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  1. I'd probably die with the extra 12 miles. But then, I probably can't go on that day anyway - so my vote doesn't count. I'll be with you in spirit.
  2. Oh shucks! I would SO love to do this, but it would probably be after Labor Day before I could fit it in.
  3. Way cool! I was at that game in 2000. The next morning, we got up bright and early and pointed our motorcycle home after a wonderful 3 week trip. Funny, though - I've had a severe aversion to riding in cold, wind and rain ever since that trip
  4. I'm sure glad the kilt issue got straightened out. But then, Criminal wouldn't have come improperly dressed anyway . If you do it the weekend after the 4th, I'd be interested in tagging along. And I'm a slow hiker, so I'd be right there with ya Allanon.
  5. RK you do come up with some wonderful cache ideas
  6. Nice pic Hawk. So - are the squares accurately placed? It's very tempting to place my flag based on the pic instead of my GPS. After all - if the Bat and I could get FTF on Projection by using Spoiler picture #2 and skipping WP#1 & 2 - I should be able to find GZ with a pic - right? Maybe we need to start a new category.
  7. Darn! You'll have to scratch me off the list. Gotta have enough energy to do a triathlon on the 20th.
  8. The ocean hikes from Lake Ozette are beautiful! Those boardwalks are treacherous though - if they have the tiniest bit of moisture on them (probably 90%+ of the time). Hiking boots will act like ice skates, so I always wear tennies for that hike. If you're going to do the 9 mile loop hike, I'd bring boots for the beach portion. Those rocks are treacherous for tennies.
  9. Today, I talked to a couple dirt bikers on top of Green Mt. and they said there were two reasons for the closure of the Gold Mt. trail. 1) There is going to be logging in that area soon. 2) The run-off from the steep trail has a potential for compromising the recently regained status of ‘salmon stream’ for Gold Creek and the fines that could come about because of that. They indicated that the trail from the mine would probably be closed, if it wasn’t already, but that the gravel road from Minard Rd. should still be open to walking/mountain biking.
  10. The towers are owned by radio and TV stations and the State Patrol and probably cell phone companies and others. The sign is posted at the treeline where the trail takes off to Gold Mt. As far as I know, all the other trails from the parking lot lead to that one point. The only other options that I know of to go up there are to go past the mine - which adds 3 miles to the trip and may also be posted according to a biker that I talked to. That trail joins the (former) main trail shortly before it breaks out onto a gravel road. The other route is to come in off Minard Rd and walk the gravel road past the gate. I'm not sure if that's what people are calling the north route, I would call it a south/eastern approach and the Gold Creek Trailhead a western approach and I don't know of anything that would be called northern. It's also possible that I'm just directionally challenged.
  11. I took some friends up to Gold Mountain today, ending near the Gold Mountain Challenge cache. Oops - I just confessed that I disobeyed the posted sign. A week ago, the trail was open. Today, there's a shiny new sign from 'Washington State Natural Resources' stating that 'This is Not a Trail'. Hmm - coulda fooled me - it sure looked like the same trail I hiked last week. It also said that 'Violator's Will be Prosecuted'. Does anyone know what the state's problem with this trail is? Or who to complain to about it? I also wonder if you could go up via the Real Bats in the Bellefry cache and circumvent any signs.
  12. 1. LOTS - almost continuously for a relatively short walk, less often for a hike 2. LOTS - zoom in/ zoom out/ pan/change screens - lots of opportunity to push buttons 3. YEP - gotta have that geo-stick in the other hand 4. can't help you on this one. FWIW I got a Garmin Vista when I started caching over 4 years ago. It's the only GPS I've had, so I can't compare it to the newer models. The only gripe I have is the skimpy antenna that doesn't hold a lock very well in the trees. If I ever upgrade, it will be to something with a GOOD antenna.
  13. OH no! It's almost the last minute - and I still don't know what I'm going to wear. And now it has to be compatible with knee-high vines. Yikes! How about if I just dress normal (?) and show you my new tattoo that'll only be a few hours old at the party?
  14. Are there any slow-pokes going? I'd be interested in the trip, but I don't hike alone and I only hike about half the speed of Criminal.
  15. Dick, am I going to have to light a fire under you to get you on the road? Who says gas prices are going down? Who says you won't be too sick/injured to go next time you get the urge? To loosely quote Mark Twain and maybe someone else: It's better to regret the things you've done than the things you didn't do! Hop in that RV and get going! Okay, now that I'm done with my rant - I have to finish getting ready to hop on a plane to Fiji this afternoon.
  16. Belleterre

    Your Ride

    Here's Cappy the Geo-Escape. He doesn't normally wear the logo sign - that was just to mark Cappy as the starting point for the Brownie Fudge Sundaes event. And you'll never see him that shiny out on the road either. RWW - I recognize that vehicle. Only as I remember it - it wasn't the truck alarm going off - it was the radio blaring with the keys in a suspiciously inaccessable location
  17. Could I talk you guys into bringing a trekking pole or stick with you to fix a little problem that my daughter created with the 'Bloody Fingers' cache yesterday? Please see my log note for a description. Thanks!
  18. Is he changing his story mid-stream? I'm sure he's said that he already has a Utili-kilt.
  19. Do I really have to picture Shop99er et. al. sitting like a lady?
  20. We will let you bypass the inspection booth. Hey - if an inspection's required - we can't go making special exceptions.
  21. Wow - a power boat to go to Blake Island - what a luxury. I've canoed there several times from Harper.
  22. Oh, darn! I don't know what dumb things you've done. Obviously that's a VERY ambitious schedule! I will not be going on the CM, but if anyone would like a place to stay on Friday or Saturday night, you're welcome at my place. There's grass for a few tents and enough parking for a few cars and/or a couple trailers (electricity and water available, but sorry, no sewer). Sleeping bags work on the floor too. If you go due east of cache #60 until you almost hit the water and then just slightly north, you'll be at my place (personally, I'd choose the more indirect route, it'll get you there faster). Comments on a couple caches on the list: #58 is a pretty park/beach, but with a steep 1/2 mile old road to walk, it'll take up a lot of time: #59 is only a good idea if you have a lot of time to wander around the forest being lost : #60 & 61 are close enough to the road that goes through the forest, but you'd want to park at the Banner Road entrance for one and the Olalla Valley Road entrance for the other to save walking time. "Murder For a Jar of Red Rum" isn't on your list - but if people solve the puzzle, they'll want to do it when they're doing #60.
  23. Oh shucks! One of the guys in my hiking club has a reservation for 10 people - subject to things getting opened up. Please, please, open up!!!!
  24. I have room for 3 people and 2 more bikes from the lake to the top. Would just need a ride back to the top for me afterwards.
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