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  1. Not so long ago I left a hand made mini wooden violin in a cache (I didn't make it and was playable). I took nothing but left that as the cache was large and not too many I hunt can hold such an item.


    I tried to keep up with the online logs to see if anyone traded it out but gave up.


    It was worth about $100 but I had no use or need for it.


    Someone had to have taken it because it took up a lot of space in that cache.


    I would have liked to read that someone had taken it and appreciated it but meh... I'm not too much of a control freak.


    It wont stop me from leaving good things in caches!

  2. So is what you are saying is, you submit a cache or many caches and then the reviewer approves them but they are on hold until you click a button that 'releases' them?


    I see no problem with that idea. Sounds good to me.


    Thats how i am understand of what the OP is talking about.


    I see no problem with that as long as the submitter isn't allowed to hold on to publishing them for an extended period of time.


    I like that idea.

  3. By no stretch of the imagination did he attack her, you are attacking him though, long after he has apologixed, had that apology accepted, and paid for ger a Premium membership/ You are way out of line with your post, next time think before you post.

    If someone said to you "I don't believe you, you are lying, prove who you are. And if you prove it, I am sorry for doubting you" you wouldn't feel attacked? Every time he addressed the OP (who in his mind was ashnikes when reality it was piddlepuss) he was questioning her and was attacking her, not ashnikes. He might not have meant it for her but she sure got it.


    Once again, I would not have said a word and left it at apology made and let's move on. But by coming in this thread and making a point of saying that he did not attack her, he is saying, in my opinion and interpretation, "I am sorry for what I did, but really, was it so bad since I really wasn't attacking her? It was a misunderstanding" My interpretation. My opinion, he should have left it at apology made and that's it. Don't try to make further excuses and justify things afterwards, as it appears to ME he was trying to do in the quoted post.


    All, in my humble opinion. :D


    Can someone link this oft referenced thread for me and everyone else that hasn't bothered to read every thread on this forum??? Pretty please. :)


    Pretty sure everyone that has posted on this thread has seen the other one.

  4. This thread has gotten WAY too serious. People have left the forums, things have been said that shouldn't have been said but geeze!


    I have seen worse offenses to newbies in other threads without people offering their heads up.


    We (and I include me) have said stupid things on a variety of topics and threads.


    I have no desire to take a forum vacation unless told to do so.


    This is a very well moderated forum that is not too heavily moderated.


    People need to take a breath and realize that this is the internet.

    This is not real life (in real life I may or may not confront someone who is rude to me)

    sure, you may not get the answers you were looking for and sometimes you get snarky replies.

    such is life.


    It has nothing to do with a thin or thick skin.



  5. So what did you do? I see you have no caches hidden on your profile page.

    I would notify the people that logged a find on it and let them know they did not find it

    and remove their logs from the cache page after giving them a reasonable amount of time

    to find the actual cache.


    I would also keep the "imposter" cache that you found and use it for another hide if it was

    a decent container.

  6. I'm only going to say this once: I am SO weary of lame caches being referred to as "micros"!! Please reference lame caches by their quality, and not by their size.


    Indeed. Most of my caches are micros. The are micros because they are in an area where a larger cache just wouldn't work. They are not crappy caches. Feel free to check the logs.

    I have carried a fully stocked ammo can and two different sized L+L's for awhile now waiting till I find the right spot to place them.

  7. Had the OP supplied the GC code when asked, then much of this thread would not have occurred.


    I'm still not convinced the OP is who she says she is. But now that I have the GC code, I can wait until the CO and mtn-man have a chance to investigate this and figure out if this is a legitimate complaint or not.

    Come again? Are you saying that the OP not only had to
    • figure out that it was a geocache
    • find out which geocache it was
    • find the website
    • create an account
    • start a forum thread

    But in addition, understand what a GC# is and provide us with that information? She already went way above and beyond the "call of duty"!!! :D



  8. The question is, strictly speaking, one of proximity. Will your cache be more than 528 feet from the other? If so then you are good to go.


    If I were hiding the cache I would also ask myself "Does this parking garage really need another cache?".


    Does any parking garage NEED a cache?


    Anyway GOF's SP is correct. If the other cache is more than .1 mile away then you are OK. If it isn't then you'll need to find yourself another parking garage. Or maybe a park.


    There are actually two in parking garages near me at West Edmonton mall. There probably could be a few more here given the size of the mall.


    One is a great hide. The other I still haven't found.

    I like them because it gives me something to do while the wife is shopping.


    The mall also has a very popular hotel with theme rooms that brings in loads of tourists.

    I think having a few caches nearby is a good thing for them.

  9. I started this thread on a lark. Not to provoke people but to open a general discussion...

    I seriously doubt that you did not intend to provoke people. Either that or you are stunningly unable to communicate effectively. Go back, read your initial posts, and consider how you would react if someone else had written them.


    Admit it. You were trolling. You got the reaction you wanted.


    To be on-topic, I used to be rabidly anti-sticker, but I have seen the error of my ways.


    You are not a mind reader. you have no idea what I had in mind.


    Feel free to read through my forum posts and see how many times I have trolled.


    You have an opinion and sometimes it is right. It is also wrong many times.


    I have no reason to go back and read my posts. I wrote them. I know what I wrote.


    I, unlike you do not pretend to know how others would react to my posts.


    And hey.. good for you for adding the on-topic bit :(

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