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  1. I live in North Phoenix and I'd be willing to see what I can do to help put your cache back into action. I did a search on Geocaching.com for "As Big As Your Head" and all I see is an archived cache in Nebraska. Can you give me more information. Perhaps it would be best for you to e-mail me what you can instead of posting on this thread.


    I'll wait to hear from you...

  2. City Select v6 came with my Garmin Quest and it is an excellent program. I live and work in Phoenix, AZ and drive professionally here. It has only failed to find one address for me and I use it to locate about 15 addresses each day. Using City Select has allowed me to move my detailed map book to the trunk!

  3. I have a Quest and it's great! I'm looking for a device that will be better for outdoor use and so far the eMap has my attention. I'm going to look into a 60C or 60CS before making a final decision. (I have to admit that I love the color screen and don't want to settle for grayscale.)

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