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  1. Speaking as one who is currently waging a war with the stuff at the new yard I HATE THE STUFF!!!!!!!! Yes the caterpillars are cute but what it can do to horses, tho is if it gets into hay mostly as horses sensible enuf to avoid it when its growing... Given how easily it spreads too I dont understand the allowing the weed to grow but being required to control its spread as if it's growing it will spread.... Looking at the Scottish stuff about it they do acknowledge that it is a food plant for other species but has the recommendation it should be controlled near grazing land... Sadly I don't think that gets the councils out of their obligations to roadsides as they are often near fields of horses!!!! Rant over
  2. We had Tooey's recommended to us before a caching trip near Aviemore and we weren't disappointed. Highly recommended
  3. Not in the UK they're not! Nettles maybe but they're just "part of the job" Ticks are here in UK Shudder!!! I do like this time of year tho for some of the reasons you say, nettles and spikeys aren't in full spike yet and the days are getting longer and longer
  4. Nope - I've done quite a few from Pendragon, my Exmoor - even verging on night caching on him as it got dark while I was searching in Dalkeith Park where I used to keep him (fortunately he's used to doing that circuit in the dark!) Since he moved locations we've done a few on the Pentland hills and hope to do more. He's not very helpful for the final search so I tend to leave him tied to the nearest tree or tethered by the mouth when there's grass! I think my favourite with him so far was Capelaw Hill in the Pentlands where when I finally found the cache and looked back for the pony he was a pretty small figure in the distance, hardly moved from where I left him thanks to an abundance of grass! Here's him with one of the Dalkeith Park caches But on the subject of petrol, no I don't think he's cheaper!!! And they tend to complain if you put him in the carpark at work!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Most of the above. I keep meaning to add something to dry out damp cache boxes to prevent the need to use my sleeve for that! And if tweezers wander and you dont have a safety pin I highly recommend pruning the nearest blackthorn - makes a great nanolog remover
  6. I second that They're awful... Can't even zoom in and out properly to plot an outing
  7. Mine was like that the other day but now thankfully back to showing all logs - prefer that way
  8. At the risk of not being on topic can I comment re last post which is kinda relevant to caching (just, if you happen to come across horses out on the trail) Those riders were right - with or without a dog if you're on a path with horses coming please don't tuck yourself off the path esp if behind a tree! So many people do this and I never know whether to say something when I'm riding cos while I appreciate the thought if you tuck yourself out of the way, esp if behind a tree, all that happens is the horse doesn't see you to the last minute and then spooks!!!!!!!! They are idiots after all Personally I always try to get out of the walkers way but it's not always easy.....
  9. Ahhhhhhh That one eludes me too!!!!!! As I said, I may not be good at these but at least this type are enjoyable! Really enjoying many a visit to the lagoons and it's one of pup's favourite places to run
  10. Thank Pendragon for pointing out my cache. Welcome I have to admit that (although I haven't found it) it convinced me to have a go at more multis again. I don't seem to have much luck with them so had started avoiding them. I do do them when in a new place, it's a nice way to get your bearings and find out something about the place, but up here I'd kinda given up. That may sound contradictory given I didn't have much luck with the final of this one either but I really liked the concept and enjoyed the hunts for the stages.... And Mr P - yours is definitely on the list too I just keep having driven past before I remember they're there or it's dark!!!!!!!!!
  11. There's one not far away!!! OK so I still have to find the final cache but I had great fun not finding it!!!!!!!! A High (or Low) Tech multi
  12. Links works in my quote now, you had http:// inserted twice. Thanks Haggis Hunter - I am officially an idiot!!! Amended the link in first post, sorry about that!
  13. Stumbled across this when looking at a website I'd found for my Sept hol.... Rothbury geo challenge Nice idea
  14. I have friends who don't camp but have attended camping events - and stayed for most of the evening before toddling off to more "luxurious" accomodation Just their personal choice but why should they not get a smiley for the event? And tbh if there was a 2am requirement even if I was camping I'd prob miss the logbook availability as me and the pup would be sound asleep!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. A dedicated FTF hound can crush the spirit of the local community, especially so for newer cachers, who can, in some areas, never get an ftf opportunity. Only ONE dedicated FTF hound in the area?!!!!!!!! LOL - there are LOADS round here!!!!! It's not as much crush spirit, or sore losing - more like resignation that others will beat you to it!!!! Being on my tod even with the pup I'm a little wary of going out to rifle in the undergrowth under cover of darkness when notifications come thru in the evening! Having said that can't complain, did manage two FTFs last week - tho they were 50 miles away!!! No I'm not that "dedicated" just happened to be passing on my way to hols!!!
  16. Eric Snail almost ready I better get a wriggle on to have him ready and registered! This is fun!
  17. Few days before would help me! I almost missed some new ones at one event this year having downloaded new ones and not expected more to be published while I was at event Fortunately someone handed me the coords as they were coming back from their stroll - yes I could have had walkies without them but since it was such a nice new circuit I would have kicked myself to miss em if I'd only seen em once home I presume you can ask for them not to be found before event - and then if anyone too enthusiastic delete the find???? Not that a FTF is something likely to happen to me - event or otherwise, I live in Lothians and not quite as "dedicated" as others!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Great idea! Loved the idea of the chicken race and this does sound fun
  19. hear hear - I use a smart phone along with my old tired forerunner which I have for riding, but it can't give me the cache info like my phone can (at least since I upgraded the phone I dont kill a tree every time I go caching with all the printouts!). I only started in March 2010 and a lot of threads here make me feel like most people wish myself and others hadn't started caching... I love it, my dog loves it (it's his fault I found out about caching) and tbh I feel I haven't looked back since I've started - met fab people, gone to amazing places I wouldnt have otherwise found, and have regular holidays with chums for more caching outings) No I don't write TFTC (or if I do there are a lot more words with it) and I am SO paranoid about leaving a cache in a state that means it's too easily found. Please don't tar all us newcomers with the same brush - yes they'll be some idiots, but just cos people have only recently started doesn't necessarily mean they will be!!!!
  20. Appreciate the warning thanks - will check before we leave to that section of the route on Friday
  21. Ha ha ha FFB I wish that were true!!!!!!!!!! WEll the bit about only biting beefburgers (or sausages) is but sadly too many peeps I come across think he's a big FIERCE dog!!!!!!!!!!!! He is indeed as u say a wuss (should have seen him today, sheltering from the rain under my seat - poor wee delicate thing!!!) LOL!!! Good to know some people see him for what he really is - warms the cockles and all that!!!!!!! From the owner of the second (HUMPH) most handsome dog at the Dalkeith Show today!!!!!!!
  22. Oh that's not good... I hope despite the denial she has a wake up call regarding her dog and does something about the behaviour I'm a dog owner and am very aware of how scary he can be despite the fact he is very friendly (he's big so even without teeth being involved he can cause trauma by being a big bouncy enthusiastic beast) I always put him back on a lead when I see walkers/cyclists/runners coming as I know he may well bounce and even if that's all he does it's not acceptable Having also been bitten by two dogs who were going for my one but thought me as good an alternative I do sympathise So many dog owners seem unaware of what their dogs can do or even what situations they can exacerbate by just not paying attention and using a little common sense I think second to speak softly and carry a beagle ala Charlie Brown, speaking softly and carrying a stick may well be (sadly) a good idea Ive used my riding crop to defend my pony against dogs before - another thing which works well is a short sharp hiss as them, my trainer gave me canned air to use to stop my pup barking at other dogs and now I just hiss at him to stop this and have also used a hiss to stop dogs coming too close up to us (being paranoid now Ive been bitten a few times) Hope the dog bite is healing ok still and hope you never get into that situation again, Nasty. Pup says if you are ever up this way and if he ever does learn to sniff tupperware you're welcome to borrow him as an apology for the behaviour of some canines!!!!!!
  23. Woop woop! First mega for me, chums and the pup!!! Looking forward to it. Setting sail on the Thursday so we're there in time for Mollyjak's Sand and Sarnies - fortunately my aunt agreed to put us up on the way Can't wait!
  24. Does your pup do repeat performances? Is he out for rent? I can't find that dadgum cache!!! Hmmmm - "dadgum". That's an interesting site edit!!! Lol! You're welcome to borrow him - sadly despite moments of brilliance I have a nasty feeling that it was just fluke!!! Lol
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