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  1. My favourite has to be a now archived EC by the name of Dunas de Maspalomas Earthcache (Gran Canaria) in the Canaries (Gran Canaria) not because of the great geology or the feature itself but rather because of the curious incident while en route to ground zero. We were stationed on the beach near the Faro de Maspalomas (those who have been there will know what I mean) and it was 1.2 km to GZ. I decided to walk the distance while the rest of the family enjoyed the beach. On the way I was so concentrated on the little arrow of the GPSr that when at certain point I looked up I was in the middle of a nudist beach. Needless to say that someone "wandering" through naked men and women holding a camera and a GPSr raised many an eyebrow and made a certain someone blush.
  2. Its now official: EarthCache Day 2008 - PT edition. Will post a full review with lots of pics after the event.
  3. Portugal will celebrate the day with an event: EarthCache Day 2008 - PT edition. All are welcome.
  4. I don't know of an EC but we have the "rainbow hydrothermal vents" traditional cache that has been hidden since 2002 and counts ZERO finds.
  5. I would love to attend but from Lisbon it's quite a feat. I say keep having regular meetings of the kind and maybe one day a particular geological congress will be in the same city at the approximate time as the meeting and then things can be cooked a little better.
  6. I started a series on minerals and my problem is to find locations where the mineral can be easily identified and can also be collected by the visitor without damaging property / or a known geosite. So far the list includes chromite, chalcopyrite, halite and iron. In summary, I have to say that I like your idea a lot.
  7. Is there anything that strikes you as "different" in your scenery? That is probably a good place to start. If you need further help, post some pics and teh community will surely help you. Any local tourist areas that people are drawn to because of rocks? Scenic caves? giant stone pillars? Its quite possible that an earthcache hasnt been set up for them yet! That's a good place to start
  8. I've just received my silver EC masters pin and sticker. Magic! I am the envy of the Portuguese geocaching community.
  9. There are definite plans to commemorate "Earthcache Day 2008" in Portugal. Stay tuned......
  10. Any chance of a sneak peak of the design?
  11. At the scale I can't see any folding. however, I can clearly see some beautiful strata so you have the makings of a stratification-related EC. Are these beds important? -do they hold mineralization in another locality? -Do they contain fossils? -Any cross-bedding visible? - are they composed of the same rock type or do they have other intercalated rock types? -other sedimentary structures that will give you way up? eg. flame structures if there are mudstones/siltones about. -are they intruded by igneous rocks? Anyway, the possibilities are endless if you just spend the time and study the site a little better. I suggest you actually stop the car, get out and place your nose very close to the outcrops.
  12. Any date set for the launch of the sales?
  13. DNF's in an earthcache - Do they make sense? I've just had two DNF's in two of my earthcaches. One because they didn't understand what was required of them at teh particular spot and the other because the generic image I have used to illustrate a feature "is not similar" to what is seen at the site. What is your opinion with respect to DNF's in an earthcache?
  14. I've just submitted a EC and the e-mail notification is great - Thanks. Not only does it let me know that it has been successfully sent and received but also creates an automatic backup of my data.
  15. On the other hand I've had to delete logs because the cachers simply give away the answers in their logs or simply upload photos where the couch potatoes can get the answers.
  16. You have to look out for your adoption request and then you can edit all you like. If I understand it correctly it still belongs to Geoaware hence you inability to edit. go to: www.Geocaching.com/adopt and see if there are any pending adoption requests.
  17. Yeah. I've seen two EC's next to each other dealing with the same aspect but with different logging requirements and they're both good to go.
  18. I was the first to create an earthcache in portugal - See link Here I have since created another 19 in Portugal and two more in neighbouring Spain. The followed and another seven in Portugal by other geocachers. I plan to increase that number in the next few weeks with EC's on fossil corals, wave-cut platforms, weathering of granites, Felsic dykes, rhyolites and gold mining during the Roman period.
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