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  1. Oops my bad. I was wrong it wasn't the same person on both accounts I must have scrolled down a bit too much. I have now edited my logs so that they don't point the finger. I should have sat back and had a cuppa or something before reacting As for the wind/weather moving them, one is an ammo box and the other is a tuppeware container and both of them are in locations that would not affect them due to wind etc Also that is a very fair comment about people not always logging a did not find (although they should!) In my descriptions, one did ask that it was hidden well but the other didn't but it does now. Thank you for your positive comments
  2. Tonight I have had somebody find my two caches that I have hidden (It was the same person who found both) He reported that one was out in the open and the other was exposed. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but if somebody has reported the caches as exposed it would normally suugest that it was the person who had found previously that had not made the effort to hide it properly. Unless of course it was muggled but then normally people woud recognise it as being muggled and if muggled they are normally scattered everywhere or stolen. In both of these cases, the previous person was also the same person for both and it suggests to me they just haven't bothered returning them correctly. I very nearly emailed that person directly but because I do not have 100% proof I have put a request to hide them better and have 'suggested' that it was the previous person that did this. I feel a bit guilty about doing it but if it wasn't them surely if they had found it exposed shouldn't they have reported it then hid it better? I think it really spoils the fun of geocaching if you can see the cache before you have even got there. What do you think? Was I right to have a go? Darren
  3. I received the standard automated email today to say that one of my Geocaches had been visited. The thing is that it was visited on the 16th so it has taken 8 days for me to receive the email. I have been receiving emails consistently at this address so I am certain it is not a problem with my email account. Has anybody else had this happen to them? Is there a problem on the Geocaching.com site? Darren.
  4. I bought a combination padlock not so long ago that has a small sliding door on it. One combination opens the padlock and a different combination opens the door. Its primary use is to keep spare keys in for if you lock yourself out or need to leave keys for workmen but I thought it would be good to use as either a micro cache or put a piece of paper in with co-ordinates to another location. then all I need to do is give the combination to the door and not the main padlock so people can get the log book/co-ordinates but not remove the padlock. Another good thing is that most people would think it was just a padlock and wouldn't even notice the secret compartment so would leave it alone. (It could be put on a a chain around a post and people might just think it was a padlock and chain that isn't in use.
  5. I simply download the waypoints from geocacheuk (mmc with descriptions if I recall) and import them into memory map. Then export them to my PDA. I wanted to use lordelphs icons but it seemed too complex for me. Does anyone know of any simple instructions for installing them please. Darren
  6. Also don't eat blackberries that have been picked from below waist height!!
  7. Please give me your thoughts on the following: I was thinking of an original way to hide a cache and I thought about attaching a Sonic Keyfinder to the cache. This means the co-ordinates would get the cacher close to the cache and then they whistle and follow the beeps to the cache location. I know I will have to keep the keyfinder dry (I wonder how well it would work from inside the cache container) and also make sure the batteries are replaced when needed. Has anybody ever tried doing this and if so did you find it was feasible. Many thanks for any feedback. D_Skids
  8. I personally think this is outrageous and his attitude absolutely stinks. I don't know who he thinks he is and why he should decide on who does what but I think he needs to be careful who he bumps into when he is out caching. Hopefully if he is such a keen cacher he will be reading this as I am sure there will be plenty of people posting what they think of him. Happy reading cachepolice be prepared to have your massive ego completely destroyed. D_Skids
  9. Yes I blame those sandals for all your problems. Oops LOL. They do get under your feet though! Looks like I need to go back to School
  10. Is it just me or do you think the school holidays do cause an impact on 'Muggling' I had a microcache (don't hate me!) hidden under a park bench that had been there for months and had lots of visits but within the last few days it went missing. I replaced it but unfortunately it went missing again within a couple of days. (Although I was certain nobody saw me place it) Like I said I think it is probably bored scholl kids!
  11. A Muggle is a member of the public who probably isn't aware of Geocaching. They should be avoided at all costs! It is taken from the Harry Potter books
  12. I wouldn't want to be nearby when they are doing that Archery as it appears to be flat on the floor. I think the radioactive duck would want to be out of the way too
  13. Try http://www.emagnetsuk.com/ I have used powermagnet store in the past (http://www.powermagnetstore.co.uk/) who were very reasonably priced and have a good range but they seem to be down at the moment. I dropped a magnet inside my micro cache (film container) and it is strong enough to work through the container.
  14. Many thanks I was going into google maps rather than clicking on the marker in the front screen, if that makes sense.
  15. I personally think the Google Maps option is a great thing to have. Unfortunately I must be really dumb because I don't know how to get into it from within GC.com. (I used the link to look at it in this instance) I can go to a cache and then look at Google maps but that only show the cache that I am looking at. Could somebody enlighten me please. Many Thanks Darren.
  16. Thats what I thought. In response to John Stead who asked how do you find this out for what is taken and left, the only way I know is to look at the logs and see what people have said they have taken and left
  17. Hi. I got the following email through Geocaching.com the other day (I have left the persons name out for confidentiality) hi, sorry im new to all this, found my first cache today with someone who is signed up and he said that you can find out what people leave and take from the cache, and you can view this on this site, so i was just wondering how you find this out??? Very sorry to bother you Thanks Maybe I am being far too paranoid but surely somebody who has signed up to geocaching.com would know how to see what has been taken and left and I am more concerned that they have contacted me (why me? ). I have responded to this person (through geocaching) but have said that I am a bit dubious although I answered their question. So far they have not replied back to me which I thought was a bit impolite after helping them out (although they could be on holiday I guess). Anyway has anybody else been contacted in this way? As I am wondering if it is somebody phishing for email addresses. (I held back my email address when replying) Many Thanks Darren (D_Skids)
  18. This could get very bad if he doesn't sort it out. As you said it is a discussion link and the second url is the option to send an email to everyone on the list. Obviously some people have not read it properly before placing orders. Lets hope somebody doesn't get wind of this and use it for more dubious purposes before he sorts it out.
  19. Hi. What is the url that needs to be put into POI Edit please. I have tried the link you posted but it doesn't like it. Many Thanks Skids
  20. Hi. They were stapled to a card but it was just a blank brown card. Its not a problem now though. Does the numbering seem right as per my original post as it seems weird that one of them doesn't have the 3 digit number on the front. PS They are top quality coins and I don't want to put them in a geocache now
  21. Thanks Rutson and WalkerGeoff. I didn't get a card with my Geocoins hence the confusion.
  22. Hi. I have just received my Geocoins, (Thanks SlitherynAlex ) but now I am confused about how I activate them? Apologies if this is a dumb question! Also one coin has a 3 digit number followed by a 6 digit code and the other doesn't have the number in front is this OK. Many Thanks Darren (D_Skids)
  23. Thanks for the info Rutson. I was just a bit concerned because I did not get an invoice from PayPal. Regards Skids
  24. Starting tomorrow. It will take about three days to get them all out. - I haven't been on the forum for a while and had forgotten about the GeoCoins. I paid via PayPal but don't recall getting any further information. Is it possible to look into it for me please D_Skids
  25. Where can you get Anquet for £30 please as I always thought it was at least £100? Many Thanks
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