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  1. How about if the travel bug is something which could fit in a normal envelope? That way the costs are minimal, a dollar at most.


    Our mailable bug worked much like this. It is a laminated postcard made of stock (card thickness) paper, with the TB tag inside the lamination. It fits into a standard letter-sized envelope very comfortably.


    Here is a picture of the TB just before we released it:



    I wanted to give geocachers their choice of mailing it or placing it. I do know some cachers have written of living in remote places where they do not know other cachers than themselves, so there may be cachers who have no place to send it where anyone would know what to do with it.


    And it saves anyone from having to use their last stamp if they prefer not to mail it (stamps are still cheaper than gas, though, lol).

  2. IMHO there is nothing wrong with mailing a bug IF the owner says it's OK.


    I agree. I'd much rather someone mailed one of our TB's than sit on them for 2 months. A TB sponser finds joy in seeing them move.


    Cool idea. Where would you get addresses of people to send them to?


    If you're friendly online with other geocachers, you can ask them privately for a mailing address. If you know a cacher anywhere in the world, you can send it. Otherwise, plop it in the nearest cache and it'll be just as happy. :(

  3. Hi,


    I have participated on many forums and message boards, but never have seen one that locked threads before. So this is new to me. ;)


    What would consitute a reason for locking a thread, please? I've seen some locked here where I didn't really understand what resulted in the lock, and I'm sure I just don't know all the rules.



  4. Three weeks is an interminable time to wait. I'm about ready to stop hiding caches. More's the pity. Oh, well.


    Oh, no! Can you resubmit it? I've never had to wait more than 3 days. Maybe your approver is on vacation for the holidays with family? Or overwhelmed with more cache approvals than he can handle in a reasonable amount of time?


    I wonder if another approver can help out? What if you go under the "web questions" thread and ask about how to expedite it considering the amount of time that has passed?

  5. Fizzy he pointed the way toward the Pole

    "An ammo can awaits you, now here is your goal..."


    "Look under a rock, with sticks all about it

    And a small cammo'd log, when you find it don't shout it."


    A small Christmas treasure will await you inside

    Now run, FTF, it's a glorious hide!"


    The snow it was deep so my snowshoes I found

    And I wandered in circles with my aim northward bound....

  6. Santa got us 2 extra GPSr's today. We had one as a family, now there is one for each person. When I take my son out, his friend can use one, and we can now have our own 200 yard "dash to the cache." :rolleyes:Jeronimo!!!!


    My hubby got us a canoe! So now we can get those island caches, too! He said he wanted to hide the canoe in the woods and turn it into a geocache, hiding each paddle first, then the canoe as the final leg in our own little multicache. But he was afraid of theft!


    He also got us a new digital camera, as the one I always have used for geocaching was so well-loved it now has to be held together with scotch tape to work, lol.


    Santa was good to us this year.

  7. I put Bic Clicker-pencils in my cache so that they wouldn't be subject to freeze, and wouldn't need sharpening.


    Then someone visited the cache within the first couple weeks and said "the pen is NG." <_<


    I went back to check, and it just needed a click. Back to square one. I replaced it with an old-fashioned pencil and sharpener, lol.

  8. I did that for my dad last year. For added effect, I hid the ammo can under a bush in the desert and wrote the coordinates down in a Christmas card.


    Wow...! What a great idea.


    I also liked the idea of a big stockpile of AA batteries. That would be dream gift. Flashlights, mabye a couple TB tags, trail mix, and throw in the lodge tickets....and be sure to invite me. I could use some of that stuff, too!

  9. Wow...I'm reading all these ways to do the degree sign, and I've always done it differently: Hold down the ALT key and then hit 1447 on the numbers pad (easy for me to remember, as they're all on the left of the numbers pad and the 4 is a double-beef sandwich in the middle).

  10. Add me to the "Please no, unless it's part of a puzzle" list.




    Cracking up here! ;)


    This is actually part of a puzzle cache, but the music is not necessary to figuring it out. I think I'm going to think twice about doing it.


    Rats. <g>


    Thanks for the honest opinions.

  11. Interesting question. ANd just as interesting answers!


    I'm known as "Birdsong " amongst my circle of friends because I can identify about 300 species of North American birds by their songs and calls. It comes in handy when the Audubon Society is doing fund-raisers and bird-a-thons (like walk-a-thons, but trying to identify as many bird species as possible within a certain area within 24 hours).


    "Bud " is my son, because of 2 reasons, one of which I don't always share with folks, but here goes the confidential stuff out the window in the interest of geocaching, lol.


    1) (the easy one to divulge) He's my "best bud."


    2) I have a tattoo of a beautiful pansy blossom with a bud on top of my foot. I'm the pansy, he's the bud. We're attached by a strong stem, which represents the strength of my husband who is the cornerstone of our family.


    So there we are: Birdsong-n-Bud.

  12. Funny took my grandson out caching for the first time a couple of weeks ago and guess what he opened it up and grabbed the green army man. Alot of other cool toys but he had to have that man. So as the saying goes Fun is in the eye of the beholder.




    Totally agreed. We had a choice of good stuff in a cache, and my 8 year-old son wanted the Mardi Gras beads that y'all think are cache cloggers. Same with the McToys. If it weren't for the hope of finding those, this wouldn't be a family hobby for us, it'd be just a hobby for the grown-ups.


    One man's trash is a little kid's treasure <grin>.

  13. I hope this isn't a duplicate post. My previous post asking this seems not to have taken.


    How do I add a wav file to a cache page to make music play for effect when someone opens my cache page? HTML codes appreciated. And where do I upload the WAV file to, please?


    Thanks again for all the terrific support here.

  14. 2. Click "edit profile"  3. Edit the box for "forum title"


    Ah, thank you, Jeremy. That is the information I needed.


    Sorry I wasn't more clear. I wasn't quite sure how to explain what I needed. I must have visited that "edit page" 20 times, but never connected the words "Forum Title" with a caption that would show. :P Looking at my question...I am *still* not sure how I would have re-worded it, lol.


    All set now. Thanks to everyone for getting me there.

  15. You will find this information both on your edit profile details page, and on the forums gateway page.


    That is the way I enter the forums each day, through the Discuss Geocaching link. Do you mean there is something additional I need to do after I create the title of the Avatar to activate it?

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