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  1. I can't make this trip, but would be interested in joining a group riding east, rather than west, from the summit. I've done the west ride 3 times in the last year so would like to try the other direction. If anyone is also interested in a summit-east ride please shout. Have fun! It's a great ride. JustMike
  2. Hmm.... while I have snowshoes, I'm not sure 10 miles of snowshoeing would be fun. The downside to putting this off is that my calendar is filled. 6/14 or 7/20 work. Either of those dates interest you?
  3. A few of us are going to do the hike from Rattlesnake Lake to Snoqualmie Ridge and would like to invite others to join us. We plan to meet at Snoqualmie Point and leave a car since this is a one-way, 2-car-shuffle hike. There are 20-30 caches along this trail and some gorgeous views (and steep climbs, 15 miles of hiking, lots of mud and potenial snow so plan appropriately). The meeting/ending location can be considered GC165YQ. We plan to meet there at 8am on May 4th. So, if 15 miles of challenging hike sounds like fun, join us! cheers, JustMike
  4. Or a virtual. Or a puzzle. Just downloading coordinates into your GPSr and blindly going there isn't going to work in many cases. You really need the cache descriptions in many cases, which is why many folks carry a Palm containing all the cache data. JustMike
  5. Not to pick on the other various possible containers being used, but ammo cans can be found for cheaply at many army surplus stores and work really well. They are rugged, normally water-tight and cheap. Many of the kitchen containers do not keep cache contents dry. Lock-n-locks are a notable exception. Then again, finding a soggy cache with a nice stinky mold smell just adds to the adventure. JustMike
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