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  1. Good luck Deceangi and thank for stepping in.
  2. Did not get a thread opened for me at 100, 200, or 250 by i'm not unhappy. You bet i am
  3. Congratulations on wasting time on this thread, this now includes me. PS it’s a game
  4. Well done Alison, Good luck with the next 100. next week i think, 4 weeks for the next 000
  5. Found 258, hidden 24, so I think that’s about a 9% ratio.
  6. A late find but still its 300, well done and thanks for choosing one of mine. Kev
  7. It’s a free service, therefore people are free to decide to pay on not, I choose too, I also choose not to rant about everything.
  8. Try http://www.poiedit.com/ works for me
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