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  1. keystone beat me to it, dang that was fast, there must be like 300 of you working round the clock.


    the pipebomb thread was designed to bring out the two faced nature of some of our "beloved" forum frequents.

    as well as to encourage them to put me on their ignore lists, because thats easier than me having to figure out how to put them on my ignore list, since the majority of what they post is derogatory, worthless, or just plain boring.

    its served its purpose, and it had only been up for a few minutes.


    I just looked up "troll" on Wikipedia. They have your picture there.


    Stop feeding him friend of chad.

    I know it isn't easy but if I can... anyone can.

  2. i want to take some of my old love letters, and some of the ones i find while dumpster diving, and make a cache theme out of them, none of them have last names in them, so theres no real way of knowing who wrote them, but i think it would be fun to find a cache filled with love letters people wrote to each other. im not sure if it has been done before, but i plan on making one, so at least other people can find one like this, and when i perform cache maintnenece, i can read other peoples love letters they dropped off.


    what do you think?


    I don't think you want to know what most people think. You just want to stir things up as usual.


    I used to have a girlfriend like you...

    she needed drama in her life... liked to stir things up... liked to cause trouble when there was none...


    I got rid of her.


    No one likes a drama queen.

  3. As an old fart geocacher, caches that need maintenance are usually best dealt with by doing it yourself if all it needs is a scrap of paper or an email to the owner (no one likes to be called on the carpet in front of THE WHOLE WORLD (as this thread shows) ;-) or after the preceding steps have failed or are unavailable - post a needs maintenance log. I realize you are new and wouldn't know the local etiquette. For that you are most certainly forgiven. I trust you will forgive my rudeness to you.


    In my best Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka voice: "WRONG, SIR! WRONG!" Normally, I'm a giver. I'll replace baggies or add dry log sheets or fix up a cache if I can but I do that out of respect for a cache owner.


    With your sense of entitlement and attitude, I wouldn't bother helping. It's your cache, you fix it.




    Glad to read that despite what I thought of the CO he an even bigger donkey than I thought.


    Way to lose friends and alienate people buddy...


    Even his "apology" was kinda backhanded.

  4. To answer the OP's question, yes I have used google maps to find caches quicker. I sorta felt like I was cheating myself though, so I don't do it anymore.


    I just recently got an iPhone. I've cached a few times with it. It's great to have so many options for finding caches. I wonder how many caches are hidden with google that nobody will admit to?


    There was one placed near me last night that must have been hidden using google earth or something other than a GPSr.

    I say this because it is placed in a tiny park (nice place) that is in between two skyscrapers.

    My GPSr was bouncing all over the place and my iPhone showed me about 6 blocks away.

    I looked for it and will look for it tomorrow as it hasn't been found yet.


    I WILL find it first!

  5. eh, the old schoolers are just sore that they spent a bunch of money on a fancy gps unit, a printer, ink, and paper to find their nearest caches


    Quoted for truth.


    Really? I use both. I use my iPhone about 90% of the time and prefer it but I spent and continue to spend way more for the iPhone than I did for my one time purchase of my $100 Legend.

    As for paper and ink (Who doesn't already own a printer?),That used to run me about ummm...maybe $50 a year.

    Besides... money has nothing to do with it for most people.

  6. If I am urban caching, I try to have a clip board with me. I hold it while looking around and occasionally pretend to write in it as if I am inspecting something.


    There is always the lost keys excuse if your in some bushes.


    If I am biking on a trail, or hiking, I will often act as if I am revealing my self.



    If its a lock and lock or glad ware, and there are other people on the trail or near by, I will take out a snack and act like the lock and lock has my lunch in it, and I am stopping for a bite.


    If I am searching for a bit, and a muggle walks by, I put the hose from my camel pack in my mouth and just make like I am just taking a break and getting a drink.


    And then I do not even mind the muggles. Most of the time they don't care anyway.


    One of my caches is a galvanized walk socket blank with magnets on the side of an AC unit on the side of an office building. One of the people who found it said he put on a hard hat, orange high viz vest, took a clip board, and walked up to it like he was inspecting it. Pretended like his GPS was a phone on when people walked by.


    Please please please tell me this was a typo...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :):laughing::laughing:

  7. A local cacher in my area with well over 1000 hides has decided to get out of the game and he is systematically archiving caches as they are posted in need of maintenance. He has communicated that he is not able to pick up the old caches which prompted my question. I know many of the caches are still there and the caches themselves are in great shape. Would it be okay for me to collect them and possibly even rehide them? I'm not planning on simply rehiding everything as it was (his leaving the game will open up lots of great places that were previously saturated) but I'd hate for all of these containers to simply become geotrash. Is there a protocol for this type of situation?

    Wow... that sounds like a nightmare. Good on you for trying to make it good though.

  8. i know where i live its a 500.00 fine for littering and thats just for one instance..where talkin a bunch o cash for the whole country.


    Is this someone who was part of Team Lagonda? <_<

    Oh noooooos. Say it ain't so. :D
    Name rings a bell... refresh my memory?


    The only person to ever cause me to get a vacation. His name must never be mentioned. :)


    Perhaps I do not know what I think I know and will bow out.

  9. Is there a reason you ask?


    Sounds like one of those geo terrorists we've been hearing about trying to stir the pot a little. I'd just ignore it and move on. :)


    I had the same feeling but checked out the profile and checked out the logs on the finds.


    Of course... I could be wrong... I have often thought I was right but my wife knows better.

  10. i sappose theres tons of abandonon ammo can caches out there that no one has taken over..so who would be legally responsible for these .... interesting legal question....


    I wouldn't think there are that many abandoned ammo cans out there. People that place ammo cans tend to look after them and maintain them because of the cost involved with them.


    As to who would be legally responsible for them if abandoned, I would suppose the cache placer if him/her could be tracked down.

    If not, they would just be considered litter.


    Is there a reason you ask?

  11. There is a definite need for a forum titled "What I Hate About Geocaching". Sorry, but i'm sick of these topics about hating micros, nanos, bushes, trees, etc. If you don't like them, ignore them. Look for what you like and let those who do like these continue on their way. There's a great line in The Big Lebowski that applies to those who say too much.....


    Yes, but I think the majority of people who have replied to this thread have stated that they don't hate micros just because they are micros.

    I personally like micros. I just dislike them being placed inappropriately.

  12. LOL, I am a reveiwer for several Waymarking cat. some of them the most popular, I turn around 10-20 or more in less than 12 hours MAX from All over the world. If there isn't enough reviewers to keep up with demand in an area, Get some more. It isn't like we get paid to do it!!! and there is lots of people will to do it!
    Two reactions: "Good for you", and "So what?"
    First of all, if anyone has gone missing, you KNOW the blue bow is behind it.


    Secondly, I can't help but point out that this response just goes to show how much of a joke Waymarking is considered by many.


    *** Yes, I realize some people are really into Waymarking. But by and large, Waymarking is the red headed step sister of Geocaching and a lot of people just don't take it serious.

    I suspect there is a little more to do with a geocache review than simply pushing the button like at that other site. :)
    I suspect you might be correct. That why I'm watching this thread really closely. :unsure:

    Likewise....I suspect there may be more to the Listing itself and perhaps that is why there is a delay :D


    What disturbs me even more is that it is taking more than 15 minutes to get a response from Keystone. That is just unacceptable.


    Someone needs to go wake him from his evening nap! <_<

    I'm just now returning to the keyboard after driving home from the burial service for an immediate family member last weekend. Still, I published 14 caches so far today, 19 yesterday, 12 on Saturday and 29 on Friday. There has not been a single day thus far in 2010 when I have not published a cache.


    Reviewers have lives, too. We fit our volunteer work in around everything else.


    The OP's puzzle cache is in OReviewer's territory (another of the five reviewers sharing duties in the Keystone State). I am sure that OReviewer will be along in due course to have a look at it. Thanks for your patience.


    Sorry about the loss. I do hope you realize I was kidding.


    Indeed, sorry for the loss keystone.

    I am sure you realize that most of us forum junkies have the utmost respect for you.

    Be well and take some time to mourn.

    Cache submitters can wait.

    Or carry on if it keeps your mind busy.

  13. The best thing you can do is post a "needs archived" log on the other cache, and once it's gone, make your own listing in that spot, because otherwise it's a 'throwdown' cache, and you don't really own it. Hope that helps :)


    Try emailing the CO and ask if you can adopt the cache. If so your in business, if no answer post the "needs archived".


    I would post a NM...then wait... then email the CO... then wait... then post an NA. Give the CO a chance to fix things before posting an NA.

    Who knows what's going on in his or her life.

  14. Actually I'd think it's just the reverse.

    It's the larger sizes of geocaches that may end our sport.


    The Law Enforcement Officers seem to call in the disposal teams when a larger sized cache is discovered.

    It's probably quite rare for a hide a key to be blown up.


    Actually it seems that micros under lamp posts have generated most of the recent bomb squad responses that I've seen.


    I was going to mention that.

    I can't recall many times in recent history that an ammo can has been blown up.

  15. If somebody dared to hide a micro right where you had been planning to hide an ammo can for the last two years, but just haven't gotten around to it yet, then they deserve to have it go missing. Several times. Keep it up till they archive it in frustration. Then start planning that ammo can again. OK, I am kidding. I also hate when I find a new micro hidden someplace where a lock & lock or ammo can would have been much better. But, I can only get mad at myself for not getting there first with a "real" cache. To all you micro hiders, go right ahead and put your caches out. We will still go out and look for them. We may curse them, and fill the forums with our opinions. But we will still look for them. Just don't try to mislead us by checking the "other" size. Be proud of your micro.


    It really does frustrate me sometimes when someone sanitizes a nice wooded area by placing a boring micro in the middle of it.

    I once did even consider muggling it but my conscience wouldn't let me do it.

    However someone or more than one someone didn't have and issue with muggling it and it has been muggled three times.

    The CO has decided to archive it.

    For some strange reason I didn't place a cache there and within days after it being archived, someone placed another micro!



    I have lots of bad thoughts but rarely act upon them...

  16. Haha, still down the middle with this one haha.


    I think I am going to list it as a multi, and explain to the reviewer how it works. If he publishes it, I will do it as a multi, i he tells me it should be a mystery cache, then I will do mystery. At least that's where I stand now.


    I think you have it there. I would call it a multi but do as the reviewer suggests.

    Can't go wrong that way.

  17. because there's a clear difference between nano and micro, not covered by the guidelines.


    Why is the difference between a "nano" and a micro more important than the difference between two regular caches of that are different sizes?


    I don't get why these threads keep popping up. I thought nanos were "tricky" the first two or three times I found them. Now they're just a cheap way to get a difficulty 3 find on a cache that should really be difficulty 1.5.


    Must be a regional thing.


    You do know that you don't get paid per post right?


    Sometimes... when you think the world is against you... maybe you are against the world....


    Nor does Groundspeak charge per thread. The OP had a question, and it took you more energy to chastise than to answer the question or, better yet, just keep yer mouth shut. ;) It seems to me these forums are for old hats to play around in, chastising "noobs" at every chance. If people would be more helpful, even for topics such as this one that don't necessarily address how to play the game, maybe new people visiting the forums would be more apt to hang around and learn this is a family/friend oriented game.


    I see people coming to our local organization forums to ask questions that they tried to ask on gc.com only to be ran out on a rail.


    So you get tired of posting the same answer again and again... Don't post it. Somebody willing to be helpful will. Oh no, you had to read yet another post that had already been answered 2 weeks ago? If you spend enough time on these forums that you know all the questions that have been asked and when, AND have the time to pen a hurtful reply, your time wasn't so valuable that you couldn't read it again before just moving on to the next post.


    ... WHEW!. :D


    edit to answer: geocaching will lead to divorce in my house before it leads to bonding! A house divided, blah blah blah... ;)


    Did you just tell me to keep my to keep my mouth shut?

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