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  1. Wow! That website was very clear and so perfectly organized! That answered so many questions for me, in addition to the one I posted! Thank you for your help with this. (Love that site! ....that'll keep me busy for awhile!)
  2. Wow, thank you everyone for the advice. I didn't realize it was a whole HTML thing going on. Okay, I'll have to switch gears too, with how I approach the body of my text to do that. Thanks for directing me to the other thread. I have bookmarked each of the recommendations there for HTML tutoring, and hopefully very soon it will result in a nifty picture on my page. Thank you!
  3. I was glad to be directed to this thread by our wonderful monitors here. I have a similar question. I'd like to add a photo (as opposed to a background) to my hidden cache page. Can anyone help me with the code for that? I want to achieve something similar to this effect...so the page shows when you enter the page: Wachusett Wilderness Redeemed Thank you for any help.
  4. Ummm....I'm feeling a little unsure about where to find that drop-down menu. I did find that picture feature earlier on my Travel Bug pages... but...... But on my actual hidden cache page, I can find the edit button but it doesn't show the picture I uploaded to the site? ::soft whimper:: I saw a cache called "Wachusett Wilderness Redeemed" that showed a picture right on the cache page. How in the devil did he do that? Here is his site: Wachusett Wilderness Redeemed
  5. ::blushing:: Thanks for the rescue! Lesson learned. I think I had itchy trigger finger and clicked the mouse before thinking. No more! Um, may I ask one more question? Is it possible for me to post a picture that shows up directly on my hidden cache page, without someone having to click on the camera icon to see it? Thanks so much for your assistance. Y'all have been really terrific in helping us get on our feet here. It is much appreciated! Lucky for you, we won't be newbies forever (and I have a pretty decent learning curve, so hopefully the same mistake won't get made twice, lol).
  6. I'm so mad at myself. I forgot to choose my state from the drop-down menu when I was activating a TB today, and so it only says the origin is the "United States." I tried to go back and edit it, but apparently that part can't be edited? Does anyone know if I blew it for good? Or can that be added in after the fact? I know when I pick up a TB it is neat to see from where it started its journey. *sigh* It serves me right for doing this in my excitement after an exhausting day at work. Thanks for letting me whine a little...I hope you can help.
  7. Thank you for your replies! If I may, I have another question related to retrieving TB's. When we pick up a toy at a cache, we try to leave something of at least equal value if not more. What about picking up TB's at a hotel? Should I leave as many as I take? Or if we know we are about to do 3 geocaching hikes, can I take 3 without leaving any? Is this a trade-for-trade type thing? We were afraid to take more than one if we were leaving more than one, as we felt greedy, lol. Thanks for helping out us newbies.
  8. I was reading some previous posts, and there was discussion about showing TB numbers in photos as people could cheat and lift the number (I agree, not good). But someone had made the comment that if you view geocacher's statistics, you'll see that many geocachers have more TB's logged than the number of geocaches visited, and that "that would be impossible to have a higher number of TB's than caches found." I got to thinking about it. As one to follow rules, it seems to me this actually would be possible. If I revisited the same cache I may have found on an earlier date, just for the purpose of moving a TB along quickly, I would add another TB note, but not another found cache log. Or visiting a TB hotel more than once....I wouldn't necessarily log it as found again but I would log retrieving or placing a TB. So I guess my question....from this newbie to you more experienced geocachers....Is it ethical to revisit an already-found cache for the sake of keeping TB's moving along? Am I misunderstanding the way the website logs TB's? Will it automatically say I found another cache if I don't click "Found it," but just write a note?
  9. In a couple (but not all) of TB pages, I see a map (says something like: "Track this Travel Bug on a Map") where there are lines following the path of the TB. How do I activate this on my TB page....or is it just a matter of it needing to accumulate so many miles before that feature shows? Thanks. We're having a great time with this!
  10. We are making our own Geocoins (painstakingly and lovingly making them one by one). While I won't need help on how to physically create them them, I need some advice on arranging what is on the coin so all the appropriate information is included. Also, is there a place here I can go to learn about the way to track them by number, or how we register them? And how we inform people that there is one waiting? I don't see a Geocoins page for registering like there is for -- say -- travel bugs. Thanks for any help in getting us on our feet with this.
  11. That is a very original idea! So did you get credit for the TB?? <grin> I wonder if he has his TB up online here to look at? Did you get his trail name?
  12. Thank you for your reply. I didn't realize you could "grab" one without going out and retrieving it on your own from the cache itself. That definitely does clarify. Thank you!
  13. Hi everyone....new geocachers here. We are interested in doing Travel Bugs, but am not sure about the difference between "Retrieving" one and "Grabbing" one. It doesn't explain the difference between these two terms well on the "How to use a Travel Bug" page: (www.gecocaching.com/track/howto.aspx) Can anyone clarify for me, please? Thanks much.
  14. This is such a silly question. I am really interested in the Travel Bugs and am just getting started. I know that some folks like to use a metal detector for Benchmarking, but is it considered alright to use one for Travel Bugging? Is it considered cheating? And do I really want to walk for 2 miles with a metal detector on me, too? Is it worth it? We'd like to start without one, but am curious about how often these tiny caches get buried under stacks of leaves in the fall, or growing ivy in the late spring. Thanks for your help, and I am really enjoying this well put-together website while we plan our first caching escapades and await our GPS/Travel Bug tags.
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