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  1. Caching Runs Passports are up at Caching Runs Good Luck
  2. We would like to Thank all that have purchased the GCF 2010 Cachekinz. On line sales have been closed! If you missed out there maybe a few at the event.
  3. I also forgot the picture. Here is a link to make your bid.
  4. We should try and get a picture of the Migration!!
  5. Almost gone, would anybody else like any?
  6. I forgot the link. Here it is The Face Cards
  7. This will be our last auction. If you like Geocoin poker, then this is the hand to go all in with. Up for auction is a set of five (5) AE Coins. One of each of The Face Card Series. This 5 piece collection of the AEs in the Playing Card Series is the only one of it's kind to ever be offered to cachers. No person anywhere besides the artist has a full set yet. This is your chance to be the first to own an extremely rare set of coins spanning almost five years of production. It also includes a signed artist proof. This set is being donated by AURA Design Group (Fox & the Hound's new design company!) as a show of support for the Geocoinfest events and as a thank you to all the loyal coin enthusiasts who have kept this incredible coin craze moving forward over the years. Don't miss out on these coins. Bid High!!!
  8. They are going fast! If you want one or ten, I would get them now. If you want to save on shipping you can order them in the GCF Store and pick them up at the event! If your not coming to the event (I don't know why anyone would miss GCF), order them from this page and they will be sent to you.
  9. We have just listed 5 more great geocoins up for auction: Naymlap 2-tone Copper & Silver Geocoin LE 999 Geocoin (NY) 10 Year of Geocaching Geocoin (NY) XXLE Musketeer XXLE MEDUSA We would like to thank Avroair, Vanelle and CLAMM for the generous donations. Please bid high and often!
  10. Would you like to do a little caching? Would you like a DeLorme 3D Eartha coin? If you answer yes to both of these questions, you’re in luck! We are having three different caching runs. The first will utilize the light rail system, right outside the event hotel. The second will bring you to the City of Minneapolis. The third will bring you to the City of Saint Paul. There will be a passport for each of the caching runs. The passports will be available at all events or can be downloaded and printed from the Geocoinfest 2010 website on Friday, September 17 around noon. If you’re staying at the event hotel, there is a business center with a printer. For more information check out Cache Runs
  11. Hi, I did get your request yesterday, and replied. The e-mail should of been GCF2010@geocoinfest2010.com I will try you again via your profile. edit to correct email
  12. This is a great coin! Don't miss out!
  13. Today is the Last Day (8-27-10) to get you hotel reservation at the reduce rate!!
  14. Last Day to get you hotel reservation at the reduce rate!!
  15. We have just listed the last XXLE Celtic Peacock for ebay. Thank you Avroair for you donation. Remember to bid high and bid often! (it's not an election so it OK to bid often)
  16. Friday 8-27 is the last day for the Hotel Discount! If you don't have a room time is running out.
  17. Awesome, so I can finally meet who all these japanese packages are coming from and going to! Also quick question: If we can't make early registration to pick up our preregistrations on Sat...when is the regular time to pick it up (so the "non early" registration time)? Couldn't find that on the site. Is that just during the main event? Thanks, Zel / Tim Yes, registration pickup will be open durning the main event.
  18. Still a great deal at only $3.00! Here is the link to have them shipped to you - GCF 2010 CacheKinz. For international shipment, please send me an email.
  19. Only about one day left to get these great coins!
  20. The package arrived safe and sound. Thank you very much for your donation!
  21. Just one month away! Couple of quick notes: * To get the hotel discount – rooms must be booked by 8/27/10. * We are looking for some volunteers. Please e-mail volunteer at geocoinfest2010.com to sign up. * GeoPoker sign up is open! Please sign up on the Geocoinfest2010 forum. * Info for bringing Travel Bugs to GCF has been added to the forum. (www.geocoinfest2010.com/Forum)
  22. Just a little over a month until GCF! We have just listed 3 more coins: Year of the Tiger AE Neptune Compass Muddy Water XXLE Medusa We would like to thank Jackalgirl, Pastor_B and Avroair for the generous donations. Please bid high and often!
  23. Your package may be small, but it was filled with a lot of nice coins!!! Thank you very much!
  24. We would like to thank, I think - Mickey Diver, as a Mickey Diver Mystery Micro came in the mail today. It is a very nice donation! Thank you!!
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