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  1. "22nd-Friday (weather willing) starts early at Leverburgh, boat ride, St Kilda, boat ride, and up to Tarbert to the Harris Hotel bar for drinks, a bath and bed." Don't forget first round on me.........
  2. Again I see the other posts, but I would be willing to place them in the UK
  3. It is the geocaher on board, and has been over two weeks now, ?????????
  4. Hi, Count me in please, I will need to find a kiddy toy phone but that will not be a issue as I’m a big kid a heart. kev Hot News Just got 2 x Dummy Mobile Phones. Benq S700 & NEC 411i Off e-bay
  5. hi, can anybody help with the actication codes for Goudacat coins many thanks
  6. I have just activated this the coin and discovered it doesn't appear to have a unique icon. In the description it does have its own icon. I see that the coin is newly released, maybe there is some glitch in the system?
  7. HI, Would you like another calendar this year? You bet, two this year Would you pay £6.00 for one if I took £2.00 for producing them and posting them out and gave £4.00 from each calendar to the charities? Yes again Do you think we could sell that many? (I sold 84 last year) or do you think we are aiming too high? I don't want to make the calendars then have to throw them away. If you sold that many last year i'm sure you would sell more this year Would it be a good idea to pre-book the calendars? Yes again
  8. Thinking of doing this, if any body would like to car share from kent or northampton areas please e-mail me.
  9. Received my set in the the UK Beautyful coins. Thanks for the extra
  10. Roy, What can i say but a big Well done Kev
  11. Does anyone know if GeocacheUK! Works with the 7 dights?
  12. Merry Christmas and happy caching to all!!!!!!!!!
  13. I would be more than happy is someone replace or repaired one of my caches if it needed some TLC, but a e-mail to follow would be nice
  14. Ps you may like to take a look at http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...p;rd=1&rd=1
  15. http://coincodes.com/activations/Yorkshire/yorkshire.php Will get to your code
  16. Got mine today too. I must say what an excellent job, it made my day, thanks for all your hard work you must have put in to this project Mandy. Ps Please put me down for next years one.
  17. What a great idea Please put me down for one, address sent
  18. happy to help - now or next time! Regards Silver Fox (uk)
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