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  1. Set off with an open mind, spent 7 pounds, had 6 hours of fun. Feel sure that most could not do better. if this young man does this again he can count me in.
  2. • Opinion – Ailbags is the best • Fact – Ailbags hits 1000 • Joke – she still looks 21 • Argument – she lost to us yestoday Well done From Kev
  3. More of this http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2f-c84ec87829e2
  4. Any use http://www.csulb.edu/depts/geography/gps/w...files/frame.htm
  5. Yes save using POI file, 1 file, 1 update, 1 delete , so easy, PM me if you need any help and if needs be i will give you my phone number and we can work it. kev
  6. same here it's ace loaded mine with all the uk sites
  7. came across a coin with a fox on it a few weeks ago and forgot to bookmark the site, any ideas?
  8. Got some from:- http://www.usageocoins.com/index.htm Very fast, within 7 days Cost less that £10 for 10 small inclueing PP
  9. don't go you may be able to find your way back LOL
  10. Congratulations, but its down hill from now, 100 this year, 300 next??
  11. Its me how I am claiming it with five SP caches
  12. Any one know who was FTF on Longdean Hyde
  13. Congratulations now do some house work, Kev
  14. Congratulations Bassgee, its started now. 100 before the end of year.
  15. POIEDIT software will allow you to convert from Tom Tom format to the I3 format. http://www.poiedit.com/
  16. The same person has logged one of my caches and i need to do more x words too
  17. Any newbies in the Medway area are welcome to contact me at kevinmatkins@hotmail.com
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