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  1. Looking forward to receiving the package! I was atually wondering if 'next week' meant this week or, uh, next week...

    And of course I wouldn't mind a few pictures of the latest coin swaps!




    sorry for the delay in updating you all, package safe and sound in the UK, bit tried up with work last week, will be able to ship next week without fail




    package on the way

  2. Here is the list of participants. I have not put the order together yet, but I will once all 10 have signed up.




    manu luq

    MoonCat & KDT


    Team kizb




    Oh my god, I'm really getting old: fisch03 is my son and we just registered him with his own account. I didn't know that he was still logged into Geocaching when I wanted to send you a second mail that I want to participate :huh:

    I hope it is not a big trouble to take him of the list again?


    I would be very interested in taking part from the UK

  3. The reason for turning mobile phones off is so the signals they give out don't interfere with the nav systems. Fair enough. But they still ask you to turn off all Music Players, Handheld Games Consoles and anything electronic for taxi, take off and landing: there's no real reason, just over cautious Health and Safety folk I guess. GPS signals are always floating past you, no matter where you are, and the plane will be using them anyway, so a GPS device won't interfere with anything, as it doesn't send out any signals.



    The reason they have you turn off your Music Players, Handheld Games Consoles is so that you pay attention to the take-off and landing. These are the two most dangerous times during the flight and if anything were to happen they need to make sure everyone can hear the announcements.

  4. Hi


    I staying in Ottawa next week for some caching :rolleyes: and work :( and looking for some help

    I have a hotel booked in Terry Fox Drive, Kahata and need to get a train to Toronto, is it possible by train or do I need a bus, what are the routes?, I could stay near the airport as I have a car to drop off is that is better for my trip to the train sta and them on to Toronto.


    Many thanks for any help

  5. Judging by your reaction and the name-calling I think I understand why they have used a sock.....I may be wrong but your OP doesn't paint you in a great light


    Guess i was just upset that this was done by a sock and also they not have any hides to their name ( not the sock).


    Took it to heart, its only a game,



  6. One of my caches had been off line for five months ( bad form i know ) but a needs maintenances note was placed on the page by the school prefect, so I checked up on the cacher only to find the cacher in question had no finds, no hides……..


    No e-mail was sent to me asking why it had been offline so long, just the note.


    Do we have a new reviewer or a vigilante, or just a school bulley?

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