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  1. Go ahead and ask. It can't hurt. If it were my cache I would consider it depending on the cache. If the precise location of my cache was a key element of it I would say no. If moving it a short distance doesn't affect the essence of my cache then I would be happy to move it.


    This is the answer you need. Some people are just rude and won't even think of anyone but themselves so I wouldn't expect a yes.


    I cannot imagine why someone would not even CONSIDER moving their cache if the location isn't key to the hide.


    I also agree that the way you word your request will have a lot to do with the response you get.


    Just my opinion of course.

  2. I was out caching today when I saw a young guy taking pictures. He was taking pictures from scenic view points along the way... it seemed everywhere I was he would follow.

    After coming out from the bush from a steep hill I could not climb down, he asked "how is it down there?"

    I said slippery.... he said "I thought it might be"


    I had thought he was a fellow cacher but he was a photographer...


    or he thought I looked nice in my new jeans and was trying to pick me up...


    Not gay but I am not opposed to flattery...



  3. I found a cache the other day on one of those "Welcome to (insert city name here)" that was surrounded by shrubbery.

    I read the rather large log book and saw that a couple of years ago some city landscape crew had found it while cleaning up the area and trimming the bushes and signed the log book and replaced the cache as they found it. I thought that was pretty cool of them.

  4. Big difference between being questioned and being harassed. If I was questioned then it would have been the end of it but no, I was told I was lying and the threat of a lawsuit backing him down proves it was harassment.

    Go ahead and threaten a cop with legitimate suspicion and see how far it gets ya.


    I also wish others would "share the same sense of non-fashion" because even tho I'm technically classified as one of them (you know, the ones you assume I'm a part of) I stick out like a sore thumb amongst them and only visit their common locations when I'm payed to entertain them. It would be nice to see somebody proud of their natural hair color for a change (talking about the blonds and lite browns of the group) or wearing white once in a wile.

    You, in the black, will you come up here? NO NO NO not everybody, her!

    How long have you had that piercing? 5 years and you haven't learned to ignore it? No, even tho I was just mean to you you still can't come up here. That ES generator will knock you on your ars from 10 feet away because of the piercing you haven't learned to ignore. Aw don't go emo on me! :D


    Chip on my shoulder maybe, but not why you believe it's there.


    It's simple, really. If you don't want to be singled out, don't try to stand out.


    Whatever the reason for your chip on your shoulder, it probably comes to no surprise that you were/are singled out. You do try/dress to be noticed, don't you?


    The bottom line is some of us in the world stand out more than others whether intenionally or not. Talking to police is an inevitable part of this hobby. The attitude that a person presents to an officer can make al the difference in the world as to how the situation turns out. A simple "Sir" here and there can diffuse many harassment situations. Having said that, some cops are just plain jerks.


    I'm curious though. Since you spoke out on people judging you based on how you look, did you judge the police officer based on the fact that he was wearing a badge and uniform?

    Nope! I dress the way I do, because I do. What ever I feel like putting on I put on. A lot of times that's just slacks and a tee shirt. I wont give up the eye liner tho, makes my eyes look smaller, it actually keeps people from noticing them at a distance.

    As for attitude presented to a cop, I never call them sir. I address them as officer until they start acting like a jerk, then it is officerrrrrrrr *squint* last name.

    As for judging people how they look, I don't care (unless you're Bruce Campbell) who you are, if your a stranger, I'm going to treat you with the respect you deserve (unless you're in my audience) as a person untill you show me that that level needs to be increased or reduced.


    I grew up in a racist situation and I don't know a single person that has been in a similar situation come out of it with what I would call indifference. Me, I became a never judge on appearances, somebody with less intelligence for seeing a bigger picture would have become a rampant racist. It aint easy growing up white in an anti-white neighborhood especially when people ignorantly tell you that they can't be racist because racist are whites who hate blacks.


    Not all chips on a shoulder are racist but all chips on a shoulder are chips on a shoulder...


    Some people will knock them off... don't go looking for that.


    (BTW.. Bruce Campbell movies rock)

  5. Easy now.... attack the process, not the person.

    I don't want to get a time out again.




    Indeed. Nor do I. Perhaps you should change your sig line though.... it does say "I"

    And don't get me wrong... what your group did was impressive.. but... there is no real "world record" for Geocaching.

    If I go caching with a couple of friends, and we found 20 caches together, I will say that I found 20 caches that day, even if my caching partner was the one to spot them part of the time. Now, if my friend takes one cache and I take another.... that would be cheating in my books. But if we're there together, we sign for both, and we both claim the find. I don't personally know of any cachers that do not work this way.

    Besides, if you really want to question Ventura Kid's claims, well... there's a thread for that. A pretty long thread, as I recall.


    But that is not the same thing at all. You aren't claiming a "record" but you are correct, This is not the place to debate this.

    (is that thread even still alive?)

  6. Pic 1 looks like the road sign has been sawed apart for the cache.


    Pic 3 looks like a tree or fence has been sawed up for a cache. If it's a tree thats lame. If its a fence I suppose it's okay if permission has been given


    Either way, my rule of thumb is always: Modify your cache to fit the enviroment. Don't modify the enviroment to fit your cache.

    I think that that statement should be a guideline.


    And that is coming from someone who is not really fond of guidelines...



  7. Saw the spun aluminum "pill containers" with rubber o-ring and key ring clips at Walgreen's. $1.99 ea!

    I almost bought the whole display! Like these, but with a small clip and the split ring keyring. I've seen these at $4.00 - $8.00 each!



    I've used those exact ones. A word of caution, the O ring will deteriorate quickly when exposed the the elements. I see wet logs in the future.


    If you soak the O ring in Glycerin for awhile it will last a lot longer.

  8. McKee Clan... sorry about all the good-natured ribbing you're having to take for your post... from myself included. I do want to say that I appreciate you thinking of ways to improve the site and the game, and hope our funnin' you didn't bother you too much.

    I think that who ever sent them here should apologize. They had to anticipate the reaction. They're probably still chuckling about it. ;)


    I do think it was rather rude of who ever sent you here.

  9. Dear Geocachers,


    I would be happy if you could spend 2-3 minutes filling out the following two-page survey:


    Survey about Geocaching


    It's for academic purposes only, will just be used within a seminar and not be published. I am familar with the forum guidelines which normally do not allow surveys but I have asked Groundspeak for permission to post this one.


    Thank you for your attention, yours


    Matt :D


    I took the survey. Good luck with your project.


    Ditto... the options were a bit limited but meh...

  10. I know you didn't want to hear about exceptions. But my 15 yr old daughter is my faithful GC companion. We have used a couple of our date nights (I try to spend one on one time with each daughter and my wife, keeps me busy) to go caching. I urge all daddies of daughters to take their girls out on dates. It helps them learn how a man should act and treat them. Could save you both a lot of heart ache.


    That's a great idea! I used to love one-on-one time with my dad when I was growing up - and I still do, when I get to see him. I take him geocaching when I visit.


    I'll bet you that means the world to him too. You know daddies of daughters are really blessed, we get to fall in love twice.


    I may quote you on that. Very well put.

  11. Western Union will release funds to anyone with valid photo ID.

    I've had money wired to me both in England and Guatemala and did not have to show my passport to get the money, just my ID.


    Western Union doesn't care why or how you are in the country, just that you are who the sender intended the money for.


    Anyone considering sending money should be very hesitant... this one has scam written all over it.


    I agree. How well do you know this friend?


    But, having been a member of a few scambaiting websites for several years I would think a scammer would ask for the money to be sent via western union right away.

  12. If she has funds to travel with, travel within the European Union does not require any passport. In fact, there are not stops at any border. If she can, then take a train to any city with an American base. Germany comes to mind.


    She has about 10 Euros. :( She had planned to use her debit card to get money when she arrived in Pisa, but then realized that after not having used it for 18 months (there are no ATMs in Iraq) she had forgotten the PIN. She can't have money wired because no bank will release the funds without a passport. Otherwise, she totally would have traveled to Rome to the embassy.


    We were able to contact our state senator's office and they referred us to a case manager who deals with just this kind of thing. Unfortunately, the case manager is not in the office today. I have also PMed two cachers in Pisa to see if they would be willing to lend a hand. I figure the worst thing that happens is they say no or ignore me.


    Western Union will release funds to anyone with valid photo ID.

  13. the person that had me banned kept slamming me and said things that weren't true in the thread that got me banned.

    The person that banned you would likely have been a moderator or a Groundspeak lackey. I would love to see links to their supposed slamming.


    re-read my post. I said "had me banned"


    Honestly... if you want more proof pm me. I will be glad to show you the slamming.

    I would only repeat what I said. Nobody can "have you banned" but yourself and a moderator. Period.


    You blew it dog with glasses.....


    you misread... simple as that...


    I used to somewhat respect your opinions...


    no more.


    admit you were wrong... good grief...


    take it to pm if you do though. :laughing:

  14. the person that had me banned kept slamming me and said things that weren't true in the thread that got me banned.

    The person that banned you would likely have been a moderator or a Groundspeak lackey. I would love to see links to their supposed slamming.


    re-read my post. I said "had me banned"


    Honestly... if you want more proof pm me. I will be glad to show you the slamming.

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