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  1. Sorry, should have said i get "We were unable to locate your tracking number."
  2. I'm trying to activate my Earth Coin at http://www.coincodes.com/activations/Earth/earth.php with no luck, i have e-mailed socalgeocoins but no reply, any ideas??? kev
  3. off to the Peak District tomorrow, any idea on the best caches, i'm staying at matlock bath and have a car. kev
  4. Hi, I have one to sell, E-mail me if you still need one. Kev
  5. Please read logs !!!!!!!!Kit's Coty
  6. looks like Crag & Tail is out of action :-(
  7. Off to Edinburgh tomorrow and therefore needs help with a few good caches, I'm staying at the Hilton Grosvenor hotel which I understand is very close to Haymarket Station, I have a muggle with me so need to do some sightseeing as well. Therefore a walk to Castle would be great any ideas. Many thanks Kevin
  8. My 3p worth, I have hidden more than 70 caches and am happy that people go out to find them that is indeed reward enough for me, it is entirely up to the finder whether they want to add a one word log or more
  9. I'm trying to get an activation code for a "Not ANother Micro". i have tryed OakCoins but no luck, is there another way to get this code Ps it is a trackable coin and checked i'm typing in the corrrect data
  10. i'm a nerd in the UK, but a bit on the late side :-(
  11. Looking for the activation code for a Quadrant Geocoin????? many thanks kev
  12. Mission: Operation Chocoate- 1). ChocoEmail Sent - Yes 2). ChocoName Received - Yes Chocolate and Coin hit the post office today 4:15pm. 3). ChocoMission Sent - 4). ChocoMission not yet
  13. Hi Ginger, i live in Gillingham. Always happy to talk about geocaching over a pint!
  14. 1 .Barat the Drakensberg mountain range 2.Chubasco Pacific coast of Central America 3.Diablo 4.Levanter 5.Shamal 6. Willy-willy 7.Sundowner 8.Leste
  15. Hi, I need to find out where to get the activation code for 2007 Australia Polished Gold Tone Geocoin many thanks kev
  16. I have two for the book mark GC11QZD Fox's Covert Trail and Fox's Trail GCYF75. Kev
  17. I'm will be able to help in a few weeks, please let me know if you don't get a beterr offer Kev
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