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  1. Realise this is an old thread but just wanted to say I have one of the wolf song geocoins and they are absolutely amazing. really beautiful coin - matches my pup, next best thing to a wolef (husky x german shepherd) Really great design - many thanks
  2. Been eyeing this one up for a while but this year too far to travel so close to going off to the Mega HOWEVER - already in the dairy for next year Hope to be there - looks lots of fun As long as the rum isn't gone .........
  3. I'm a great fan of my faithful Geobeagle - got an android phone last year and don't know if things have changed now but the Groundspeak app didnt seem to have as much word of one syllable instructions as I could find about geobeagle, else I'd have installed it instead. Not normally a technophobe (can't be for my job - but somehow phones leave me cold!) Never had issues with what I use though
  4. Heh heh I dont want the dog I want the trainer!!!!!!!!! Pup has had moments of brilliance (Stick Around Awhile being his most notable find!) but most of the time he fails to sniff out a biscuit under his nose!!!!!!!!!! Sniffing out tupperware is on my to do list once we've sorted his pulling like a train problems!!!!!!!! I blame his husky father for that;)
  5. I missed the first posting!!! Thanks for giving info on dogs - will plan a relay into hall with chums if it's hot (I'm still kinda hoping - spesh with the sandcastle comp!!!!) but good to know we won't have to relay too far Really looking forward to our first mega
  6. ha ha ha LOVE IT! Going to have to remember that one!
  7. Lol Never seen my inbox so full!! That'll keep me amused for more than awhile!
  8. No problem with the wedding - well mainly cos I got a free day off Only got to cache for wee bit of the afternoon but that's five more than I would have had on a normal friday and I have a happy and tired pup (can he still be a pup at 1 1/2?!!!!!) Caching was a great way to spend the day
  9. Cheers mouse that makes me feel better - it's 1.6 but, although I can't find it tonight, the page did say that the app would work with that version Hmm Maybe look to upgrading that then before trying WhereYouGo - will that bugger up my faithful geobeagle tho?!!!!!!!!!!!! Very good to hear it's not just me though!
  10. Can anyone tell me how to get WhereYouGo on the android? Can't find it in the market if I look via phone, can see it on computer but if I use the QR download code it says it can't find WhereYouGo app Would like to at least have a look see at these and stuck at the first hurdle!!!
  11. There's a LAW against it? Ouchie! Good to take advantage of it tho We did similar on New Years Day - good time in Scotland to go hunting in usually busy town centres
  12. Oh they are very cool - good luck to them all Do love the one that's disguised as a penguin Nice idea
  13. OK - what am I doing wrong. I can't even find WhereYouGo when I connect to android market using my phone. Can see it on the computer and tried to use the QR code for download and phone said it couldn't find WhereYouGo app.... What is idiot me doing wrong?!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. without it I'd still be riding my pony and walking the pup - but probably more over the same old ground rather than exploring new places which have caches Stumbled across caching just before I got the pup, as a way to find new dog walks in the area - it definitely helps with ideas for new places, or stumbling across lovely new places to walk as I did at the weekend.
  15. When we were on holiday in Cumbria we did some fun caches set by the 1st Wetherall Brownies, they might be the people to contact for more info..... We even managed FTF on one which we were well chuffed with given on hol and little internet access at the house we were staying at!!!!
  16. Just got mine today Very very cool - much thanks How many days to go?!!!!!!!!!!! Altho continuing with Original A1s comments - not ENTIRELY happy with Wales at the mo!!
  17. Selfishly I'm hoping for rain on the day of the pit visit If it blazing sunshine dont think I'll have anywhere to safely leave pup but I have great faith in the British summer It all looks fab - really looking forward to coming down!
  18. hellooooo! I'm prob a bit far south for you being in Midlothian but as other reply says you'll find a more focused group of reprobates on those other forums! May well bump into you at an event in the future - I'll be the one with the yodelling dog, lol!
  19. My non-caching chum was very excited to see my mad obsession (as she calls it!) on telly, will have to take a look And re not affording expensive GPS I agree with the others, you can get loads of fun without spending too many pennies. Before I started I already had an old forerunner (bought at much cheapness of ebay) for knowing my speeds when I was horseriding. This still gets me to GZ on most occasions. The only frustration with that was not having the cache info with me without printing stuff out but upgraded my phone (free) and managed to get a smart phone so now have all the cache info stuffed onto there.
  20. Oh that's very well said!!!!!!!!! Of course no expenses with this addiction - I haven't gone on more hols in the last year just to seek out caches and I'm not going to Wales this year just for a little event that might be happening about there!!!!!!!! Ahem!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it all - it's a good healthy addiction to have
  21. Recent hints I've hated are ones which refer you to a picture on the internet of the location to get an idea of where to look. I may have the cache info on my phone but not often internet access and those I just quit while I was behind and went away frustrated. No doubt I'll succumb to doing them at some point but the thought of having to look stuff up at home for normal caches not puzzles to work out where to look got me very frustrated
  22. Blimey a) I think my ranger experience was peanuts compared to others and yay to living in Scotland with their different laws have to say when we have been hunting in England (and on occasion been abandoned by the public footpath signs and had to improvise) in my minds eye I imagine farmers and shotguns! Never concerns me north of the border - maybe someone so unadventurous should stay north eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Oh dear! That brings back memories On our August jaunt north, myself and two chums were rifling in the undergrowth looking for the cache at the Highland Wildlife Park outside Kingussie. Spent some time rifling and there were a few cars that drove past and then I think I was bent over rifling in some undergrowth when a landrover drove up and a voice "can I help you" was heard... Very conscious of my two dear chums supportively hiding behind me I managed err, have you heard of geocaching.... Once he understood what it was and checked that we weren't planning on going up into the enclosures he was happy and left us to it - funny to read the logs since then though and seeing someone had been asked by a ranger if he was looking for a box!!!!
  24. Yay!! Looks like the 2012 holiday for me, caching chums and the pup is sorted! Anyone got suggestions for dog friendly accomodation?
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