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  1. Here in the SF Bay Area I have noticed lots of HamCachers using the MDARC Repeater at 147.060 + 100pl They also use 7.555 in the field. I like 7.555, .52 not used to much round here. Also I happen to have a VX-7r tri bander and also monitor 52.525 splx In the Air Everywhere !! Remember FieldDay is coming " Ride the Wave " 08 !! Operating from Mt. Diablo Ca. W6CX Ken K6KAW CM87xx
  2. K6KAW

    Aprs Anyone?

    Greetings from CM87 This is Ken K6KAW or when out caching K6KAW-9. Running a Kenwood TM-D700A. Quite a large and active group here in Ca. Lotts of Digis not to many dead spots. 73 Ken K6KAW
  3. Greetings to one and all... Just got started in Geocaching found 1 lost 1. What should one carry around as Geocaching Goodies? Giv me a good size list of things you like to see in your box... Ken K6KAW ibwise3@aol.com
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