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  1. I suppose since the wife caches with me about half the time but doesn't log online I should have a team name... How bout' brslks?
  2. I was hoping you could answer that. I read your earlier comment, worded to the effect of, "...so many <caches> drilled into trees...", I was of the assumption that you've actually encountered these yourself. I seem to recall something in the guidelines regarding defacing property. While you might think it is splitting hairs, I would argue that drilling a hole into something would qualify as defacement. I would be willing to bet that any reviewer who read your post would see it the same way. Which begs the question, have you actually located caches that were "drillied into trees"? In your mind, would that be against the guidelines? Which brings to mind my other questions; Should the guidelines be followed? If you believe they should be followed, can you tell us why you believe this? If cachers decide to ignore the guidelines, should there be consequences? If there should be consequences, what should they be? If a cacher comes here looking for advice on his cache, and it is clearly in violation, (or like in the case of the OP, simply looking for folks to agree that his violation should be ignored), should we, as a community promote the guidelines, or should we tell them to ignore them? If we are out caching and we find a cache that clearly violates the guidelines, should we just shrug and stick our heads in the sand, or should we take a certain amount of responsibility for the world around us by letting the reviewers know what we found? Have I seen caches drilled into trees and stop signs and support legs and........... Yes I have. Is it against the guide lines? I think so. Will I turn them in? I think not. I think it all comes down to common sense. Not everyone has it. Some people know when they see a hide that might not be quite kosher with the guidelines but can use common sense to see it will result in no harm to the game or anything else. Kinda like how the reviewers make judgment calls. Then there are some people who don't have common sense and have to stick to the guidelines almost religiously even when it doesn't concern them. (or they like to preach as such online) If I see something that is detrimental to anything that could affect anything I or others do, I will take action. If not... no. Silly to do otherwise.
  3. An excellent idea! I agree with that. Certain people might not. Certain people who have had caches archived because they were ill placed and didn't respond to reviewers notes. Responding to reviewers is hard. Let's go shopping! Or Maintaining a cache is hard. Let's go shopping! He was right... it is still funny....
  4. That looks like a pretty kewl cache. I see the original coffee container was hidden on 12-04-2004. In this game, that listing could almost be called antique! I see you found it in October of last year. Was the container you found the same one that was originally placed? If you were able to prove that, this cache would certainly qualify as a coffee container that has lasted for years. If not, someone could argue that it could have been replaced the day before you found it. (Yeah, I know. Folks will argue anything on the Internet) Not to mention the picture of the wet logbook. Hardly a ringing endorsement of this container. I don't think one report of a wet logbook since 2004 is too bad. I've seen such things reported with ammo cans. I'm not saying they are a perfect container. I'm just saying there are worse.
  5. That looks like a pretty kewl cache. I see the original coffee container was hidden on 12-04-2004. In this game, that listing could almost be called antique! I see you found it in October of last year. Was the container you found the same one that was originally placed? If you were able to prove that, this cache would certainly qualify as a coffee container that has lasted for years. If not, someone could argue that it could have been replaced the day before you found it. (Yeah, I know. Folks will argue anything on the Internet) As far as I know it is still the original container. Perhaps the CO will read this thread and let us know. I see he posts in the forums from time to time.
  6. Imagine the difference between the rose before and after. Supple plastic vs. brittle plastic. The Folgers container won't break easily when it's new and supple. Once it becomes brittle, it's very thin and will break easily. Once the container becomes brittle, it will take very little pressure or impact to break it. Sudden disintegration of plastic after exposure to the elements isn't some new and radical theory. Suggested reading you can do on teh interwebs for free (I'll assume you don't have access to a scientific journal database). You'll notice that UV light is the big one - in fact, some researchers are trying to find ways to make biodegradable plastics by trying to make plastics MORE susceptible to UV light than they already are. http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=16344927 http://www.labtechnologist.com/Application...stic-weathering http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ie50559a035 http://www.zeusinc.com/UserFiles/zeusinc/D...of_Plastics.pdf As for your other nonsense, you stated that you've seen these caches last for years, but you have fewer than 150 finds and have been caching for less than a year. How is it possible that you have personally seen caches in Folgers coffee containers last for years? Do you have another account? GCM74F I'll leave it at that. *edited to remove wise words that someone took personally*
  7. How can you see a cache last for years if you've only been caching for less than a year? Do you know the exact history of every cache container you've found? Plastics are not inert. When you put a plastic container outside, it's exposed to temperature changes, UV light, moisture, etc. All of these things work on the chemical composition of the plastic over time. Eventually the plastic becomes weak and brittle, and then it doesn't take much for the container to break. This often happens quite suddenly, especially with containers like those Folgers cans where the plastic is very thin and relies on a certain amount of pliability to stay intact. Imagine someone dipping a rose in liquid nitrogen and then hitting it with a hammer. Plastics intended for long-term use are treated with stabilizers so they can better withstand the elements. The cheap plastics in disposable food containers are not. Science is hard. Let's go shopping! Thanks Miss Science!(or are you Malibu Stacey) I had no idea that a degrading folgers can would react just like a rose dipped in liquid nitrogen! It disintigrates that fast? wow Perhaps you can show me where in my post it says I know the exact history of every cache container i've found?
  8. Years? Really? "Joined: 18-October 09" The Folgers containers have a tendency to disintegrate quite suddenly, and the lids are crap. And why anyone would buy Folgers is beyond me. I don't even drink coffee and I know better than to inflict that on anybody. He didn't say they were his caches. They could've been placed years ago by someone else and found recently in good shape. I agree with the folgers sentiment. I am a coffee fiend and even if I believed the cans made decent containers, a free container would not be worth drinking that! I aim for the lock-n-lock aisle and buy clean ones that won't attract animals (even so, I've had a bear munch on a lock-n-lock) or plan a day at the shore and head down to the englishtown (nj) fleamarket for cheap ammo cans. Exactly. I have no idea what the date was when I joined this site has to do with when someone else places a cache? I have never seen one "disintegrate quite suddenly". How is that even possible? As for the taste of Folgers, I have no idea. I don't drink coffee. I could discuss Bourbon for hours but those bottles don't make such good cache containers.
  9. I wasn't worried about offending you... lol
  10. I'm with you. Also not implying that ashnikes is a 'retard.' "retard" is indeed a bad choice of words. I am sorry for that. I knew and know better...
  11. And common sense.. and making friends... and social skills... and not alienating people... and.... I give credit where credit is due.
  12. I would not like it at all. I cache to relax and have fun. Not to have some retard jump out of nowhere and scare me. (not implying ashnikes is a retard or in any other way mentally unfit)
  13. If I call my cache a MIST must it be a micro in a spruce tree? I don't think the title of a cache has to give away the location. If the description says it is a micro in a spruce tree then that is wrong. Cleaver? I found one awhile ago that had "hidden among the trees" that was "among" the trees but was a fake rock on the ground... Just like people need to look about 30' beyond GZ, they also need to not be hand fed the cache.
  14. Absolutely not. Containers used for food attract animals (even in the city), and there's no way a coffee container can stand up to the elements where I live. I agree with you for the most part but I have seen several of those red Folgers coffee containers last for several years here.
  15. I think they opened it up and found a note that said, "Nope... not the cache. Try again!" Loved the white t-shirt, by the way. Looked very closely to see if it had a Geocaching logo on it, but I really couldn't tell. I might have to watch it again. You too? (edited to edit my edit)
  16. "starting"??? He has no interest in learning anything other than how far he can troll before being banned. "why when i can send mind control waves to forum members who will do it for me?" And "what's a guideline? is that like a new drug or something?" And he says it's just his sense of humor... I can't even bother to try to stay on topic anymore in his threads because they have no topic. They are just ridiculous and successful attempts at trolling. OK... on topic. There is a vast difference between nanos, geocaches and letterboxes. If the OP had even trid in the slightest to research things himself would know that. But then.... he did say the above.
  17. Wow, that's a great review ashnikes, and I agree with much of it!! Especially the part about the writer or director having been a Geocacher. But as far as marketing a movie to us on that basis, I believe we (geocachers) are still an extreme fringe element in the grand scheme of things, and there wasn't much of a "bump" to the movie there. This doesn't happen often but I also agree with ashnikes. When someone is right... they are right.
  18. Well... despite what I may have said and what you may think, I am not completely against you. When I mentioned the agenda issue in the other thread I did also say that I didn't totally agree with it because I had a hide denied because I mentioned that there were local businesses in the area, I never named them. In this case, I would just move one or both of the caches. You know that the reviewer is not going to budge on this. Good luck.
  19. Are you saying that the cache you are trying to place is too close to a cache that have placed?
  20. I would also be worried about the agenda issue. Your cache page should not have an agenda such as promoting the radio station or library etc... Not that I agree with that guideline but there it is.
  21. Who says you can't do what you love and make good money? Just sayin... One of the wisest men I ever met told me, "Do what you love, and the money will follow." He was right. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay me to drink beer and look at pornography...
  22. My thoughts but better stated than my previous post.
  23. Mine comes in all plastic. I have thought about (but not very hard) using one as a cache container. At the very least, it could be used to hold a bison tube with the log inside. I have a signature item from a cacher 1 state over that is one of those cardboard/metal cans with a mirror inside. It's a redneck compass. "It doesn't show you where you are, it just shows you who's lost." That is very funny. I will refrain from commenting about rednecks.
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