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  1. Kitsap isn't big enough for a multi-day hike, is it? PNT trail from west to east is long enough to call it 4 1/2 days. Are you sure you don't mean the Olympic Peninsula?
  2. Kitsap isn't big enough for a multi-day hike, is it?
  3. Finally hit 1000 today at Doughty Falls during the AHOTM. It only took me 8+ years of caching to get here. Thanks to everyone I've met along the way.
  4. Finally made it home after a wonderful dinner at Billy Bob's BBQ in Issaquah. Thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate the big 1K.
  5. Just realized I'll be hitting a major milestone on this hike. The 9th cache we find will be the big 1K for me. Woohoo!
  6. Do you have one named after Totemlake? I think his broken ankle escapade on Big Hump would qualify for a coin.
  7. Would anyone who's backpacked the Enchantments drop me a line please. We want to try for a permit next year, but are butting heads over the route. I don't think I'm physically capable of doing Aasgard Pass and Sue's afraid of the granite wall on the Snow Lakes approach.
  8. That sounds like a good plan. If my sleepy brain can stay focused long enough to park the car instead of driving on the ferry, I'll ride with you.
  9. Looks like I'll be on the same ferry as B+L. If you guys see a blue Escape with a bike on the back and a geo-sticker in the back window - that's me.
  10. I think I could be in Granite Falls at 8am. What cache(s) would we be going after? I can bring a mountain bike too.
  11. Any more details? Monte Cristo has been on my list to do, but not familiar with what's involved. Just got back from a 5-day backpack trip around the SolDuc Loop and need to shower/etc before my brain is fully working, but since Sunday's canoe trip is cancelled, I'd be interested in doing this.
  12. Is it just me or is that link actually taking me to the forums for GWVII?
  13. New livestock arriving. Gotta cancel. Bummer.
  14. Put me in the 'plan to be there list'. Although I will NOT be climbing the tower again.
  15. The plastic would be out pretty quick if I ever ran across a deal like that. Thanks. I'll try to keep an eye out.
  16. The original Vista is the only GPS I've ever owned (since 2001) so I can't compare it to anything else. If the Vista HCX has a much better antenna than the original, it might be a good choice. But if it doesn't - don't get the Vista for hiking in BC. I live near Seattle and the Vista just doesn't lock onto satellites worth a darn under tree cover or in deep ravines or even in the wide open if the satellites are all out of the bullseye. The 60CSX is my dream based on all the comments I've heard to date about it's ability to find and lock onto satellites compared to other units. I'm just too cheap to upgrade since the Vista is a pretty good model otherwise. And when it dies, I can send it back to Garmin and for $89 get a refurbished replacement with all my waypoints pre-loaded. So far I haven't talked myself into springing for the extra $300 or so to upgrade.
  17. Shucks! Can't go. I'll be roasting in Guam. But they do have about 300 new caches since I was there last January, so I shouldn't have too bad of withdrawals.
  18. How slow do you think you are? I'm incredibly slow. When my brother and I hiked it on July 21 '06, we left at 3:20am and hit the tree line around daybreak. Total hike to the rim was 7 hrs. Spent an hour at the top and took 5 hrs to come down. We considered glissading, but figured the risk to our already bad knees was greater on the glissade than the hike. Bring sturdy gloves for the boulder field. That lava is sharp and you'll probably use your hands a lot. Pay attention to the weather forecast. It reached 95 degrees the day we hiked and 9 days later Super88 had icicles hanging from his mustache.
  19. Wasn't out caching late, but since no-one has claimed anything yet - I'll put myself in first place for now for 'First find of the year' with 'Under the Boardwalk, Down By the Sea' GCGT87 around noon today. Might be able to get last DNF of 2008 with the same cache around 4pm yesterday.
  20. Oh my, TL! So not good. And that means you finished the hike out in the dark? Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I'm glad I didn't hear about the break earlier because I probably wouldn't have been able to talk Dad and Witty50 into stepping off the trail today. As it was, there was plenty of unprintable comments about the terrain and anyone who would drag us out there with a cache. And I'm not sure either of them will go cache-hiking with me again. The good news is that we found the cache and no-one was injured. Weather and view were great. 2 dogs also enjoyed the hike. The sick dog that made us miss out on yesterdays hike and was still sick this morning? He was bouncing off the walls and looking perfectly normal when we got home. Silly boy!
  21. Woke up an hour ago to a very sick dog, so I'll be spending my morning at the vet instead of hiking. Hope you have a great trip!!!! Wish I would be there instead.
  22. Oh darn! I just realized that I should find two more caches tonight so this can be #800. But I don't have my GPS at work for caching on the way home. Oh - the stress of it all. Now I'll have to figure out a couple close ones that I can do between work and dark - which is a pretty short time span.
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