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  1. I think 6 in one day is the most I've done. Mostly because I have arthritis in my knees and ankles so I am completely wiped out after that many and hurt for a couple of days after(unless they are just park and grabs).

    Also, I mostly cache with my wife and she isn't as into it as me.

  2. Edmonton, Alberta has a cacher too who only leaves a dot. Why even bother to log then?? It annoys me.


    I've had him log a cache of mine that way. I emailed him asking what "." meant since the cache he did it on was a decent one that gets good logs.


    off topic, you have found a cache of mine!

  3. Hey, I've got an idea! Let's all try to stay away from the "oh, how boring" chatter on this thread, just to see what happens

    Sorry, but I don't do "oh, how boring." My question had to do with the breathless lionization of those who undertake this trail.


    My impression is that the numbers cachers will fall all over themselves clapping each other on the back with each new World Record. The rest of us don't care. If you want to do something impressive, go set a "World Record" the old fashioned way...finding random caches by setting up a route...not having the route set up for you with stop and go caches every 529 feet.


    Well put sir.

  4. I have a fully stocked ammo can in the back of my SUV. It's been there for about a year. When I find a place it will be placed.

    The right place for the right cache...

    I have 5 or 6 in my garage and they must be tough since no one has logged any of them yet. ;)


    Gimme the coordinates to your garage. :) my 666th post. I must be Satanic.

  5. I agree... Keystone is an excellent dude.. maybe not "the dude" but a good fella. He even thanked me once for reporting myself... ( no more drunk typing)


    I appreciate a person who does his job well and he certainly does. And goes above and beyond.

  6. Where I live we have a thing called the underwear affair. It's a thing where people go for a run in their underwear to raise money for cancer below the belt (prostate, ovarian, testicular etc...).

    The thing is, this run is started at the University of Alberta. Yes... lots of very pleasant looking young women from the ages of 18 - 40 running around my neighborhood in their skivvies. Some very exposed.


    This year I forgot about it when I went to the store to wash my truck. I just exited the carwash when I saw all these umm.. mostly female young and nubile scantily dressed people running by.


    It was a very hot day temperature and otherwise. ;)

  7. True, if we don't read the listing we can't complain about not knowing something, but by the same token a hider who puts special access info in the listing can't complain when we don't read them.


    Where do you suggest a hider put that information?


    Just because someone doesn't bother to read the listing doesn't mean they shouldn't be reading them.

    Agreed. Even back when I started caching, the hard-core cachers ignored the cache page. They bragged about (pre-paperless days for most of us) to only write down the D&T ratings. As if that somehow made them better cachers. Hey, sometimes there is some important information in those cache page writeups! There's nothing macho about refusing to read the cache page.


    And then there are those who complain about a poorly written cache page with little or not enough information.


    I have yet to hunt for a cache that I have not read the cache page.


    Admittedly, I have very few finds but I don't plan on changing my strategy any time soon.

  8. Numbers starting to roll in ... just saw 721 in an 18 1/2 hour day. Zounds!

    I guess I don't understand why people are all atwitter over this. I take at least several thousand steps every day; I write several thousand words every day. Why is signing your name over 700 times in a day so worthy of comment and approbation? I mean, it's not like finding the caches is a challenge or anything. It requires roughly the same mental agility as walking and chewing gum at the same time. So why all the excitement?


    Before anybody calls me a hater: I don't have anything against those who find monotony and repetition relaxing; those who do these caches are welcome to do so. It's the breathless admiration that I cannot understand.


    I think the people that admire these kinds of things are the same people that admire food eating competitors.

    I mean, I like a hotdog now and then but I have no interest in eating as many as I can in a limited time.

    It's a freakshow kinda thing.

  9. True, if we don't read the listing we can't complain about not knowing something, but by the same token a hider who puts special access info in the listing can't complain when we don't read them.


    Where do you suggest a hider put that information?


    Just because someone doesn't bother to read the listing doesn't mean they shouldn't be reading them.



  10. do you own or have you found any underwater caches,


    what was used as the container, and how was / is it holding up to the environment?


    Im thinking about sinking my second underwater cache, the first one was a bpa free nalgene roped and carabeinerd to a cinderblock which was attached to the dock it was placed under by a nylon tie line, had it not been muggled due to obvious yellow on brown rope, and the later found out high concentration of snorklers in the area, it would have lasted quite some time...


    the next cache I hide, will be a plastic tuperware pitcher, with a screw on lid, which i am going to make a line on from cap to bottle, so people know how far it needs to be screwed on to keep it dry, im tying a weight on to the handle so its weighed down from the outside and more room is left open on the inside for swag. then im tying a lengthy piece of black nylon rope to the handle, long enough to make the journey form the surface to the bottom twice, (just in case) then im tying a piece or two of fishing line to the black rope and securing this barely able to be seen fishing line to a nail of some sort and pounding that inbetween some rocks near the shore, then marking the area where the line is with a black dot, and informing the cachers on the cache page under the hint section to look near the black dot for some invisable string and pull on it.


    we shall see how long this holds up, but just as a back up protective measure, the log will be inside a ziplock baggie, or perhaps a small second waterproof container,


    I would stay away from the tupperware container. Try a Pelican case (pricey but good) with maybe a lock and lock for swag inside it? and water proof paper?

    Sounds like an interesting idea as long as it is well thought out.

  11. The last time a cacher logged a find online for one of my caches (he was the FTF) the second person who found it (a respected local cacher) made note in his online log that it was odd that the log book was blank.

    I emailed the first guy and he said he was on a numbers run and didn't have time to sign the log book.

    I asked him what was in the container. He said that he didn't remember.

    I deleted his log.

  12. Just use a stake with a rounded end and push it into soft ground.

    No pointy object used. Problem solved.

    Pushing a stake into the ground does not cause any damage. It simply displaces the soil, not remove it.

    No digging involved.


    The guideline in question is "Caches that are buried. If a shovel, trowel or other "pointy" object is used to dig, whether in order to hide or to find the cache, then it is not appropriate."


    He is not going to "dig" anything to hide it and no one is going to "dig" to find it.

  13. I'd like to see all caches moved to a new "Geocaches" category on Waymarking.com

    That's really where I thought Waymarking was going. I am surprised it hasn't happened.


    Why are you surprised? Geocaching is Groundspeak's bread and butter.


    Isn't "bread and butter" about supply and demand? :D

  14. I guess I just don't see why these parks should restrict us, when they don't restrict the wildlife that is in there. Obviously, we can do more damage when in large groups (well, maybe not - look at like a herd of anything moving through an area - lol), but it just seems silly to say "come enjoy nature, but only the way we want you to." I understand protecting sensitive species, but we also seem to forget the whole concept of evolution, which involves extinction. We probably do more damage than most animals, but some invasive species have done far more damage than humans ever could.


    While I agree or try to agree with most of what you said here, a lot of it is wrong.

    If parks did not restrict us there would be no nature for us to enjoy.


    When will people realize we are a part of nature, not apart from it? I always laugh when I see all of the people who say if you use the bathrom (#2) in the woods, you're supposed to bury it, or carry it out with you. When has an animal ever done this?


    Human feces contains all sorts of horrible... umm.. stuff. Herbivores (plant eating animals don't). You may not want to but you could theoretically eat deer poop and be OK


    Protect nature? Yes - somewhat. Live in the world? Well, yeah - we have to. Fighting against evolution and natural extinction processes is ...well, a little silly sometimes. Nature will do what it wants - we often can just sit back and watch, or often make fools of ourselves when we try to stop/change things, and see how nature reacts.


    Again, if we didn't try to protect nature there would be only paved streets with a few small trees planted here and there. I would rather try to keep nature natural than just let humans take over evolution Besides... Humans being ecological is part of evolution or it wouldn't be exist.


    I suppose we could just let animals eat us if we venture into the woods... that's natural selection...

    Or perhaps we should be OK with wildlife like bears entering populated areas? and not kill them?

    Natural selection.


    Maybe this is why I was a biology major, but never went into environmental stuff... nature takes care of itself, except where we screw up bad (like the oil spill currently happening) - but even then, nature will eventually recover, with some damage, and life on the planet will go on.

  15. I doubt that you would get many cachers dropping love letters in the cache, but if there were any, they would be interesting.


    There is a shop around here that has old postcards 40-100 years old which are very interesting to read. Quite a few are addressed to the same people. Many are from an estate or so. It's kind of sad to see all of the holiday cards through the years and then realize that the senders, and people that received them, have passed on.


    That is sad... it kinda brings up a little lump in my chest.

    These are people that wrote the notes.


    I have written a few love notes myself.

    I would not like for others to read them while I was alive. I would like it less when I am dead.

    That is unless they understood where I was at that point in my life.

    I suppose if I wanted my writings to be read by strangers I would have made them public.

  16. i want to take some of my old love letters, and some of the ones i find while dumpster diving, and make a cache theme out of them, none of them have last names in them, so theres no real way of knowing who wrote them, but i think it would be fun to find a cache filled with love letters people wrote to each other. im not sure if it has been done before, but i plan on making one, so at least other people can find one like this, and when i perform cache maintnenece, i can read other peoples love letters they dropped off.


    what do you think?


    I don't think you want to know what most people think. You just want to stir things up as usual.


    I used to have a girlfriend like you...

    she needed drama in her life... liked to stir things up... liked to cause trouble when there was none...


    I got rid of her.


    No one likes a drama queen.


    And I thought TC was the king of idiots... 'ppears we have a new contender!



    You do have the ability to see who started the thread without opening it and ignoring it if it's by a member you've decided is a drama queen. By your responses, it seems you'd rather have drama than discourse.


    Personally, I'd feel creepy reading someone else's love letters. Those were written for someone else and anytime I've written a love letter, I'd done so under the premise that it wouldn't be read by anyone other than the person I wrote it to. But, if you like the idea, go for it. The caching community at large will give you feedback on whether they like the idea as well.


    The same applies to you.

    You do have the ability to see who responded and not reply.

    I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they will post something worth reading.

    I suppose I could not read anything by anyone I have an issue with.


    I would offer that you like to respond to me to create more drama.

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