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  1. and why not implementing a different icon for started but not completed ALCs ?
  2. At least, you can navigate to the cache using Maps (click on the little car symbol on top off the screen). And that app is carplay compatible. Very useful. Then normally, you go out off your car to GZ...
  3. You must understand that ALC is not geocaching. ALC is just another game made by Groundspeak. So, let's go for geocaching and have fun :-)
  4. There is no scale in the geocaching app either. Only in the web interface.
  5. Numbers matter. But not for everyone :-) Some are addicted to statistics, others find them less important
  6. it seems that the crach is related to a message starting with an URL http://........ even if the URL is not active (not clickable) and is just at text string. Could someone confirm my guess ?
  7. I had the same issue this sunday. Same for a friend of mine who has an Android. cache well present on the web site, not disabled nor archived. Very strange.
  8. we exchanged some more messages (via the web interface) and now the problem is over. Strange.
  9. the app is crashing when I try to send a message to a specific user (messages to other users are fine) Ok on web and android with the same user. iphone 8 ios 14.4 version 8.43.0 (1)
  10. you're on the Iphone forum here ;-)
  11. this is happening to me from time to time. My workaround is to change something in the filter (For instance toggle the hide my caches switch) in order to force the reloading of the caches. Up to now, this trick is succesful for me.
  12. next step : distinguish between adventures started but not finished
  13. Yes, I think that many people don't want that other ones could follow their location in (nearly) real time.
  14. Same experience for me. ALC app is draining the battery of my iphone at warp speed.
  15. I even know a dog account. It was funny to read the logs written from the dog point of view :-)
  16. Stop compare ALC with geocaching. Those are just two different games with differents rules
  17. I agree with your 3 first points but not with the last one. ALCs should be kept apart just as waymarks are. Differnt games, diffents apps, differnents counters.
  18. I remember a cache where you have to light a candle (or use a lighter) in order to heat a sensor and open the cache.
  19. Still no D/T rating for ALCs...
  20. You can use Apple carplay or android Auto and use the big screen and the loudspeakers of your car if your car has this kind of connectivity Or use a large tablet or use enter your destination into your car's GPS
  21. Select Track Manager > Current Track > > TracBack. or mark your parking as a waypoint. Navigate to this WP.
  22. one of my favorite quotes : "When you go to hide a geocache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. If the only reason is for the geocache, then find a better spot." briansnat, Charter Member
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