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  1. That's an interesting story you tell about your caching adventure trip. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!


    I understand what mean about the Quest being kind of a pain to get in and out of the mount and I agree that when mine was brand-spanking new it was also a pretty snug fit. In the months that I've been using it, however, the device and the mount have found a happy marriage and separation policy.


    Also, in case you haven't seen it, the Quest will do an "off road" calculation to a waypoint/destination that will also give you the compass screen that you use on your V. It's the third option along with "faster time" and "shorter distance".


    Have fun!

  2. After careful consideration, I've decided that I'll take the entire lot of 50 off of your hands and I won't charge you anything at all. In fact, I'll even let you pay for shipping!


    When should I expect to receive the package? (I'm assuming your shipping method will be FedEx First Delivery.)

  3. I'll bet you haven't learned the secret handshake yet either!

    Oh yeah!! He has to learn the handshake and the secret meet-and-greet dance. :unsure:

    I'm afraid I've forgotten it myself. Where's briansnat? Wasn't it his creation??? I need a refresher course. :lol::lol:

    Yes, I see now, I must be in the wrong place? I thought this was a site to help the novices?

    Relax, Amigo. You'll get all the help you can handle along with a healthy dose of humor. Remember, if a knucklehead like me can find and hide these things, anyone can.

  4. I've had mine since late September and the antenna still seems as firm as it did when I bought it. Perhaps the unit is in need of repair...


    I'd suggest placing a call to Garmin's customer service line and asking their opinion on the subject. Sorry not to be able to offer more help.

  5. Answer #1 - If the Quest display switches between vertical and horizontal, I haven't seen an option to make that happen. I don't think it does.


    Answer #2 - The antenna seems to be quite sturdy. I'll admit that I'm careful with it. Not because it seems delicate but because I'm typically careful with electronic devices. I don't think it would be harmed by a drop or two but your clumsiness may vary.

  6. I use a Quest for both work and caching. I've found it to be excellent for both. I was very happy to be directed to a routing selection feature on the Quest that makes it much more fun for caching. When you have selected a cache to find and have created a waypoint for it, use the "off road" routing method so that you get a straight line route to your cache instead of having City Select do a street-by-street route. Hitting the 'page' button will give you a course pointer or compass bearing display depending on which function you have selected at the moment. (You can switch from one to the other by pressing 'menu' while on the course pointer/compass bearing display.) I also like to switch my map set over to Topo instead of City Select just to make it more challenging in the city and Topo is very handy to have when out in the sticks.


    You'll also find an ongoing discussion and perhaps some other helpful tips in this thread which we've had open for a while.



  7. I'm wondering if anyone has seen an aftermarket carrying case that has been designed for Quest. Garmin has a zipper case listed on their website but I'd love to have something that allows the unit to be shielded from the elements but still allows you to use it. Something like what is available for the eTrex pictured below.



  8. Well, I'm back home from work and just finished reading the posts made since I left. There are some really interesting points of view here! I'd like to take just a moment to clarify a few things about my previous posts...


    First, I'm not advocating that Groundspeak begin charging everyone in order to view listings and hide caches. I'm simply stating that they certainly could if they wanted to. But, I also think that all members, both Premium and Basic, should understand that Groundspeak is offering and facilitating this hobby for everyone's enjoyment. Hey, I'm ponyed up my $30 bucks because I like what I see and I think it's worth supporting. If someone doesn't want to upgrade, that's fine too. Just realize that funding often has a way of making things happen a little faster.


    Second, I'm not trying to create an upper and lower class argument with regard to paying and non-paying members. I hide my one and only cache while I was a non-paying member and was happy to do so. I know very well that want or ability to pay for a membership has nothing to do with the creativity and desire to want to participate in the fun.


    OK, that having been said, I'll make one more comment before I try to find the geocache that I'm certain is hidden under my pillow.


    Folks, this is a hobby, something that you do for fun & entertainment. For a few people, it's a business and I suggest that we leave the stressful part of this thing to them...after all, they're the ones getting paid! What's the point in having a hobby if it creates as much stress as it's supposed to be alleviating?


    I think I'll go sleep on that thought.

  9. Basic members hide and seek caches, participate in caching events, and help promote the sport and, thus, contribute to maintain this site. I've never seen GC make any distinction between basic and premium members, which is a credit to this site.

    Au Contraire, mon frere.


    I don't think that finding and hiding caches adds a penny to the coffers of Groundspeak who happens to be paying for the very services that make hiding and finding caches so easy. Finding and hiding caches does, however, contribute the the enjoyment and, therefore, increased demand for these very services.


    Simply put, my point is that there's no such thing as a free lunch and anyone who says otherwise is probably isn't the one picking up the tab.


    You do make the point that Groundspeak isn't differentiating between the two type of members and that, too, is part of the point because they very easily could and would have every right to do so.

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