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  1. What does it mean when a BM is monumented?
  2. You would have to be real good to fake the screen shots. The interesting thing is the ability to customize waypoint markers. My gps has about 16. I was playing with screenshots last night and can produce a screen shot of anything on the GPS window. mini topos, mini street etc. I agree with the photo being the best I carry a digital camera while out and about
  3. Well I went back to day and found the other marker west of the rod. Then decided to follow old trail leading out on W direction. Trail disappeared in huge windfall of Pines. So what did I do kept heading west over under around etc. wanted to find trail again and possible Orange Blaze. Did not find trail but When I poped my head out onto the road I noticed an orange ribbon attached to steel post coverd over by saplings. AND they say this isn't fun. updates toPE1836
  4. Just downloaded xImage and tried it out today. Allows custom waypoints if you know how to do graphic editing and allows you to download screenshot of several garmin units. can see my example atscreen shot using xImage. Im not sure if it is useful of not
  5. I just found out about xImage lets you get screenshots off Garmin GPS units. Took regular photos and then later downloaded the screen shot of when I saved it.PE1836 Log Have a look.
  6. returned 8/6/2004 found the disk west of the rod. Only found one disk. So much for descriptions
  7. Im going back tomorrow. 1902 says NE of station 1934 says tower N of station. Im going to try a different approach. Noticed fm sattilite maps there is a trail I missed before reaching CGLight. Goes from road west of pin straight in. Perhaps I will get lucky Will post tomorrow
  8. I have the 76cs and love it. Detailing in map much easier to read the black and white. I have a 76 also but the cs is in my mind far superior with the color. I use mine for road geo and benchmarking. Got my on line from GPS store. I phoned in the order and spoke wiht the guy there very helpful and the price was much lower then anything I could find nearby. Including Bass Pro (never had in stock) cabelas in catalog not in stock. I have the Mapsource geo and Streets for downloading of maps to the unit. Geo to large scale and I use expertgps when I want good topo. So far imoressed with the streets maps. Good Luck
  9. Please look a my log for PE1836. Do you have any suggestions,critiques or comments that might help me as I continue
  10. sorry about this one trying to figure out how quote works
  11. I have run out of geocaches I think interesting enough up here in maine while on vacation. Noticed benchmark forum page and said I have see alot while hiking Acadia National Park so I have been recovering BM's for the last week or so. It is very enjoyable and a little more challanging. As a newbie I have posted a number of questions and gotten good solid answers sofar. I some one has the time could you look at my posting for PE1836. Comments reccomendations and critques very welcome. Sent Deb an email and she has told me to log it. Notice 1902 which I found vs 1934 discription which I am going back for tomorrow
  12. I found it. Because of road widening and improvements description is wrong. Thanks for the suggestions
  13. I have found a bench mark that is bearly readable and I can not photograph the stamps. Have you ever cleaned a BM and if so what do you use. Im thinking soft brass brush and a little Brasso to clear off the years of dirt and crud.
  14. thank you all for the helpful responces My gut was correct. Have asked to neighbors today if they have seen it no luck. On to the other ones now. Thanks again.
  15. I live on the point where PE0297 is supposed to be and use ExpertGPS as my mapping program and waypoint manager. If you know of a better program please let me know. Anyway on wiht my problem The geocache says the station is alsmost in front of CGStation. N44 15.567 W068 18.767 The physical description say approx 200 yards north. My home is approx 637ft north (using map program and a bearing of 0degrees) I have also walked it using compass. My home is a two story house. There are also 2 other homes NNW and NW of me right on the water and approx 200 yards magnetic N of CG station. The intersection of Clarmont and Clark point Road is approx 120 yards bearing 262 from the SE corner of my home. Home coord from SE corner are N44 16.636 W068 18.824. Home is show on digital topos and printed topos. The homes on water are also shown. My gut says throw the Data sheet's GPS location out , wonder about the 33ft north of Claremont and Clark and start wiht the homes on the water. after all it is a tidal station. I am going to be working on this later this afternoon and tomorrow if need be. Some specific questions How does one use the scaled and adjusted values. I just put in what I thought were the adjusted coord and it places the tidal station in the middle of the harbor east of the CG station. On Data sheet is North True north or Magnetic and how do you account for mag variations shifts. What bearings does one use for NNW NW NE SSW SW SE. I have usually used a 45degree rule. Thank you in advance for helping a bench marking Newbie
  16. Your correct. I found I was leaving toy cars, super balls, batteries and taking very little in exchange. Today I came across some Native American animal Spirit stones and picked up a bunch of them. They come signed on the stone and there is a card that goes along with them explaning the spirit. I am going to use them "when the spirit moves me". Today I placed a chikadee in a perfect cache setting. It just seem right. Of the caches I have found most of the stuff does seem like stuff nobody really wanted.
  17. Another great Idea thank You. I have a BM in area that I have found will follow your suggestion. Thank You again
  18. Could you guys take a look at my log for PE0297 sorry dont know how to hyper link yet Following this thread through you have brought uo some great points for a newbie. regarding accuacy of coord. I think that the coordinates could be off that 600 feet some one mentioned . Cause where coor says it is in on town warf road. The next steet west is claremont. Could some one take a look a perhaps give an opionion. Would apperciate it
  19. you should have a seperate stat for BM found. All geo logs at this time is found BM not notes or destroyed.
  20. you logge stuff fairly fast. give tha system time to catch up and dont forget to clear you computers cache.. of webpages and do a refresh. I have had it take several hours to log correctly. Learned the hard way im new to this too. There is no canceling out of BM. Those found are found. If you have destroyed ones you are logging you might want to send Deb at NGS a loc and pic. Check pinned topic on top of board
  21. I found a Brase disk that looks very similar to NGS in size. It was drilled and inserted into granite slab. Slab was part of a small bridge in Acadia NAtional Park garden. Asked park ranger they did not have a clue. The only marks on the disk were the rasied letters BM. Does anyone know if this could be a BM. I have a picture but im new to this a cannot see any way to download it from here into the postings
  22. I found a Brase disk that looks very similar to NGS in size. It was drilled and inserted into granite slab. Slab was part of a small bridge in Acadia NAtional Park garden. Asked park ranger they did not have a clue. The only marks on the disk were the rasied letters BM. Does anyone know if this could be a BM. I have a picture but im new to this a cannot see any way to download it from here into the postings. Im going to post this on the board also but this looked to be the best thread.
  23. Its more interesting then some of the junk I have seen being placed in some caches. But that is a whole other topic. Yea I would consider taking it.
  24. Been using terraserver for 4-5 years. Started using it for scouting purposes while Hunting. I use expert GPS as a waypoint manager and for getting topo and satillite pictures of all new areas that I am exploring. Expert GPS is the best program that I have found. If doing caches or BM you can down load the complete waypoints from the server to a .loc file on your desktop and then open them up in Expert. Saves a ton of time. All topos are first downloaded from web and then saved on computer. They give a 30 day trial it is really usefull in this geo sport of ours. I just finished downloading all the BM's in my zipcode and have them all mapped and ready to download on my GPS. I use the satillites pics for overview and building recon.
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