon, Portugal calling! If you need any help let me know.
  21. I have one or two Portugal 2007 geocoins to trade (only for unactivated, GC.com trackable). If you're interested send me a message through my profile. Thanks.
  22. I have one or two Portugal 2007 geocoins to trade (only for unactivated, GC.com trackable). If you're interested send me a message through my profile. Thanks.
  23. I have the same problem. Coin paid for on July 30 2007 and no replies to e-mails, etc. I have taken the suggestion and sent him paypal invoice for the amount. Let's what results this produces.
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