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    Lost all my work...

    you can use single quotes " Go to 'Y' " or escape it : Go to\"Y\"
  2. Thanks you very much for this cool tutorial. I just made a geocache GC19PBK using your tutorial as a model. I gave you credit on the cache page. Hope it's ok with you. cl
  3. I was working on a cartridge to go to places to get clues for Nnn nn.ABC Wmmm.mmXYZ I labeled a media image: Go to "Y" and others: Go to A, B, C, X, Y, etc. After saving the cartridge I tried to Publish to my machine and got the error: ...\filename.enc:24:attempt to call global "Y" (a nill value) I went to File/Close cartridge... and lost all my work! The file/cartridge would not open again. I started a new one and in one media image I use again: Go to "Y" in the Description. I run into the same problem. I removed the " " and it worked fine. I guess even in Descriptions quotes calls for variables or global variable. Any comments will be appreciated... update:============================================ I opened the .lua file in Wordpad and removed the "" Saved it and now I can open the cartridge again and got my work back... =================================================
  4. I just heard that is being formed. Stay tuned.
  5. My IN/OUT zoom feature don't work. It's been occuring on and off but now is not working at all. Autozoom works and all other functions work fine. Upgrade to v.4.00 just in case but it didn't help. Seem like a mechanical dirty switches- but both of them? Any ideas what to do? Can I clean the contacts? Thanks. CLRL
  6. Seem confusing and that anything on earth can be logged. Locationless were odd and interesting places to search for. Waymarking would list all "bars", all "Mcdonalds", etc. It's not much interesting to me. I could log hundreds of places just around my city. What's the point? I would remove general locations, such as "fire stations", from Locationless and move them to Waymarking but keep Locationless to log odd and interesting places to search while doing regular geocaching. CLRL
  7. Thanks, it worked fine with v. 3.4. Just upgraded to 3.6 and still works.
  8. Hi: I follow the directions and copied the topo maps to my City Select version and then transfer all to my 60 CS. In MapSource I can switch from Topo to City but how do I switch from one map to the other in the GPS unit? I know I can't have both at the same time but i would like to switch from one to the other in the field. Thanks - hope you have a solution. CLRL
  9. I got a ViewSonic Pocket PC last Xmas. I never used it much until I decided to use it for geocaching. It has a camera that works fine in sunlight and indors (see my pixs of event). I download every Wed. the queries and then export a HTML file from GSAK. I then copy the html file into my Pocket PC. I have two location and it handles 180 caches fine. I carry an extra battery just in case. I agree that a hard cover is nice to have. Happy caching... CLRL
  10. I'm just starting in Geocaching. I have an old Magellan NAV 6000 that has a large window. Any comments on this unit? I got it to communicate with my laptop and I can add/remove waypoints, etc. But, when saving it uses .msc files. I notice that the website uses .loc and .gpx files. How can I convert my .msc files to the others? clrl
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