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  1. First off you need to host the pdf on another website. Then take a look at this, especially the part about creating links to other web pages. Basically it will be something like http://your-web-server.com/some-directory/thisfile.pdf. You might look in to using google documents for the hosting. Good Luck.

    Okay - it looks like I should be able to get the PDF hosted and posted okay. The next part will be getting brave enough to change the cache page. I'm afraid to touch it because the HTML code is WAY over my head.

  2. Sounded interesting so I read some of the cache page and logs. I saw a couple of folks posted find logs suggesting it was an "easy arm chair log". Are those legit? The descriptions indicates there is an actual cache to find. How can you find it from your chair?

    I plan on checking the cache log for their signature. If they aren't there, the finds will be deleted. Sorry guys, but there's no such thing as a legitimate arm-chair-find.

  3. A-Maze-ing finally got the adoption through for this cache after trying for 11 months. The links don't work and I'm computer illiterate, so if anyone can help me on how to get a link to the maze posted, please let me know. I have it in a PDF file that prints on a single page.
  4. Wish the magic 8 ball could tell me if I'll be forced in to work on the 18th. Unfortunately, I won't have that answer until the 17th. Bummer. Definately can't go the 19th. Taking granddaughter to see the play Willy Wonka.

  5. That sure is an old image to not have the parking lot. LOL. Even the satelite photo from the cache page shows it. I hiked up the road that comes in SW of Which Way Do I Go. According to the cache page for Lost, the easiest way is to continue through the brush from there. Hmm. Can you send me the pic with the road you're thinking of for Lost? I plan on being at the Gold Creek parking lot at 0830 with Dad, Witty50 and Molly-the-hiking-dog.

  6. Hey - I was just at those parking coordinates today. We hiked part way up Gold Mountain. Be prepared for a muddy mess getting to Bats in the Bellefry. I think this one is going on my calendar.


    If you're going to do Bats - it needs to be right before or after Panorama. The other two are across the road. Which Way is up another dirt road that gets you pretty close to Lost but we didn't find that one. I think it would have meant going up yet another dirt road and we ran out of time when we were there.

  7. If you want to launch a motor boat from a trailer, Manchester is the best spot with any tide. If you had a high tide, the Harper launch would work, but it's a mud flat at low tide. If you're talking about a canoe/kayak, I'd launch right next to the Harper Pier. There's a 4' high bulkhead, but it's easy to climb and that works at any tide (well, you might get a little wet at high tide). That also gives you the shortest paddle. I've canoed to Blake from Harper many times. You can't park legally right at the pier, but there is roadside parking right by it if contstruction hasn't messed it up. If it has, just go down the road to the little park across from the Harper boat launch. There's a road-end access just north of the Southworth pier, which I've used for local paddling, but I prefer Harper pier for Blake.

  8. Missed you guys. We stopped at the TH after our hike to Silver Lake, but didn't see any geo-stickers on any of the vehicles. There was quite a bit of snow on our side of the ridge to Tull Canyon.

  9. Maybe I can wave at you guys from the ridge. I'm taking a group of muggles up the Silver Lakes way trail Sunday, meeting at Hwy 19 PnR at 0800. Hopefully we'll make it to the ridge overlooking Tull Canyon.

  10. I just found out that Karen passed away last Friday. She was so creative and pulled herself out of her shyness to put on some wonderful events. The last time we cached together was our epic 13 hour attempt at Mt. Jupiter in February, 2005. What a trip! She started loosing her battle with alcohol around that time and it finally claimed her, leaving a husband and young son behind. Karen, I miss you. I know how badly you wanted to reach the top of Mt. Jupiter. Hope you make it there now.

  11. I like your idea lulu. Can we start with June 11 or possibly the 12th? I'll be down south with 3 muggle friends from the 4th-12th. 2 nites each at North Rim, Zion, Bryce and Las Vegas.


    We're having problems deciding what to in LV. One doesn't want to go to shows. One doesn't want to raft a section of the Colorado. None of them want to go caching, so I'd be happy to get kidnapped. Our flight doesn't leave until late on the 12th, so that's an option for something. Although I might melt in the heat. We're tentatively talking about doing Red Rock on the 12th.

  12. Kitsap Peninsula is just the part between the Hood Canal and Puget Sound. It's actually considered a part of the Olympic Peninsula.


    The PNT looks like a great hike from Port Townsend to Cape Alava. I'm not up to that much of a hike, but depending on the timing, I might help out with a car shuttle.

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