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  1. I considered donning a fireproof suit for this one, but decided it's not that sort of post…


    Why do people obsess over getting an FTF (e.g. Driving 100s of miles in the pouring rain at 3 in the morning just to get FTF)???


    Note: I'm in no way suggesting people shouldn't, don't have the right to or anything of the sort. I'm just puzzled on the hysteria of finding a piece of Tupperware first?


    Most convincing answer wins an advance warning on our next cache ;) (only kidding)


    Any one know who was FTF on Longdean Hyde

  2. TPTB know about simpletons like this but they are not "Log Police". It is up to individual cache owners to either delete the logs of ignore them.


    At the end of the day prats like this don't actually do any harm to anyone else. Let them play their silly games and ignore them is my advice.



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