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  1. Way to go fog!!! We haven't been in the same vicinity to meet up with you lately. Hope we'll see you out there again soon. Cache on! Best, Jan and Ron
  2. What a great job! We're in TX at the moment, but wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your caches and look forward to meeting you out there again when we're back in the North East. Congrats! Well done! Jan and Ron (The Man)
  3. Hey John, What a great adventure! Will you be alone, or with a 4-legged friend? We wish you the best -- weather and smooth trails. We'll be keeping track of your adventure. Best, Jan and Ron
  4. Hey, Congrats on such a great milestone! We hope we'll get to meet you out there sometime soon. We're still hanging around in the east (and in "TX) Great going!! Jan and Ron (The Man)
  5. Oh Marty, As briansnat said -- if only i lived closer --- and then again if only I weighed less and could make it across the dreaded stretch (without help [] ) -- hummmmm let me think about that. I'm not sure I could ever get "The Man" to come back to that spot I really hope you get someone to take this on -- so that we can read the great logs of their survival. We really enjoyed the experience and the chance to meet a real LEGEND! Come on someone! Jan and Ron
  6. Way to go Felipe! You always make us use not only our feet, but our heads as well. We always enjoy your puzzles! Jan and Ron
  7. Hey, Thanks for all your kind comments. We thought it would be really fun to share this milestone with some great cachers. We really enjoyed being with you all. And thanks to all you folks that hide all those wonderful caches. We're so fortunate to live in this area that is just covered with caches. Brian and Deb, be sure to bring lots of sunscreen with you to that Orient beech. Thanks Jan and Ron
  8. Wow! Wish we'd know you guys were up to this one. Very Well Done! Now If only we could meet up on one of those islands down there. Hope you have a great trip down there soon! Jan and Ron
  9. OK We're in -- The Man will peddle and Jan will keep track of the miles. He's good for a LOT of miles. So what do we do while he's peddling? Hummmm
  10. Hey, Sorry to hear you won't be making it up this way. Now we will have to try to meet you down in TX. We enjoy all the caches you've hidden down there. Hope to meet you out there.
  11. Hey isn't that the 3rd Tues.? We'd have come to the 2nd Tues in Feb. but we'll be in Texas on the third. Ah well, we really like the idea and will be there when we're in NJ. If we can help let us know. We like getting together with other cachers. See you at the next event (we hope)
  12. Hey Cybercat! What an interesting coincedence. We live very near Princeton (our NJ house) and if we're in NJ during that time period, we'd love to show you around. It's funny, I thought that we'd be getting to meet you here in Tx, since we're keeping an eye on one of your caches that we can see from our front porch (at our TX house). We'll get in touch when the time gets closer -- hey maybe we'll see you in Tx first after all.
  13. Ditto to all fosterbass said. Great day with great folks to cache and hike with. Team Divi Divi, Minegang, KPH Express, Straatmaker 5 and fosterbass -- and of course TeamHopewell. We even had a drop by visit from Trowel32 and Piont (they of course showed up just as the Champaign was being poured -- Great timing as always, guys). We really enjoyed the hike (at least most of it) and especially enjoyed meeting and getting to know some more cachers. What a great way to spend such a tropical day in January. Again Congrats! TeamHopewell -- hope you enjoy the next 1,000. And thanks again for letting us share it with you. Jan and Ron
  14. Hey NB44, Good to know you're back. We'll be back and forth between NJ and Texas for a while. We still need to pick up a few of your High Bridge caches, Pathfinder and Stars and stripes (revisited). Maybe we'll join up with ekitt10 for the night one (hummmm do vultures come out at night? hummmm) maybe we'll rethink that. Looking forward to more great NB44 caches and to meeting you out there on the trails. Happy New Year! Jan and Ron (the Man)
  15. Hey Team Hopewell, We'd love to join you on this trek (we'll bring our camera to record the event). Thankfully we'll be in NJ that day. Jan may huff and puff a little if there's climbing to be done, but she'll get there eventually. This is a new area for us, so we look forward to the hiking and catching some caches along the way. See you soon.
  16. Hey, We live in Readington Township, near Three Bridges. Flemington is 5 min. away. I know that Team Ecnarf is also in our area. Hope we'll meet you out there soon. Good hunting!
  17. Way to Go! As I recall you guys are great puzzle solvers. We'll have to ask you about some that are driving us nuts Keep it up! Jan and Ron
  18. Oh so late, so late -- but we've been in Texas -- So -- a late congrats to you Alan. We hope that we'll be up to your territory to find some more of your great caches. Hope to see you around there -- Jan and Ron
  19. Hey, Hey, Great going guys! We are a little upset that you made it on that night cache. We were hoping to team up with you to do it (really we just wanted to follow you ) Never done a night cache and this one sounds challenging. Anyway, congrats to you! Hope we meet up with you out there soon. Jan and Ron
  20. Wow, You guys are terrific. Only wish we could join you on some caches in the islands. Maybe we can get our calendars in sync -- you can sail on top of the water and we'll scuba under the water. Sounds like a plan. Let us know -- we'll be there. Congrats!
  21. Oh Nik, Oh Nik, Just by chance your 1000th find at the NJ oldest --- hummmm, let me think -- WOW, that's terrific! We hope you have many, many more and more than that, we hope that we'll see you out there again on some of them. Also we'll have to be asking for help on some of your ?? caches. What can I say, we just like to get out there (but "the Man" does like a challenge every now and then) Hope to see you soon out there. Jan and Ron
  22. Terrific! We''ve gotten to meet your Grandpa a couple of times! No surprize that you're out there finding caches. Can't wait till you pass us all. GET OUT THERE!
  23. Wow! We're impressed! you were FTF on one of your first caches here. Hope to meet you out there!
  24. Wow! Thats's rellyawesome. And to think that we actually were able to meet you at an event a while at the Ides of March in New Brunswick. We are imprssed and watching where you're going next. Cache On Dude! You are really amazing!
  25. Hey Trail hound You were the cacher that found our first hidden cache. That was really exciting. Hope some day we'll meet you out there on the trails. Congrats!
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