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  1. I just thought of another interesting hand made swag item.


    What if you left a "grow kit" in caches? Of course it would have to be a truly waterproof cache but I think it could be cool.


    When I was a kid, my parents were buying a house. As a little "thank you" the real estate agent gave kids a little grow kit. It was basically just a condiment container with a thick piece of yarn and a raw peanut plus the instructions to grow your own peanut plant. (Now, of course there are allergy concerns with peanuts).


    So, I was thinking it would be really easy to make a grow kit with some sort of dried bean, the yarn, and instructions in the little condiment container and then sealing it in a plastic pouch (hermetically sealed). Placing it ONLY in waterproof containers (ie ammo cans).


    What do you all think?


    Corn. Popcorn seeds grow extremely easy. I think it's a pretty cool idea.

    A few kernels and instructions (with pictures) would be pretty neat for kids.


    I once grew a popcorn kernel to three feet high in my bedroom. germinated it in wet paper towels in a desk drawer and then planted it. It almost wouldn't die.

  2. My thoughts are few and far between but, If it is a business card then it is trash. If it is a card with the cachers ID then it is OK if it is laminated. If it isn't, Trash.


    A business card I would CITO... a cachers card I would leave alone if it was laminated. A cachers card that wasn't laminated... I would leave alone unless it was a mushy piece of pulp.

  3. I post a DNF on all the caches I DNF.

    Unless I forget.


    It might be a regional thing but in my location there doesn't seem to be many or any people that have hides just to see how many DNF's they can get on it.


    I am sure people do it but, I haven't encountered it yet.


    And, honestly.. if they rate the difficulty level high enough because it is a NIH then I have no problem with it. But if they rate it a 1.5 when it is a nano hidden in a pine tree disguised as a pine cone... well...that's different.

  4. Personally, I don't think the cache would get approved. Keystone really seems to give the most definitive answer there.

    But on a side note, even if you could put a cache there, why would you want to? Everytime someone logged it, it would just be a constant reminder of the incident. If it's causing you that much stress, why would you do that to yourself? You had a bad customer service experience at a restaurant. Never go back there again, forget it and move on. Go find some geocaches and take your mind off things. B)


    I agree. I don't think a cache like that would be approved and how would you write up your description?

    And regardless, a cache just draws attention to the place. Despite your horrible experience, I would bet that some of the logs will state that they patronized the place and liked it.

    How would feel about that?


    Besides, you place the cache, you also have to maintain it, which means that you have to return to the location.

    Why would you want to put yourself in that position if your experience was that "traumatic"? :)


    Also, I really don't think you have been attacked. You asked and people will give you a straight answer, I just don't think you happen to like the fact that most of the people don't like your suggestion. Heck, I don't like your suggestion.


    I agree completely with the above.


    Also, can I borrow your place at Sylvan Lake for a couple of weeks this summer?

  5. I have always wanted to purchase a metal detector but not so much to use while geocaching.


    The idea of looking for stuff that others aren't interests me... hmm.. wait a minute!


    Anyone know of any good metal detecting sites / forums I could check out?


    (sorry for going a bit off topic)

  6. I guess I'm weird in that I always make sure my pens work before I get out of the car. I have a scratch pad that I use and always carry 2-3 in my pockets (all tested on the pad) before going out and searching...


    You aren't really weird because I do that also. I test my pens in the car before searching for the cache.

    Doesn't really help though when I leave the car in -35 c. weather for a 20 minute hike and the ink is frozen by the time I find the cache.

    I try to bring along a pencil also to combat this but sometimes forget.

    Only once have I not signed the log book and claimed a find. That was because my pen was frozen and the log was full (yes, every bit of it).


    Thankfully the CO was OK with that and didn't delete my log.

    I would have understood if he did though and went back and signed it (wasn't too far from home).

  7. Being a courier, when I retire I have no intention of going into businesses and picking up packages and delivering them. That would probably get me charged with theft.

    I don't see how it is any different for retired cops.

    If one were to try a detain me only three things could happen.


    1. I would walk away and laugh at him and he would do nothing about it.


    2. I would walk away and laugh at him and he would try to detain me and he would end up badly hurt.


    3. I would walk away and laugh at him and he would try to detain me and I would end up badly hurt and have an excellent lawsuit that might enable me to retire sooner.


    Of course there could be a 4rth scenario where he went nuts and shot me. Then my wife would definitely be able to retire sooner.

  8. it's going to end up being...

    Whatever mess insued would be half the fun!! So maybe making it a race isn't the best idea. There could be a smaller race for a set number of teams on one day, and then have other days where it was more casual.


    Or maybe get a big 11 passenger 4x4 van and see how fast it can be done in 24 hours? A roof rack could easily hold several gas cans for refueling. 1 person to drive, 2 people to navigate, prep the cachers refuel the van, hand out water, snacks and 2 shifts of 4 people to find and place a sticker on the log books?


    Honestly, This is not a slight to VK and friends but actually following in their spirit... heck.. they would be good as some of the 11!


    I'd consider being up for that.

  9. We've modified the language as follows. If there are remaining issues, please let me know. Thanks again.


    "To minimize chances of muggling in this public spot, please take the container a distance away to examine contents before re-hiding discretely at original site.


    If there are too many hikers, your GPS indicates you are at the site, and you have a visual sighting of the hide (verified by touching surface), we authorize you to register a "find" without actually opening the container and signing the log."


    (Hopefully, we managed to log a can of worms without opening it :laughing: )


    I see nothing wrong with that and those that do can simply not look for it right?

    I hardly see how it will effect those that don't agree.


    I have seen numerous threads where people say that they "just let it slide","don't get worked up about it" or "don't even check the log book to see if they actually signed it".

  10. I usually log caches as soon as I have time to sit at the computer for a few minutes. Taoiseach, on the other hand, has a backlog of several hundred caches he intends to log. He tends to write lengthier logs than I do, and he's busier than I am, so it just gets put off.


    Ditto except it is my wife Emma that doesn't log as often as I. We find most of our caches together but I do find some while at work during the day. I log mine when I'm near the comp... she logs hers when I remind her.


    I'm sure if people were to read my logs they would think I am making her up eg: "found this one with Emma today etc..etc.." then no log from Emma...

  11. That's awesome! After some of the recent threads on this subject I have actually tried to write better logs. I may not be as enthusiastic in my writing as this/these people were, I am trying to make my logs better.

    Very cool and thanks for sharing.

  12. In most states it's not illegal to open carry a gun anyway.


    I don't think anyone said it was or should be but, if you have one in your hand and the cops tell you to drop it... drop it.


    It's also not illegal to brandish a stapler but... here in Canada the RCMP tazered a man to death when he didn't drop it fast enough when told to do so (he didn't speak English (he was from Poland visiting a relative))


    The police denied any wrong doing and would have gotten away with it had someone not recorded it with their camera phone. The RCMP just recently apologized and settled an undisclosed amount of money.


    Anyway.. I have went offtopic.. sorry I knew the man.

  13. Yeah I though the same as Luckless. Caches placed up high by someone 6'2" when I'm only 5'2".

    You need some of these




    Have you any idea how much drywall stilts cost!


    Besides... I could claim I was 6'11" on my dating website profile but she's gonna notice those!

  14. You will certainly gain accuracy with a dedicated GPS and much better reception under trees. It makes sense. The GPS in an iPhone is an afterthought and one of many features packed into that small package. A dedicated hand held GPS is all GPS.


    When you hide caches your fellow geocachers will thank you for using a real GPS.


    You will also appreciate the durability and water resistance of a hand held GPS so you can safely keep your tucked safely away.


    ^^ this. I love my iPhone and it is as accurate as my Garmin for finding but I would never use it for hiding.

    Also, the battery life of the iPhone is horrible. Using it in GPS mode will kill a fully charged battery in a few hours.


    I like it for caching spontaneously or even just to look for caches while in the field.


    And as other have already said... it is kinda fragile. I have no fear about dropping my Legend on a rock or getting wet... my iPhone.... not so good.


    I see nothing wrong with that. I am pretty sure I have forgotten to log one or two. I would appreciate being reminded that I did indeed find it so I could log it online.

    I think it's a commendable thing to do.

    I guess the question should also include...Has anyone ever sent you a reminder. I just got a log from one of those that I reminded.


    Never been sent a reminder but I can't imagine someone reacting negatively to it.

    but then... who knows what lurks in the ... nm...

  16. My wife and I made a trip across Canada a couple of years ago. From coast to coast.

    I had bought her a GPS for Christmas a year or so earlier with Geocaching in mind (we had read about it and thought it sounded cool).


    Not too long after our trip we got into Geocaching.


    I still kick myself when I read numerous posts about a Geocache being here... there and EVERYWHERE we were!


    Some of them sound very cool and we may not ever return to those places.


    Newfoundland is the place that killed me... we hiked all over that Provence and found out later that there were caches at almost every place we hiked to.


    I DO plan on returning there.

  17. I've been looking through the logbook of a cache I recently pulled from it's hiding place(over a year after I archived it). I found several names in the book that never logged online. I see from their stats that they DO log finds online, so I guess this one was just forgotten(it happens). I've sent notes to each of them letting them know that I'll be asking the page to be locked* soon, and giving them a last chance to log online.


    Has anyone else ever sent reminders to people they found in the logbook? I guess that's the opposite of deleting logs for people who didn't sign? I only found one of the people who has never logged online, so I guess he just doesn't do that.


    *I'll be sending the Cache out as a Travel Bug, so I don't want people logging finds in that state, I want the page to stay as is when it's traveling. Can Cache pages be locked by request?


    I see nothing wrong with that. I am pretty sure I have forgotten to log one or two. I would appreciate being reminded that I did indeed find it so I could log it online.

    I think it's a commendable thing to do.

  18. So, we've established here that each person in the team does not have to hunt each cache and one sticker can be used for the whole team, so all you need is a bigger team to break this record in even less time. With a big enough team, I could start at dawn and be home in time for lunch! :laughing: Who's in?

    If you can do it with one vehicle, then more power to ya!


    So if a large group of geocachers takes more than one vehicle, but signs the logs with a team name, are you going to delete their logs because they used more than one vehicle?


    What I'm seeing here is a team claiming a world record, then stipulated what criteria must be used if someone else attempts to break it.


    No stipulations from me...... :huh:

    If you can somehow squeeze two vehicles up on those tiny little roads, take a couple of pics for us. :rolleyes:

    We really struggled with turning around on some of them. A few of them left only 3 feet of space for moving around, and we certainly didn't want to back down those roads at night. We had to have one of us spot the 7 point turn, just to be certain we didn't drop our wheels over the unprotected edge of the cliff.


    One thing I will say.... "Have fun out there, and be safe!" :D


    Have one car start at each end of trail and meet in the middle. Easy as pie.... mmm... I like pie...

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