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  1. Thank you for informing me on how internet forums work. I had no idea.
  2. And that topic was preceded by a how you met your spouse thread. I am really not picking on you ashnikes but you really should look at older threads before posting. Sometimes it's good to be a lurker and read. Ever heard or read the saying "it's better to keep ones mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt". I don't expect you to search the archives but at least read the thread a few days back. You do know that you don't get paid per post right? Sometimes... when you think the world is against you... maybe you are against the world....
  3. Actually they are not "districts". There are Countries / Provinces / States and even those are subdivided. For example: if I was looking for someone or someones... in my area I would go to the local geocaching group for that area. I would go to Canada and then find Alberta and then look there. I do occasionally stumble across people from my home town in the general forum...
  4. I think i found this one today, at ucf near the psychology building, you sure you replaced it? nearly the same contents and everything. A badly leaking lighter, a beer bottle cap, a pants rivet style button, and a log that had turned into mud. there were several NM logs on the cache page, so i didnt bother making a new one, left a plastic horse, figured it would hold up a bit, and removed the lighter beer bottle cap, and button in exchange, cleaned out the mud in the container, and cleaned out some of the debris that was preventing the cache from being hidden as im sure it was supposed to be in its man made hole. got the smiley. wow.. you now have an agenda.
  5. I love to find ammo cans but I like to find all caches. Since I don't often trade things I just do it for the hunt. 4 out of my 5 hides are micros but they are placed where an ammo can or really even a regular wouldn't work. I have 2 caches that are fully stocked and ready to go in my truck. 1 is an ammo can and the other is a regular. When I find a spot that is worthy of them I will place them. I do make sure I don't sterilize an area by hiding a micro there.
  6. its alright, anyone who comes into a forum with lots of energy, and somewhat of a voiceful opinion, gets bashed by the vets, in any forum ever. I have not taken offense to anyone in this forum, in fact i think the anger, and slander campaigns are actually pretty amusing. I also find it amusing when someone asks a question they get 35 of the same exact answer, like people write and submit their thoughts either without reading the other responses, or just feel the need to chiime in with almost carbon copies of the person above thems thouhgts on the subject. and for those of us who do not agree with the majority we get the bucket of crabs dumped on us. If i were the type to take offense to any of this i would have left the forums a long time ago. Honestly, i love geocatching, it hink its the coolest modern form of treasure hunting out there, i think its a great family activity, (if your kids can sit still long enough and oyu can pull them away from their iphones and xboxes for more than a few minutes) its refreshing to be outside with some sort of purpouse, and mystery destination. I have a bunch of ideas for hides, and it stinks some of the guidlines prevent me from hiding them the way i want ot hide them and im glad i can come on this forum and question those guidelines, and get some honest feedback and reasons for the whys (inbetween the garbage responses that are a waste of time for the writer, as well as the lurker / reader) which is another reason i keep coming back, i read a lot more topics than i post in, my cache will get published, i fixed the issues, and it now follows all guidelines, and it will be a refreshing LARGE cache nestled in between tons of the micro manias in my area.
  7. mchaos, You have my most sincere apologies. I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong and in this case I was obviously wrong. I realize that just because I don't think it's safe that doesn't mean I am correct. Mostly I apologize for calling you a liar. You were telling the truth and I was ranting and raving like a fool. I may not agree with it being a good hide but as long as it's safe then who am I to judge? Congrats on getting permission for a creative hide. I harbor no ill feelings towards you and hope you will accept my apology. brslk.
  8. The question becomes "how did you sink the cooler most of the way in the ground?" Was it quicksand? If you did any digging whatsoever to hide it, you've violated the guidelines. It is irrelevant if it requires a shovel to find it. From the guidelines "If a shovel, trowel or other "pointy" object is used to dig,whether in order to hide or to find the cache, then it is not appropriate." I do suspect that the cache placer will argue that it isn't buried. It is only half submerged? Caching would be way cool if we could hide stuff in the ground but it would also piss off a lot of people who could ban us....
  9. Since I am a courier and work all over the place, Hiding one near work wouldn't work. I also live on the 15th floor of my building. At ground level the GPS bounces around quite a bit due to all the tall buildings placed so close together. Still trying to work on it though.
  10. Now here is something to contemplate. To be effective SSBN must be submerged. Now how does that punny satellite signal get through all that water when you can't get a good lock under heavy tree cover? It doesn't. The missile acquires signal once it achieves the surface. ^That is my thought also. Perhaps why they just aim them in the general direction and they go all squirrely until they get a signal lock. I have no idea if I am correct but it makes sense.
  11. For the most part, I don't care one way or the other. However, I have to ask if they are so dangerous, then why would the electric company ever decide to move them from the poles, where you'd have to climb to get to them, down to the ground where kids could and do play on them? It seems illogical that linemen's convenience would trump laymen's safety. For the most part they are safe as long as they are locked. Laws require the electrical companies to make sure they are sealed and secured at all times. They must inspect them every 5 years. They also must respond right away when some one reports them not locked or sealed. Which is probably another reason they did not want me to put it near the door. I have searched the net for a while trying to find anything saying some one got zapped by one that was locked. I found one article where some one got hurt, and the box was damaged, and the electric company failed to make repairs right away. I still call BS that you got permission and until you prove it I will continue to call BS. NO utility company that can afford a half decent lawyer would allow them to do that. Bad mouth me all you want and swear but you are still wrong. BTW what are "Bob and Pat's" last names? That might be useful when I call the utility company.
  12. I think it's still on topic... The OP asked why firetacks are considered OK when nails/screws are not. From what I read, most posts have been about why nails/screws are so much worse than tacks. To go slightly off topic, I'd like just to address several things in one post... 1)The "copper poisoning" mentioned earlier... If one or two copper nails could poison a tree, then any tree ever hit with a modern bullet would wither and die... 2)The sawmills/metal detector issue... While most sawmills have metal detectors, they don't always catch the smaller stuff that can become projectiles, or some of the larger, deeply embedded stuff. Most pulpwood mills have no metal detector/magnets in place until after the timber has been chipped. If you've never heard a few links of logging chain hit a chipper or bark hog spinning at 1500 RPM, it's awful. 3) Manual logging... There are still plenty of areas that heavy machinery can't get into that are still logged by chainsaws and yarders or helicopters. This thread went from mildly useful to a forum equivalent of a drunken family reunion real quick. I just gotta say I was playing devil's advocate for the most part, just bringing up worst-case scenarios. I just gotta say that I am against nails/screws in trees for the sake of geocaching. I think we should be more "ecofriendly than that. If not for all that other stuff, what if an animal cuts itself on it and suffers? I also really don't approve of firetacks all that much. I think the purpose of them being so easy to remove is that one SHOULD remove them after use (i.e. walking back out of the woods). Just my opinion, and I know what opinions are like, because everybody has one. There. I'm done. Well put.
  13. That is why the pros and the sawmills use metal detectors. What on earth has this got to do with firetacks? It has nothing to do with that. I and the OP went hugely off topic and discussed how things placed in trees damages them. I have yet to see a tree cutter use a metal detector though. Firetacks... neat things... Again I derail a thread...
  14. I was actually thinking of making some stamp art swag for some caches. I wish I saw more caches that had handmade pieces. What you worry?
  15. Congrats to you! I belong to several forums and have to deal with a lot of crap... you have stuck on here and have to listen to my crap. Good on you sir. (I call you sir because you are old and I am told to respect my elders)
  16. Umm look at the trees around it.. they have leaves... that one doesn't. It looks to you like it "survived"? Seems to me it's the only dead tree in the pic.
  17. Well, since is was such a big deal and all, seeings there are tones of green machine hides all over the country, and I am sure every single one of them sought permission, I decided to call JCP&L. I had to explain to him what geocaching was, then about my hide. He had no clue at all who I needed to talk too. I think they were more surprised that I would even ask. Their general position is making sure nothing is in the way of accessing it if need be. Say if there was a cache box on the ground in front of it, and a linemen tripping over it while working on the box. He also said to make sure it wasn't spanning a seam for the door on the front. All in all they really didn't seem to mind at all. Lets face it. They are every where, and there is no way they can get around people touching them, playing on them etc. They are designed to be safe because of this. But if it makes the masses happy, I called. I even started to tell them which one and where, and he told me he didn't need to know, it was okay as long as it didn't obstruct the front. He said a cache would be okay in the front of it as long as it was 10 feet away. Again as not to obstruct the door. I'm gonna be the one to call you on this. Who did you get permission from and are they even allowed to give it to you? I cannot understand a power company that will allow it due to liability issues. I'm calling BS and if I'm wrong I will say sorry. Provide the name and number of the person who said it would be OK.
  18. I was talking about a nail that would hold up a cache... I'm just going to assume you are drunk rather than stupid. I will bow out for now. Name calling now. That is always an effective debate tool. Where is the name calling?
  19. I was talking about a nail that would hold up a cache... I'm just going to assume you are drunk rather than stupid. I will bow out for now.
  20. Have you ever had a chainsaw come after you?!? When you are working with a chainsaw, the chainsaw will kick, but you lads have been complaining about flying "nail bullets"!! You don't wear gloves, work wear, glasses? Spare me the superhuman circumstances that come with being a lumberjack. You are completely missing the point. It isn't the projectiles that will seriously hurt or kill the chainsaw operator. It IS the kickback. How well will gloves, work wear and safety glasses do then? And you still haven't responded to the cost involved to the lumber mill that a screw or bolt can do to a very expensive saw blade. It's obvious you just like to stir things up with no logical things to say. You walk the line...
  21. I rarely trade but when I do it's for cool little things. The things I trade for usually aren't worth much. I have a weird need to obtain action figures, so when I find them I trade for them. The only other thing I trade for and like more, is handmade stuff. The idea that someone made something specifically to place in a cache that they were proud of is very cool in my books. It isn't often I find hand made stuff but when I do I always trade for it. Always with something good. I like action figures, sig items but handmade stuff is the best. Unless you wanna place $100 bills in caches... I'd go for those also.
  22. You really think there should be a blanket ban or allow? No common sense involved? I did agree with the OP until he started presenting ridiculous arguments.
  23. Enjoy the tangent! I have used a chainsaw, I have cut through nails and non-wood debris. If I am man is worth his salt, he will wear the right equipment and not cry when he gets a booboo! Try to stay on topic. That was one of the most ridiculous things I have read. And it didn't even apply to what he said. I'd like to know what equipment you wear to protect yourself from a chainsaw?
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