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  1. As a matter of fact, yes. I heard that Flask's neighbor's cats are down there lapping it up as fast as it can bubble up. Amazing cats. Hope the clams are doing OK. I've always liked that cat. be a shame should anything happen to them...
  2. Er... Something with a volume of over 1000 cubic inches is less conspicuous than something with a volume of just over 200 cubic inches? I reckon that must be the new math that kids talk about. And this notion of "works just as good"? Let's discuss that one a bit. In your mind, what is the objective of a geocache? My objective is to have a quality container, filled with interesting stuff, hidden from common view, for other folks to find. I define "quality" as a container that does not leak. Used 5 gallon buckets, (with the compression ring separated when initially opened) only qualify if you utilize something like a Gamma Seal. I would suggest you acquire one, but that might run afoul of your "Only Use Garbage" philosophy. Now to the part about hidden from common view. While you may have a point about leaving a 5 gallon bucket somewhere visible, versus leaving an ammo box in the same spot, (there's a greater likelihood that the ammo can will get taken), neither would quite cut it as a geocache, by my definition, because neither one is hidden. Since an ammo can is roughly 1/5 the size of a 5 gallon bucket, hiding one is a heck of a lot easier, regardless of environment. As a side note, you do realize that ammo cans are recycled, right? Initially they held bullets, (or other stuff), for some military organization. I think... and I may be wrong here... that his issues with ammo cans are that he has to pay for them. So far he has posted that he will use dumpster found containers for a container (I have no idea why he asked for advice if he intended to ignore it from the start). He will use swag that he found in a dumpster (again ignoring what people posted pro or con). He will place a cache under water in a dumpster found container filled with stuff found from a dumpster (despite starting a thread asking for advice and ignoring it again). I am pretty sure someone is a unemployed student who loves to hug trees and I wish school would start again soon. *** no actual person referenced in this post.***
  3. Clams? Did someone mention clams? Would we get to wear the neato CLAM uniform? Sorry guys but that looks like a pickle on a hamburger bun. Clam up you!
  4. ?? Nermal was the world's cutest kitten. Not really sure how it would apply. Nermal was not the cutest kitten ever. My cat was when she was a kitten. I have no problem with the term "muggle" I prefer the term "others" or "the others" However I am not here to change the world. Gotta go! Dumpster diving looking for containers and swag!!!
  5. I would think, with just one find, that determining which one was best would be a breeze. I knew which one I liked the best at that time. I actually still like it the best. It's like how mothers love the first born more than the rest... darn you mom for not having me first!!! (I kid because I am the last born... my mother tells me I am her favourite all the time... even though I seem to remember her telling that to one of my older brothers. hmmm...)
  6. I think I think way too much about geocaching. I have been having dreams about it for the last month or so. Not really nightmares but strange dreams.
  7. I can see the logs now, took pretty rocks, left trash. Or "Took container filled with stuff, left business card"
  8. And thank you mchaos. I was wondering where I would get a little lamp post... the model rail road idea is brilliant! I should have thought of that.
  9. You should put a tiny lamppost inside of it! Now that would be a switch! Oh thank you sir for contributing to my idea. hmm... The title... A lamp post micro hidden inside a film canister.
  10. Oh really? Err... ummm....Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  11. I do too, and can read them on my GPS at the site, but its too bad the CO doesn't put much into his descriptions either EDIT: I am not going to quote, but they are some thing like this... (Micro along trail just off to side. Container is a 35mm film canister.) Maybe a few more words then that, but that's about the extent of information you get. Thats all you need to read... If I see the words "a black and grey cammoed" etc... then I am really gone. Some day I will find a ...err... hmm.. that just gave me a thought! I am going to hide a Large water proof jar with a screw on lid that has the bottom painted black and the lid gray! "the crappiest, biggest film canister you have ever found!" I shall work on this tomorrow. Would it be wrong to classify it as a micro? even if the actual log was placed inside the large container inside an actual gray and black film container? maybe even toss in an old exposed 35mm roll of film?
  12. I've seen nothing you posted that would warrant that. Just let things die a slow death and things get forgotten. Carry on.
  13. Never did anything like that while caching, but once when I was a teen at a skate park, Went up a quarter pipe, then about 5 feet up the wall over a gap, then down another quarter pipe. next to that one was a bigger one, and the open space was exposed. Came down on an angle toward it, caught my foot in it, Did about the same thing you did, only I fled it pull out, and swing around back into place back into the socket. Took about 4 days before I could walk right, but by then end of the week I had but a wee limp. No permanent damage either... It only hurt until the pain went away. I'd be willing to bet that Geo's foot would heal faster if I ripped it from it's limb than yours. Even if he is old.
  14. Excellent idea! I like it so much that I plan on trying to become a father with as many women as... er... gotta go. The wife is coming!
  15. Ditto to that. But then I also read the cache page description before I look for them.
  16. I've got a better idea. Mail it to ashnikes. And after a minimal amount of searching, I've found out just what ash's mailing address might be. My career in private investigation looks promising. I would suggest not using it. There is a difference between participating in an open forum and harassment. Agreed. Sometimes it's OK to walk the line and another thing to step over it. Just place it in a dumpster near where he lives. He will find it anyway.
  17. Are you sure that you didn't mean moderator? Too funny. If I was a moderator you would ALL be banned! I'm too cute to be banned. Besides, I have a Blue Bow™! OK... not you. It might get a little boring in here if I was the only one (this isn't highlander). Dangit! the power of the blue bow got me! Actually, it would probably be pretty boring in here if it were just the two of you, but we wouldn't know... would we? And of course I would have to keep our good friend. It wouldn't be much fun without a troll.
  18. ... off topic, you have found a cache of mine! I think I am going to be working up at Namao airstrip for 6 weeks this summer. Will try to find one of your caches. Message me when you do. I have one or two planned closer to Namao. I'd be happy to go caching with a semi-local. (even if you are from Calgary).
  19. I've had him log a cache of mine that way. I emailed him asking what "." meant since the cache he did it on was a decent one that gets good logs. off topic, you have found a cache of mine! You can't veer off topic like that. What was the answer? He or she never did answer.
  20. Are you sure that you didn't mean moderator? Too funny. If I was a moderator you would ALL be banned! I'm too cute to be banned. Besides, I have a Blue Bow! OK... not you. It might get a little boring in here if I was the only one (this isn't highlander). Dangit! the power of the blue bow got me!
  21. Those pics of your legs from the doggle attack don't look too pretty! (the scratches, not the legs. They look fine)
  22. My post was not referring to "because i leave the tag that's added", although I'd rather see it removed. I was referring to logs that consist of only that tag. I have only recently found out that I could remove that stupid tag. I stopped logging from my phone just because it was there.
  23. Uh oh... don't mention that Florida is damp, he'll call you "Captain Obvious!" HAHAHAHA! I think the only trash caches are the ones the OP is going to hide. He has already said that he will be using containers he found in the garbage. In another thread he talked about using swag he found in a garbage. then he talks about stealing envelopes from the post office? Garbage+garbage=garbage? If he hides it in or on a garbage bin he will win the trifecta!
  24. My opinon as well. I find the iPhone ones funny. I think "Sucker, you paid how much for that thing?" Jealous much? That is exactly the type of thing you expect from the apple fanboys, ignorant bragging. Anyway, I am compleatly not jealous. My Windows Mobile phone has a decent GPS (unlike yours), is easely charged (unlike yours), has a battery that is easely changed (unlike yours), has a killer geocaching app (unlike yours, yours is decent not killer), can multi-task (unlike yours), is available for free (with contract unlike yours (they have come down to $99 here)), I can use a bluetooth GPS with very good performance (unlike yours), my data plan is way cheeper than an iPhone's, My phone is easyly hackable (unlike yours), Anyway sorry for going off topic... I am not what you would call an "apple fanboy". In fact I never have and most likely never will own any other apple product other than the iPhone. I only own the iPhone because it is vastly superior to any other phone on the market (IMHO(and I have owned about 30 different phones in my lifetime)). I also do not consider myself to be ignorant nor do I consider anyone to be ignorant just because they prefer a certain brand of product. What exactly makes the GPS in your phone superior to the iPhone's? It takes about 30 minutes to go from 50% to 100% charge for the iPhone. I have no need to change my battery because it lasts a lot longer than I will own the phone. I only sign one year contracts and am given a free upgrade everytime I renew, so the newest iPhone or whatever I desire is free.(been with same company for several years and have six phones with them so this may not apply to all) How is your app any better? And yes, sorry also for going off topic. I just don't like to be called a "fanboy" or "ignorant".
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