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  1. Thats why I am stuck here I took the time and effort to find out it had been destroyed. So I found out that it is destroyed. And I I take the next step it is filling out the data sheet at NGS or sending emails with Pics attached to the woman at NGS. Perhaps this is an issue for ground speak itself and how they are going to handle or not handle. Finding the two other BM,s today was easy. Was at a cache close to a summit where I figured there had to be at least one. Got 2 Thanks for your reply
  2. I have two marks PE1899 and PE0304 that I can confirm as destroyed by historical,verbal and observation. How should I mark them. Ego says mark and found and then destroyed but I did not find the marker because they no longer there.. NGS has 1899 as destroyed but 0304 as recovered in 86. How do you think I should Mark them
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