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  1. A "Physical" zoom, where the lens moves and brings the picture in closer or further away. Some also have a "Digital" zoom, where the camera will take the picture and change the image sensitivity to simulate the picture coming in closer. Some camera have both


    While we have a camera, were I to buy another one given what I know about using one already, these are some of the features I'd seek:


    * Get one that can handle close-ups well. Many can only take photos from 4 feet or further. That's good in many cases, but when you try to get a picture of that TB up close, it'll blur.


    * small in size.


    * water resistant if possible


    * megapixels are only important if you want to end up printing the pictures. If it is something you'll only use for online purposes, this is an unnecessary feature that will just add to expense.


    There was some discussion about making sure the software could convert to .jpg, .tiff, etc. That is also another feature that needn't come with the actual camera. We don't use our camera's editing program. We have Paint Shop, and use that. It does everything the camera software never dreamed of doing!

  2. hile these are all nice things, they are getting into the ettiquite zone. Also, a code of ethic should be short. I'd say 6-8 statements would be good and with an aboslute max of 10.


    I can actually see two purposes developing from these guidelines.


    One should be to educate newcomers to the hobby, and those rules should really be linked from the homepage as guidelines. That should include the trading etiquette, pen replacement, logging guidelines, etc.


    The other one, about protecting the property --- while it also would be great (necessary) to put online, THAT is the one I'd reserve for sharing with land-owners. I wouldn't confuse them with all the etiquette of logging a find. I'd suggest in that final PDF version to keep it related to how this will/won't impact their land. I can visualize it with a picture of the geocaching.com logo and maybe some prisitne land? The CITO will definitely be a plus to add.


    Both are excellent discussions, and I can see them originating from the same webpage, but really each has a different audience in the end.


    I would have LOVED to have the one for property owners while obtaining permission for my cache sites. I think these are really terrific, and really speak favorably about geocaching etiquette. It is also a good reminder for newcomers as to how to tread lightly.


    About the "I will" statement. I'm not sure I am crazy about repeating the "I will" over and over, as it sounds chant-like. If you have to put the "I will" statement in there, could we perhaps put it once, and then put bulleted items below for easier reading?




    I will:


    * trade trinkets cache items fairly or not trade at all ("{Trade even or trade up")


    * make minor cache repair when appropriate.


    * return trinkets cache items back to their baggies containers when included.

    return the pen and logbook back to the bag when included.


    * re-seal the container properly.


    * not claim a find on a cache I did not, in fact, find. I will log "found" only to caches I find, and then only once, and will log "did not find" for caches I failed to find after a fair searh


    * be considerate and civil in any log or coorspondence with a cache owner or finder.


    * provide the appropriate feedback to the cache owner, approvers, and other cachers.


    I think these will be really important guidelines in the end, and the website format keeps them fluid, so as future concerns arise, they can be easily updated. I like this idea a lot.

  3. Just posted a rough draft of the Code with the inclusion of some the fine examples of above.


    I just love the summary of the code of ethics. I'd LOVE to see someone with some computer savvy put that into a brochure that we can download for land-owners. I can see that as making geocaching seen in a very positive light, and will also help guide geocachers to appropriate ethics.

  4. I laminated the cards, punched a hole in the corner, added a tag and my scarab pendant. I'm numbering each tag, and outting it all in a ziploc snack baggie.




    I just placed my first one in a cache today. :(


    Not that this is major news or anything...heh...I was just pretty thrilled over it all. (I know...I need a life :( )

    Wow! That is an amazing sig item. I'd race to it! Especially for the pendant attached. VERY cool!


    "Race you guys to the cache!"

  5. Is your cache already approved and online? Can you post the cache page link so we can check the HTML code on the page source?


    It was just approved, but guess what?! The directions you gave me worked!


    Apparently either:


    1) it took a few minutes before the HTML kicked in, as now the picture is viewing



    2) I had to get off of the "view page now" link from the editing page and just re-enter the site from scratch.


    It looks great! I think I have to reduce the size of my picture, lol. Thank you!!


    Here it is. Many thanks for your patience with me and getting this to work. What a thrill when a challenge is successfully overcome!

  6. Anyway, at least on my TB page the <br><br> tags seem to work dividing the text into paragraphs


    Yippeeee! Thank you, thank you! The <br> tag didn't work for me, but when I tried the <p> tag, it worked! Much better, and it looks less cluttery this way. Thank you!


    One problem solved! :P

  7. The bolded URL on your post is not a URL for any picture. It should be ending with .jpg

    Okay, thank you. I found what you directed me to...I put that in....now no x-box or any indication that I've added it. I am clearly not doing something right. :D


    Do I have to write <.HTML> and <./HTML> (dots excluded) in the beginning and end of both the short descriptor box as well as the long description box?


    I have my HTML books here, and still feel very inadequate. :P

  8. When editing your cache page, make sure you've checked the The descriptions below are in HTML checkbox above the short description field.


    Thank you....I had done that, but the image still displayed as the x-box when I viewed it. Did I write the description of the photo wrong? Am I supposed to type in the webpage where the URL is displayed here on geocaching.com?

  9. Sorry...I seem to have a thousand questions today.


    I am not understanding the directions a reviewer gave me to resubmit my cache after making some corrections. He said:


    When you are ready to have the cache page reviewed again, type a note for me in a reviewer note and then click on the enable link just under the cache name to place the page back onto the review queue.


    What does he mean by type a note in a "reviewer note," please? Does that mean just type a note on the cache page (like I would if I were logging a visit) so it shows at the bottom? Or is there a more specific process for this that makes it go back in queue as a "reviewer note."


    Sorry, newbie here. :P

  10. I want to get spaces between paragraphs on my TB pages, but all text is automatically blocked together into one paragraph, regardless of how I type it out.


    Can HTML or another method be used to fix this problem? I noticed when I went in to edit already existing TB's of mine that there doesn't seem to be an option to choose a HTML format.

  11. I hope there are some web designers out there to help me.


    I am just learning HTML, and I want a picture to automatically display on my cache page (without having to click on the camera icon). (Not a background, but an acual small picture).,


    I used the following code to try and insert the picture:

    <IMG SRC = "http://www.geocaching.com/seek/logaspx?LUID=6304cb19-33a1-4dcd-b64f-a1abe87ddf81 ">


    (The bolded print is the URL on geocaching.com where I uploaded the picture).


    It ended up being the dreaded square with an "x" in the middle when I tried it out to see if it would display. What am I used to use as an attribute to describe the image so that it will show, please? How do I accomplish a photo automatically displaying?

  12. I have a question...I'm in the process of having a cache reviewed, and the reviewer mentioned that there are no nails allowed in trees. :P I can't find this anywhere in the rules, can someone direct me to that, please? This was just a dead snag.

  13. Somebody's Worthless Awful Garbage




    Thanks, everyone. I can't believe I've gone 40 years without having heard the term "swag" ...until geocaching. I guess this is the only time I ever got to loot pirate bootie!

  14. How cool! What would you suggest if we were going to send to Sissy to make one of those stamper jobbies LSUFan has?


    Uhmmm...I'm honestly not sure what would be needed to make it into a stamp.


    We have a small, family-owned stationary store in town. I've taken several things to them and they can make a rubber stamp out of it for approx. $20, depending on the size. I'd bring in a clear picture of it, and be sure to tell them if you want the same size or not. Try increasing/decreasing on a copy machine if you don't feel comfy doing it on a computer.


    I've done everything from pre-printed picutures I've drawn to text I've hand-written that I didn't want to stamp over-and-over (for tags on crafts I made).


    You may want to check to see if you have a similar store near you. If not...check out stores like Staples or Office Depot to see if they offer something similar or can make a referral to a local business that does this.

  15. Revenge is sweet - we'll see what you say after you get to our neck of the woods and attempt our cache Shades of the Rainbow....


    ROFL! :blink: Oh, I am sure you are right about that!!! I have to put that on our "to do" list now! (Note to self: also add one of their easy ones for back-up!).


    I'm relieved to hear Katydid had fun looking for it despite the DNF....She was part of the reason I was feeling guilt! I wanted you to FIND it! I was personally surprised that it was so tough to find....but then, when you *know* where something is hidden, you don't have the experience of trying to find it to see how difficult it might be. I've since adjusted that darned difficulty rating...lesson learned! :blink:


    P.S. Thanks for trying our cache!

  16. Can you post a link to the cache? I'm just curious to see it. I'm in Iowa, so I won't be hunting for it. I just wanted to see people are posting about it.


    Absolutely. Here it is:

    Grizzly Grave


    The funny thing is...this is practically a drive-by cache, but it is the puzzle part that is keeping people there hours. Good thing it is a pretty cemetery, I guess. :P

  17. A high number just means we cache frequently...it doesn't mean we're any good at it!!


    You couldn't have been more right about this. The FTF's were cachers with 65 and 75 finds. The gentleman with the record-breaking number of finds went back and tried again and still didn't find it (I feel bad!). I guess everyone has a different "finding" style.


    Still, I have a very healthy respect for anyone with 1,900 finds. That is some caching history! No doubt they know things about caching I haven't even considered yet! I'm still a newbie as far as numbers go. I haven't even hit 50 finds yet. I'll get there, though!

  18. In my opinion it seems as though these really hard caches lead to ALOT of information sharing. Initially you'll have quite a few DNFs, but after the first 2-3 people find it almost EVERYONE finds it. That's no coincidence!


    I know what you mean...and in the online log they started discussing one of the hints they discovered and that makes it easier for future geocachers. I had actually had a fleeting momemt when I considered deleting the logs and asking them to rephrase them, but then I thought -- no, my fault -- I should have been more explicit in the directions not to discuss such things in the log. Next time I'll know better.


    Anyway, somehow I feel more relief that it isn't an impossible find. It isn't a microcache, but a small one that looks like thisSo I hope I'm not being *too* evil.

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