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  1. Just tried to copy these maps across to my Colorado and I cannot see them after copying. I have tried copying both to the internal memory and also an SD card. Incidentally do they work from the internal memory ? I have copied them into the Garmin folder as .IMG's as instructed. I don't see the relevant copyright notice when starting up the Garmin. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong ?
  2. I'll probably go with your opinion then, since clarity of display in bright light would be a key factor for me. Thanks.
  3. Nothing from Garmin is ever state-of-the-art, or even close to it. Perhaps I should have said "Garmin's state of the art". I like Garmin because of all the support for it as the leading brand.
  4. It would appear that if I want state of the art my choice lies between the Oregon and the Colorado. However, I cannot get my head round the pros and cons. Although a touchscreen sounds superficially attractive I wonder if there are problems using it out in the field eg. what about gloves, or accidentally pressing it. Is there anyone here with experience of either of these who could give me their opinion please.
  5. *Scratching head* I don't even bother with that bit , simply pull the cache co-ords up on google map, and then walk til the blue bubble entirely circles the pin which marks the cache location, works a treat! Only time this hasn't worked so well for me was when it was absolutely freezing cold and it took the iphone a while to get itself moving. So simple, yet effective. I hadn't thought of doing that, like the OP, I copy the coordinates into my Garmin. Doh !
  6. Full details can be found here for the available OS maps on SD cards for use on the Oregon and Colorado: http://www.garmin.com/garmin/cms/site/uk/u...ailable-regions Martin £129 per National Park - ouch !!
  7. I have been a long time user of a Garmin Etrex Summit, but am looking to upgrade. However, I am confused by Garmin models. The model I think I am interested in is the GMAP 60CSx which is talked about a lot in the Groundspeak forums. Amazon sell this, but when I go onto the Garmin UK website there is no mention of it. Instead there are models called Oregon and Colorado. What's the score here ? My main interest is to put OS maps on, which seem to be available from Garmin in the UK.
  8. That particular sample you uploaded looks somewhat better resolution than the 25000 ones I have with MM (Yorkshire Dales and Lake District), or is that just an optical illusion.
  9. I've never really looked at the aerial photos in MM. Are these that you are using the standard ones that come with the 25000 maps, and also, do you download just the bits you want to the PDA ?
  10. Up to present I have used an Etrex Summit for finding waypoints. However, I now have a BT GPSr connected to my iPaq 2210. The immediate problem is what software to run to reproduce the direction finding function of the Etrex. I have seen mention of Beeline - what else do people use on a PPC ?
  11. Hmmm yes, maybe I'll keep my Etrex Summit with me at all times as well. I guess the point about MM is that if you have a sufficiently detailed map (25000) then you have a sense of which geographical direction the cache will be.
  12. Just realised a conceptual problem here. My Garmin Etrex Summit always points at the waypoint becasue it knows which way it is being held (it has an ibuilt compass). This of course is not true of the PDA.
  13. Thanks very much. Any comment on my other question re BT ?
  14. It might be a good idea it ask the owner how this is done, pointing out that the manual says it does. You can contact him through this Website. For the life of me I can't see a contact email address on that site. Taking a different tack, I also have a TomTom Bluetooth GPSr. What is the recommended software for using this for geocaching, given that there is no display on the GPSr.
  15. The reason I would want it is because the memory on my GPS is limited (500 waypoints) and I would like to load up my PDA with a number of datasets which I could then load at will onto the PDA (bearing in mind I may be away from home without my PC when I want to do it).
  16. I may be being a bit stupid, but I still don't understand what to do. I already run Pocket Queries and download the GPX file to GPXSonar, but I don't see how to get MM on my PDA to import the GPX waypoints. One tool to add to your kit is GSAK, this can suck in your PQ files and then do lots of formatting to output them in various forms including Memory Map and sending Data to GPS. This is well worth the £8 for the features it give you. Moote Thanks, but I do already use GSAK, but ideally what I want is to be able to download individual waypoints (or th ewhole file) as required from a GPX database already on my iPaq.
  17. I may be being a bit stupid, but I still don't understand what to do. I already run Pocket Queries and download the GPX file to GPXSonar, but I don't see how to get MM on my PDA to import the GPX waypoints.
  18. THanks everyone, I'll take a look at Beeline (I had already downloaded GPSTuner but didn't have enough free memory to run it, I need to reorganise my PDA).
  19. Pasted from the GPXSonar user guide version 1.1. Note second feature, can't be much clearer than that - 'GPXSonar' is a program designed for geocachers who need to take GPX files obtained from Pocket Queries with them in the field. Its ultimate goal is to allow for 'zero-paper' geocaching. The software allows the user to: * View, search, filter and merge lists of geocaches. * Export waypoints to GPS receivers and GPS applications. * Log a cache in the field. * Generate reports. * Manage travel bugs in and out of caches. * Track the trade of geoswag. * Manage your own caches. * Import waypoints from EasyGPS .loc files.
  20. Have just acquired a TomTom Bluetooth GPS to go with my iPaq. Is there any software around that will give a similar display to my Etrex (i.e. arrow and distance) to be able to use the PDA as the primary device for finding a waypoint.
  21. I have read in the GPXSonar documentation that it can download waypoints to a GPS. Blowed if I can find the facility in the software - can someone please enlighten me.
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