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  1. I use my real name (I have never met anyone with the same name, its metis)
  2. 1. It gets me outside 2. I learned to use my GPS this way 3. I like to exercise 4. I like the hunt 5. I like to be a first finder (competition) 6. I like to have more finds than others competition) 7. I like the mind work of a more challenging cache (map work, route planning, navigational skills problems) 8. I like to trade items 10. I like to do this with friends or family as a way of bonding 11. I like the adventure of a rural/wilderness hunt. 12. I use it to meet people 13. I use it to boost my ego or feel important 14. I like to write entertaining cache logs 15. I like to visit the places that I would otherwise never get to 16. I like the views/sites I am taken to. 18. I am a compulsive people by nature and I just can't stop! Help! Travois
  3. Try 64 caches in 100 miles as the Crow flys in central BC(Okanagan) usually half again the distance added to go around Mountains, and about a third are in Washinton. Slowly but surely the # is creeping up as new people start into the game. My wife gets upset when I take the car up logging roads but is starting to get the bug to so I may be able to get the ones farther out soon. Travois
  4. I have to wear my gps all the time, or check on it every five mins. One time I wasn't wearing my compass and left it in a cache by mistake(got to find it twice that day). Travois
  5. Any I have not met any geocasher during my hunts I'm starting to get paranoid(am I the only one out there?) Travois
  6. A wife and two teen daughters? My car is always a mess. Travois
  7. I used to go alone, but now my wife and kids come to help me choose the loot(i just like to sign the book) Travois
  8. I got my etrex to stop my wife from fretting when I go hiking. Ialso use it to mark things that interest me, and on long drives I use it to mark the speed traps for the trip home( has saved me at least twice). Travois
  9. I was toying with the idea of hideing my kids gifts this year but they said(with a look of shocked fear) that they would hide my gps. Next year my wife wants to decorate a tree in the woods nearby and leave some presents for the finders. Travois
  10. yellow etrex Works just fine gets me close and then I get to russel around in the bush thinking where would I be if I were a cashe(but dear god I would like to have a download cable, Such is life ) Travois
  11. I got my etrex yellow two years ago for christmas just as a safety tool when hikeing(my wife felt it would help stop me from getting lost as i tend to just wander around in the bush to see what i can see). Found out about cashing about a year after that. Not to many cashes in my area (52 in 100 miles), but now my wife and kids actually come with me on some of jaunts.
  12. I'm not affecteted by poison ivy, but I don't think its presence would stop me as I have happilly cut myself up good looking for cashes in thorn bushes. Such is life for the insane .
  13. Machinist, love to hike and caching is a great reason.
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