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  1. I gotta admit I was having a hard time reconciling that statement along with the next one agreeing with sbell. That is the best looking pic of you I have ever seen! (must note that the pic I am seeing is a large yellow smiley face. Because the creepy man changes his pics hourly) ^That was for future forum reference. Pretty sure I will do something to be banned for life at one point and wont be here to explain my post.
  2. They are not frowned upon, there are just a few people who for some unknown reason like to stir up a bunch of garbage about it. If you like to stamp tthe logs, stamp the logs. If anyone ever deletes a log because of it, they are just some kind or control freak, and I wouldn't let it bother you.. Wow, you need to settle down. I didn't see anyone that was ready to delete logs because of anything mentioned in this thread. You and a certain narcissistic person got your gonch in a knot and went on a tangent. I started this thread on a lark. Not to provoke people but to open a general discussion and it seems to have brought out the worst in people. I'll leave it open because I am some kind of control freak who knows nothing about Plastics. (snicker)
  3. Roses don't degrade in liquid nitrogen. They freeze (because it's very, very cold) and become brittle (therefore easily shattered). Didn't they show you this in high school? ... er, never mind. I never lernt that in hi skool. If you wish to talk about plastics I will be most very welcoming if you would start an off topic thread.
  4. Just make sure the pens that hold the ink are not made of plastic. It degrades in sunlight like a rose in liquid nitrogen.
  5. But it isn't a game, games have winners and losers. It is a hobby. People that play games keep score. Nor is it a sport. Most sports also keep stats.
  6. I understand people that have no issue with it. I was just bored and was looking for others opinions. I find it odd that most of the people that respond really have no issue with it but take the time to reply and say they have better things to worry about. No one has to respond to every thread they read.
  7. Why are you attacking me? It goes against my personal caching ethics. This is what happens in a free world. I know you like to follow me and attack everything I say but please just walk away if you have nothing to add. What would happen if they used a sticker made of plastic? It would degrade as fast as a rose in liquid nitrogen!
  8. I have seen people complain about people slapping a sticker signature or stamping one all over a log. My question is, Geocaching.com and Groundspeak says that we must sign the log to claim a find. Pretty basic. In the legal sense... a sticker is NOT considered a signature. In the legal sense ... a STAMP is not either unless it has been authorized by a notary. So in any sense.. neither should be considered acceptable. The best case is that a team or family has taken the time to have a stamp made or stickers and use them. The worst case is that people use them to get numbers and dont even visit the chaches these stickers or stamps are placed on. I have no dog in this fight but just find it odd that the guidelines say that you have to sign the log to claim a find but will accept a sticker or stamp as a signature...
  9. It is. Any marking you leave in the logbook identifying yourself or your group is a signature. A stamp or sticker does not indicate you left a mark though. A stamp... maybe... A sticker? no. Where do you get your definition of a signature BTW? And how does Groundspeak define it? Actually I will bow out of this thread and start one that deals with my question.
  10. I thought the physical logbook had to be signed though? A sticker or stamp is not a signature.
  11. Change is great if it is genuine.Like a Blue Bandanna! You're not digging the new look? It is not genuine! Well, not THIS look. But I've been using Just For Men on my beard. You like it? I had no idea that you preferred men exclusively.
  12. Because some people dont like changes. The idea of picking up a soccer ball and running with it probably created rugby and American football. Once the ball was picked up with the hands, it became a different sport. Not that it was a bad idea, but it wasn't soccer. Change can alter a sport to the point where it becomes unrecognizable. Change can alter anything. As long as it is a change for the better then change is good. For example: the Guidelines that Groundspeak presents do change as time goes by. Like many things, guidelines and rules change with the times. And for a good reason. Change for the sake of change is silly. I don't see that here. The only way to tell if change is good or bad is to think about it and make wise choices. It may not be good or it may be great. Just never give an exwife a second chance... just sayin...
  13. One more Ni outta you and I'm calling the IRS.
  14. I don't know how long pants would protect you from 7 foot tall stems that could permanently scar you and cause severe blistering and temporary or permanent blindness. Apples to Oranges... read this.
  15. Push him too far, he might just hire Sioneva's hit guy and send him after you... That was one of the best drunk fingers/ tired hand typos I have seen.
  16. That's not novel. I have been doing that for years!
  17. Yeah, yours would be easy to add a gasket. I'm glad to hear that you are open to upgrading the container. Cache on!! This should be made a sticky. People come to the forums to ask questions and get them. People come here to get opinions and don't like the ones they get and argue. People come here to get advice and get snarked at. This was all good.
  18. I found several of these types of caches while on Vancouver island. It seems to be the equivalent to micros in a spruce tree. I thought the first 3 were neat... Having said that... I live in the land of micros in a spruce tree and have hidden a few that way myself. I might hide some that way. The ones I found in Vancouver had no wet logs. The ziplock was glued to the fake front in such a way that even if the plastic failed they would be OK. When and if I do hide one of these, I will check up on it often.
  19. If the people that hated micros and nannos so much were to place an ammo can everywhere then there would be no place for a micro. I prefer to find a nice ammo can or decent sized container but I have no problems with micros because I am disabled and most days I cannot walk more than a couple of KMs. Like everyone (I think) I agree that a micro has its place and it also has a place it should not be.
  20. The first pic makes it look huge! It goes from floor to ceiling! It is about five times as tall as your cat! The second pic scared me even more! your hand is massive!
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