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  1. Just letting attendees know that several cachers (well, three that I know of) have booked the night of Friday the 22nd of June at the Harris Hotel in Tarbert, where the ferries to and from Ullapool and Uig on Skye land. It'd be nice to have a post-event drink in the bar there (if the weather was too rough to get to St Kilda on Friday, it might be a pre-event drink) with any other cachers who might be about on the island. :sad:

    First round is on me, so don't be late.......
  2. HI,


    Would you like another calendar this year? You bet, two this year


    Would you pay £6.00 for one if I took £2.00 for producing them and posting them out and gave £4.00 from each calendar to the charities? Yes again


    Do you think we could sell that many? (I sold 84 last year) or do you think we are aiming too high?

    I don't want to make the calendars then have to throw them away. If you sold that many last year i'm sure you would sell more this year

    Would it be a good idea to pre-book the calendars? Yes again

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