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  1. Yeah, all of you,


    Kick sand in my face. At least I thought I knew something others didn't. I guess I'm not as smart as I think I am. I even got fooled by that fake article on the cache thief. At least I can juggle.


    I've never been able to juggle. Even though I am somewhat ambidextrous I just cant do it.


    I can play guitar... piano... and have excellent hand / eye co-ordination... juggling eludes me.

  2. It was totally a joke. But my apologies if you took it as anything else.

    I can't imagine that anyone could have read it as anything other than humor.

    Except, possibly, someone desperately searching for something to be contentious about.

    Not that we have those types in these forums... :laughing:

    Not so much as contentious but as a comment from someone who was placed on thin ice.

    If I cannot banter back, I then become the butt of the jokes.


    Just doesn't seem fair, does it?


    I couldn't agree more. I was actually sent to banned camp for 3 days without a warning of being on thin ice.

    Once i was banned the person that had me banned kept slamming me and said things that weren't true in the thread that got me banned.


    It really does suck to not be able to defend yourself...


    OT: I and my lawyer wife are pretty sure he will make restitution, get a suspended sentence and be let go.


    Is that what I want to happen to him? no... but it is what it is...


    I do not wish for him to lose his job... or wife... or children...

    He acted like an a**... IMHO that doesn't deserve a life ruined.

  3. I think the only reason that you are seeing some judgmental responses is that your OP was a bit judgmental about a particular cache size that many of us have hidden. (not that yours is the first judgmental post about micros by a long shot!) By stating that all micro caches deserve a lame log puts many of us on the defense.

    SO then the simple answer is ..yes it would be rude.

    Yes, but then, you knew that at post #1, didn't you?


    Or should have but wanted people to back up rude behavior.

  4. So I went out today to grab a few to calm my unrelenting need of caching. I was looking for a cache that was under the boardwalk in a park by my house. It was a quick run and I was by myself. So I was crawling around under a wooden boardwalk by the edge of a pond looking for the cache. Then I herd the foot steps from above. The boards have small gaps but you can see through them. So I peak through the boards and see 3 women wearing dresses walking my way. So here was my delema. Walk out from underneeth and have them looking at me like a pervert . Or stay underneeth and be percevied to bee a peeping Tom.


    Has anyone had any other isues as such.


    so what did you do?


    is this a real story or are you just posing a hypothetical question?

    I puilled the batery and cover off my cell phone and walked back up to the boardwalk muttering about droping my phone. :lol:


    I would have walked out and explained what I was doing.












    or.... would I have snapped pics.... only I will know...


    Then the libraries are full of books promoting an agenda. And that includes the books in Japanese libraries.


    Of course libraries are full of books promoting various agendas and viewpoints. What is your point? We're talking about GEOCACHES, which are supposed to be free of agendas.


    Mark your calenders because I agree with narcissa on this issue.


    I will even go so far as to say that she has said what I wanted to.


    Just because you can do something, does not mean you should.

  6. ....Just because the guidelines say that we still own our caches doesn't mean that the argument couldn't be made (in court) that they are merely abandoned property...


    Abandoned property laws allow land owners to deal with personal property left behind by people. The park service (or whoever) has to follow a prescribed process. I haven't read any variation of abandoned property laws that don't have a process (which if you don't follow it's not considred abandeoned) or where a person other than the land owner can make the call. Especially when there is active evidence that the property isn't abandoned.


    It's an angle but it would be a short lived one.

    Replace 'abandoned property' with 'litter' in that case.


    sbell, are you a lawyer or LEO?

  7. My question is: could an adjustable hiking stick be considered special equipment?


    I think that what is meant by special equipment are things that the average geocacher is not likely to have with him, or have ready access to, and requires some level of specialized skill to use.


    Flashlights, screwdrivers, hiking poles, broom sticks, tweezers, etc. are not specialized equipment.


    Climbing equipment, canoes or kayaks, SCUBA gear and similar equipment would be.




    Sometimes you need to stop, sit and have a drink before finding the cache.


    Oh great.... now I am gonna have to bring a tumbler and jigger with me next time....

  8. P.S.-I make no bones about it, being a Life Mensa Member...either you're enthralled or repulsed, I don't care, that's your problem not mine, doesn't matter to me either way...I'll continue being whom I am no matter what you think. All I can say is that I test well, what can you say about your abilities!


    huh? Where did THAT come from???

    he's proving the point that being intelligent doesn't make you smart. Having some tools doesn't make you a mechanic. Being a pedant is often more a curse than a blessing... and cetera :laughing::P


    It's fairly common for someone with a combination of a very high IQ, and low self esteem to get rather upset quite easily. Instead of properly recognizing their abilities, they have a tendency to view themselves as "average" and everyone else ( and their errors ) as idiots.


    I really don't understand why a missing apostrophy would annoy someone, as long as the message was communicated clearly.


    There is a form of idolatry which involves proper spelling and grammar. It seems that there was an ancient attempt at making the numerical value of words have a common value when having similar meanings.

    When some people try to absorb writing that is mispelled, it is like running 10 amps of electricity through 5 amps of wiring..



  9. I got my copy a few days ago. I wasn't particularly impressed - it seemed hastily edited and I spotted several typos. In a magazine with few pages and such light content, there's no excuse for so many errors to get through the proofreading stage. On top of that, the writing wasn't magazine quality. I hope that they're able to procure better content for future issues.


    With my permission, they published an excerpt from my geocaching blog. While I was pleased to contribute, I was disappointed in the end result because the excerpt was clumsily selected and edited.


    I do hope in the future they exclude you.

  10. Dog poo, people poo, horse poo, and hippopotamus poo, is still poo. All poo breaks down to soil. Nutrient rich, wholesome healthy soil.


    Sounds like an excuse someone uses for not picking up after their dog/ horse. :DB)


    Ah, now you have done it. You have forced me to reveal my true nature.


    My true nature to approach things with logic and not emotion.


    The logic is that poo breaks down to soil. The lack of emotion is the fact that I don't own a dog or a horse. So, my opinion is not self-serving.


    Take that!




    Say that the next time you step on crap and you go in your car then notice you stepped in it.


    Watch where you step?

    Having said that, I remember when I was about 10... I was skateboarding down my street... skateboard wheel used to be smaller back then and I hit a rock and it threw me off the board onto a pile of dog poo.

    I actually puked.

    Did I go around demanding people picked up their dog poo and put it into little plastic bags and dispose of it properly? NO

    The mere thought of demanding such thing would be ludicrous!

    Micro management is not the way to enact laws...

  11. I want to do a cache based on this idea


    <snipped bittsen's image of the box that shuts itself off>

    Could you please provide a link to the instructions? FOUND IT !!!Thanks

    care to share than?

    Here it is on Instructables but I think I like this one better as a potential geocache:




    Thanx for that friend of Chad. I just spent half an hour looking at verious designs of that and now I need to build one.

    Don't build just one if you somehow intend to use it as a cache container. Build two or three, and place it close to home where you can easily and quickly do the neccessary maintenance. Take it from someone who has placed other high-maintenance caches in the past.


    No, not for a cache container.. just for fun. It is actually half done now. My extreme collection of old RC parts has made it a little easier for me then it may for some. (extreme collection is due to crashing many RC planes and a few choppers... plus a few old RC car stuff)

    It was my former addiction before I discovered geocaching.


    This is cheaper.

  12. I want to do a cache based on this idea


    <snipped bittsen's image of the box that shuts itself off>

    Could you please provide a link to the instructions? FOUND IT !!!Thanks

    care to share than?

    Here it is on Instructables but I think I like this one better as a potential geocache:




    Thanx for that friend of Chad. I just spent half an hour looking at verious designs of that and now I need to build one.

  13. Okay so here is how this works. When you find a cache and you look around you to see the scenery, what do you see. Post pics of what the scenery looks like, something that is nearby the cache, etc. Or you can just explain what your surroundings looked like at a cache.


    For example....standing at this cache...we saw this!




    :D I was there a year earlier and saw the same guy! eeerie...

  14. Dog muck / pooh is also one of our pet peeves, we are constantly telling the kids watch where you're walking, watch out for dog muck, mind that dog pooh...realise not necessarily Geocachers dogs to blame it's just the society we live in. We have also come across the little bags just left on the edge of the path or hanging on a bit of shrub growth but there wasn't a bin to dispose of them anywhere.


    My peeve is when people think todays society sucks so much more than the previous society, and in this case how some would think that, at one time many years ago, people actually picked up their animals poo.


    The #1 reason I don't have a dog in "todays society" is the anal attitude people have about dogs poo.

    When I see someone toting a bag of animal fecal matter, I just laugh and think to myself... I will never ever do that.

    I will carry lots of things on a walk or a hike but I don't see the value in poo.


    Hmmm I just thought of a brilliant idea! how about dog owners pay a $100 "poo fee" when they license a dog and people who turn in little bags of poo get a 25 cent return when taken to a "poo station" to be disposed of?

    you know! like homeless people collecting bottles and returning them to get money for... full bottles.


    People who don't pick up their dogs poo get nothing but hey! they paid a hundred bucks so their dog could poo as normal and not have to tote it out!


    The $100 per dog fee could be used to pay those "poo pickers" 25 cents each or could be used to pay city employees to pick it up or as someone else suggested "take a stick and fling it into the bushes"(my favorite idea)


    I don't recall people picking up dog poo when I was younger and I don't recall it being a problem.

    We just watched where we stepped... I guess that's too much to ask these days... :D

  15. I turned 70 on January 5, 2010

    Only discovered Geocaching about a year ago and love it.

    I had 5 bi-pass cardiac surgery on October 20, '09 and hernia surgery on December 18.

    I logged all but 4 of my 106 finds to date after November 4. 2009.

    No big deal, I know, but just expressing my own enthusiasm for the 'game'.



    I keep telling my wife she is a wimp for not wanting to go geocaching while she recovers from major abdominal surgery!

    After all! she has some time off work now!

    I even took a week off to take care of her.

    and this is how she repays me....

  16. Seems a bit unnecessary to post something about it in every log. :D


    And an interesting "conspiracy theory" about the reviewer's actions. :D


    Isn't this supposed to be a "fun" game? :(


    The point is that the reviewer could not have done this without an edited message or a retract and republish. Either would have been obvious to everybody. Changing the date is not possible any other way, unless you believe that the developers of this site have joined in on a conspiracy to cover up a pre FTF on a few caches.


    I never go out caching without my tin foil hat. :D

  17. On the first cache I found, I was LTF.

    It sort of makes me sad to know that maybe there was something I could have, or should have, done to keep the cache from disappearing but the reality is I replaced it exactly as I found it.


    This happened to me also in December. It wasn't a high muggle location and I don't think anyone saw me, but who knows?

    I was tempted to place a new cache there once the CO archived it but didn't want it to appear I was the one who took it.

  18. I cache because I enjoy it. It gets me out of the house to interesting places. It makes me exercise even when I don't want to.

    It provides an activity that my wife and I both enjoy that we can do together.

    It is a 99% free of cost activity that can be done almost anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

    It brought me here to the forums where I waste much too much time. Even though I may not agree with everyone here, I respect most. Great group of people (trust me, I belong to many forums and this is one of the better ones)


    But really.. I cache because I love the hunt. The idea of finding stuff that has been there for a long time but nobody realizes is there.


    It's neat...

  19. FYI Those are not Lock n Locks. They look like the Sterlite or Rubbermaid ones that WalMart now sells. They aren't as nearly as good as Lock n Locks. I hope you have better luck with yours than I did with mine.


    I was afraid of that, after seeing the post talking about using "real" L&L's. Guess time will tell on these. I'll try to keep them in dry spots.


    More importantly. keep them out of the sun. The plastic gets dried out and the flaps break off where they bend.

    They should be OK if you keep them from repeatedly getting wet and drying and/or direct sunlight.

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