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  1. I'd be real discreet going after that one. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have permission to be there and there was a HUGE flap about 2 1/2 years ago about caches in that park. Ranger 'Dick' was outraged that there were caches in 'her' park and said they would NOT be tolerated. Maybe we're lucky and she's retired now.
  2. I like the first (non-coin) image. Initially I wanted the 1980 eruption - but it doesn't seem to lend itself well to the coin. The newer plume/dome sets up much nicer and it represents the 25th anniversary with an image of what's happening now. I agree on the 'no geo-colors' part too, but don't really like the green border either. Hmm - so much to ponder.
  3. 1) Mt. St. Helens 1980 eruption, because it's the 25th anniversary Then get away from mountains for a few years.
  4. LittleBlue's smokin'! She hit #500 yesterday at Night of the Heron
  5. Have you confirmed it is still there? The last searcher is convinced it is gone. Hmmm - did the last searcher have a DNF and not log it? I have the only logged DNF on that cache - ah, what a claim to fame!
  6. Thanks everyone. And thanks to the wonderful group who accompanied me on this milestone cache - Dad, Bugel-Shunra, LucyandRickie, Wander Lost, Misguided One, Curmudgeonly Gal and Criminal. BTW, Bugel-Shunra should have hit #700 yesterday evening. Supposedly at 'Christmas Bird Count' with my Dad and L&R cheering him on - but looking at his profile, I'm wondering if it was actually #699? We'll see when he gets his logs all done. If his count was off - would you all please join me in harassing him unmercifully?
  7. Okay, I think I have this figured out now. Here's my cool shoes - not as cool a some other pics, but hey, I actually HAVE these!
  8. If it wasn't for those nice little spikey things, those would look just like my motorcycle boots. Here's a pair of cool shoes I have - but I don't think they'll make it out caching. (sorry, I'm computer illiterate and don't know how to put a picture in my log)
  9. Are you saying that $2 a can is too much? Or that 52 cans X $2 = $104 and that's too much up front? Or?
  10. Travel bugs do fine in English. My oldest one, Pink Lady, has been traveling for over 2 1/2 years. She made the jump to Germany in Nov. '03 and had no problem reaching her goal (of course, there are a few German log entries that could be bad-mouthing her, I don't understand much more than der or das). After that she's traveled to Namibia, then South Africa and recently back to the Netherlands. All in English.
  11. Half Moon on Jan 2? I've got an empty seat in Cappy.
  12. Whew! We were just there yesterday doing the canoe cache. Glad Cappy didn't get broke into. We had just come from the Des Moines Creek trail area where we were warned about vandalism at that parking area.
  13. Manchester has a nice group camp area with hook-ups (I think the park site says 12) and a large grassy area for tents. And there are a lot of caches nearby. And I wouldn't have any excuse for not going since it's only about 5 miles from home. Dosewallips also has a big open field group camp area, but I don't remember if it has any hook-ups. The main drawback of this one is a shortage of easy caches nearby. The tougher caches nearby are awesome though!
  14. I'm thankful that the tree that feel last night went sideways enough to miss the house by 15'. Phew!
  15. My brother has participated in several roadside litter clean-ups sponsored by his work. This is how they were told to deal with syringes/needles: Dig a small trench with the heal of their shoe. Nudge the syringe/needle into the trench with said shoe. Cover it all back up.
  16. Count me in as very interested. I'd vote for not having it on the three day weekend like last time, though.
  17. Your kids are a perfect age for doing some more hiking. My kids were 4 and 6 when I took them on their first backpack trip. It was to Camp Pleasant on the North Fork of the Skokomish (the same place I did my first backpack trip at age 8.) At the time it was a 7.4 mile RT, now it's 14 miles. Sally carried a book bag with just her coat in it and Bucky carried all of his clothes. It WAS nice when they got bigger and started carrying some of the community gear! They didn't start out as good hikers though - when Sally was 2 1/2, we were walking to the mailbox when I realized she had stopped. She was standing there with her arms crossed and said 'Walking makes me mad!' Fortunately she's changed her mind and gone on to do trekking in Nepal and Spain. On that first over-nighter, my husband would tease the kids saying 'Keep out of my mud puddle! I want them clean!' So of course they'd race off to stomp in the water. It sure helped them get up the trail.
  18. Wow! Sounds almost like the frenzy to get a jeep. It also highlights one of my pet peeves. It's okay to log a traveler in and out of a cache to put miles on it/document it's travels/whatever, BUT If you have time to log it in, YOU HAVE TIME TO LOG IT OUT! I realize that people may forget to do that, but with things like a M10B coin or jeep that will cause a frenzy, we need to be more careful about timely logs.
  19. Trail descriptions like this sure make me wonder about who does the rating. An elevation gain of 1410 in 3.5 miles is a cake-walk, yet they rate it 'most difficult'? Or did they leave out a part about crossing over a 5000 foot ridge?
  20. They're in western Washington! The only fall-back plan there is is a good raincoat and/or umbrella! Of course, the tunnel would be somewhat dryer than outside.
  21. Is the hot apple pie supposed to be ala mode?
  22. Uh - Mrs B are you trying to round up people for Brownie Fudge Sundaes II?
  23. If this keeps up - you may be re-naming the cache 'Under the Ashe' or 'Down the Toutle'
  24. I think someone noticed it. Half-Canadian told me she missed out on it by a mere 10 minutes yesterday. Bummer!
  25. It's approved!!!! Brownie Fudge Sundaes at the Scary Ladder Change your plans Patudles! You won't regret it - really!
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