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  1. I can find the ammo cans on their site, but not the bulk quantity of the .30 cal cans....can you add a link to them, please?
  2. LOL! Oh, yes! I think you know me too well already! Very true, very true! I was VERY VERY relieved to find it had been found twice today. I was going to head out tonight after work to stick a $10 bill in it and a lottery ticket for luck, but now I've missed the FTF'rs to give them their prize. I was quite proud of them! I was beginning to get very worried about my coordinates, which I'd checked on 3 visits over 2 days. Thanks for the Rupert's Cache Difficulty Rating. I had actually originally used it to rate it, but being the hider I had subjectively thought it would be an easier find. Sooooo....I just redid the rating scale and it recommended a 3-star rating, which I just happened to change it to yesterday (coincidence!) . I guess I was just boggled that anyone would have *that* much trouble finding it given some of the mind-blowing camouflaged mini-containers developed here. (poop and pinecones...who'da thought?). Mine just had a sneaky spot, not any camo or anything creative in that way. Wimseyguy had a really clever idea. We may have to put one out in the spring dedicated to him, with his permission. I guess I do have a dark side I didn't know about, mwah ha ha. I do have some itty-bitty micro caches on the way, so the area cachers are in for some challenging finds <wide-mouthed grin>. Beware this innocent smile, lol.
  3. It was just approved this weekend so it is new, and 4 hard-core cachers came out looking for it (one emailed me but didn't post his DNF). I'm going to take your advice and let them see if they can locate it. I think I may be jumping the gun and assuming no one will find it because they are having some early troubles with it. I think my experience is much like yours.... I never expected this particular one to be so difficult. I gave it a one-star difficulty rating when it first went out! Funny how when you know the answer to something it seems SOOOO obvious...but when you're the figurer-outer, it isn't so blatent! I'd be real disappointed if I had to move the cache site. It is really protected and not impacted by weather...and oh-so well-hidden!
  4. Thanks so much for your reply. I definitely don't want to be the kind of cache hider where, when they see my name, they want to avoid it because it won't be found. I appreciate your help!
  5. Hi everyone, I just love reading the threads here about clever new ways to disguise a cache box or leg of a multi-cache. I find myself thinking of things in the middle of work when I suddenly get an idea I must try out there! Here is my dilemma. We have a new cache out, and I found the most AWESOME way to hide it (which I can't mention here in case local's find this post). I even had a hard time finding it again myself when I returned the next day to put a shortened pencil in the container. However, I am having mixed feelings. I've had 3 well-seasoned cachers (one with almost 2,000 finds so far) come to it this week, and not be able to locate it. At first they had trouble figuring out one of the hints (it's a Puzzle Cache), but now they're beyond that and they can't find the actual cache now that they have the coordinates. At first I was excited and thought --- YES! This is going to be a challenge! But I also don't want it to become the never-found cache, either. I increased the difficulty rating, I added more clues, I included a picture of the cache box....but I am hesitant to say something that really divulges its location. People seem to be getting to within 50-100 feet of it, but never find it. What's your feeling on this? Have I over-done it? Is this a negative? Do you think this will be too frustrating for cachers, or is this considered a healthy challenge? I am getting the feeling this might be looked down upon if my clues don't give enough hints for people to find it, but don't know if that is just their temporary frustration speaking? What would you suggest? Keep it as is? Give them a give-away hint? How do you feel when you can't find a cache? I know I feel frustrated, but I get obsessed, email for tips, and keep going back out (and I am very open to giving them tips that aren't in public logbooks).
  6. I think this is a really fun idea! We have a cache in our area called the "Crappy Music Cache," which has a very clever theme. It is a place to trade crappy music CD's that you don't like, and pick up someone else's crappy music tapes. I found a CD unexpectedly in a cache once, and was THRILLED! I traded every single item I brought with me so I would be able to "trade even or trade up." We put an ocean-themed CD in our ocean-themed cache, and that was scarfed up almost immediately, so people love it. Another cache in our area has a ton of CD Rom games and music tapes (copied off the original, so I'm sure the copyright police would just love that, but so do geocachers~!), and it was one of the best-stocked ammo boxes I've ever had the pleasure of finding. I am sure your idea will be a huge hit, and the fact that there is a mystery noise/song/voice on the CD adds to the excitement. The only downside I see is folks who don't have access to a CD-write to create something. Perhaps you'll want to create an alternatively suggested trade item for them, music-related? I love your avatar, by the way, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that you created it yourself, given your remarkable background. Congratulations on doing Journey's album cover! *WOW!* They were the first concert I'd ever seen in high school (and saw them a couple times since) and I was a die-hard Journey fan for many years. If you do sign an album, be sure to keep it super-dry, as the biggest theme I find with caches is "WET inside." Good luck!
  7. I wish those were incorportated into GPSr's. Of course, the next post will likely be someone saying, "They already are!" lol
  8. Hey, who is that cute egg in here? You have to go to your profile page, where you hit EDIT YOUR PROFILE. Go to where it says YOUR AVATAR (change/edit) It is there that you upload an image that you want for your Avatar (forum picture). It'll ask you to choose a CURRENT picture (top right). Choose the one you want, and be sure to make sure it says CURRENT above it on the button.
  9. WOW --- Some artwork! LOL That is one creative cache! Looks like poop to me! You'll have to think of a very clever name for that cache! Where does it open?
  10. LOL No, I"m not shocked, actually, just trying to pare down to the bare minumum while caching and couldn't imagine what I wasn't considering by taking a knife. I usually take way too much as it is, it seems: * GPSr * a big honkin' compas * digital camera * fanny pack with: 6 AA batteries, 2 flashlights, our signature coins and multitude of coins, pen, my keys (a feat in itself), * sometimes binoculars for the birdwatching * sometimes a field guide * Paper print-out of the cache (the most annoying thing to carry -- am going to use the great idea I got on these forums and put it into a sheet protector and carry it w/ a caribeaner on my belt) * cell phone * the pile of travel bugs we want to transfer * my son (whose personal rule limits him to one carrying item at a time) * tick remover, antibiotic ointment I used to carry one of those multi-purpose knives on my keychain, until I started working in a school and they have a "no weapons" policy that includes pocket knives. In the 10 years I carried it, I never used the knife part. What I did find useful was the nail file and especially the tiny scissors. Girl stuff, y'know? I do a ton of birding (birdwatching in the field), but have never come across the sudden desire to have a pocket knife. Should I start to smoke cigars, however, they might come in handy. <grin> I really enjoyed this thread, and I thank you all for your extremely creative and fun thoughts! I need to know when someone will incorporate a pen into one of these multi-purposed gadgets. Now THAT would be used practically daily by me. This is a great group....love the enthusiasm!
  11. Um... Good Lord! Now that is scarey? Remember that hiker? I think the idea of removing the gum from the shoes before re-entering the car was enough to convince me to bring one. Not to mention the pencil sharpener. Who'da thunk? (We stick retractable pencils in our caches just in case the points go dull, but most have regular pencils). Thanks everyone! Loved the great lists. That leatherman thing was pretty frightening. Not so sure I can go there yet, lol.
  12. I am reading through some old threads about what to bring Geocaching. We have a fanny pack and have had some items that we don't leave home without. I loved the idea of antibacterial stuff for poison ivy oil removal. Very clever! We'll add that. I notice that many folks listed pocket knives or other related sharp objects they bring. I can see the importance of this for camping-like caches, but for a day trip, what is the knife used for?
  13. I am absolutely cracking up here. You know, as someone who knows sign language, that hand shape of the finger under the chin is the shape of the letter "L" in ASL. And when you place the "L" it under the chin like that, it becomes the sign language equivalent of the word "Lesbian." So I guess I'd just be careful who you're doing it to, lol. The funny graphic of the man doing it with one raised eyebrow seems to say, "Hmmmm... is she one?" Just had to share. There is more of a "secret" to the secret handshake than you realize!
  14. I would love some help in creating an Avatar, please. But it is also something I'd like to use to eventually create a rubber stamp that says under it: Birdsong-n-Bud Found it! I'd like to have a bird, holding binoculars. He could either be looking through them (with a smaller, baby bird by his side if possible, also having binoculars). Other twists on this theme, the larger bird has binoculars around his neck, is holding them with one hand at his chest, but is pointing to the distance with his wing, while baby bird looks in that direction through his binoculars. If that is too busy for an avatar: yet another idea: A bird slamming a flag pole (with flag on top) into the ground, and the flag says either "I FOUND IT!" or "B&B Found It!" I picture him slamming the pole so hard into the ground that his little feet are actually off the ground. Can anyone help? Thanks for having this help feature for the artistically impaired!
  15. I thank everyone for the great replies. Clearly, NG is the hands-down winner! I know what to put on my Christmas list (along with snowshoes to get out out on the terrain we find on the software!). Someone had recommended Maptech software (Maptech.com), but I wasn't sure how it measured up to the other software. I think you've steered me in a completely new direction. Thanks for the advice. ce!
  16. Hi, I realize that I can't place a cache in a place owned by the US Fish and Wildlife...but can I put one in a National Audubon sanctuary if it doesn't require bushwacking? We have an Audubon Sanctuary nearby with a most remarkable historical landmark that would make a great spot for a multi-cache if it is allowed. Thanks,
  17. Does anyone here use purchased software for topographical maps? Does it give any information that I won't necessarily find on the geocaching pages where I can link to topozone.com? Is this something worth purchasing?
  18. Thanks for all the help on this! I think I may have misinterpreted the cemetary rule when I read this on the Listing Requirements and Guidelines Page: "Caches placed on archaeological or historical sites. In most cases these areas are highly sensitive to the extra traffic that would be caused by vehicles and humans. " In looking, I can't even find where I found the "no stonewall" rule, though that is stuck in my brain, too. I did see one Stonewall Cache (called Dog Pound), but it clearly stated that stones did not need to be removed in order to locate the film canister. I thank everyone for their clever math ideas. That definitely adds to the interest of the cache, too! Thanks so much. I look forward to doing this, thanks to your input!
  19. That sounds like a great idea...but I'm not sure I completely understand what you mean. Do you mean like using a date on a gravestone as part of a coordinate? Thanks for the awesome suggestion.
  20. D'OH! Of course, that makes sense. Thank you. The site of acronyms was very helpful, and I bookmarked it so I could refer to it as questions continue to arise. Thank you!
  21. Hi everyone. I have a clever idea for a cache that can be either a placed cache in a woods * somewhat near but not on* a historical area, or it can be simply a Virtual Cache directly to this historical site. The site is an antiquated graveyard that has many spooky mysteries/legends surrounding it, and I found a website that discusses the actual truthful history of this local icon. My question: I read that things like cemetaries and stone walls should be avoided as places to put a cache. What if I make the site part of an educational Virtual cache where they would not need to actually look for anything but the historical place? Is that taboo? Or what if the cache is in the woods about 1/4 mile from it (with trinkets and stuff), and then it also offers the coordinates to the graveyard in a sort of multi-cache, but the actual graveyard is just a virtual part of the caching experience? (I could tuck the historical information printed out in that cache box, too). What's your feeling on this? Do you think the moderators would find this a bad idea?
  22. What does it mean when someone signs a log with the acronym: SL/TFTC? I realized SL means "signed log," but the rest? Thanks
  23. Okay, thanks for your help, everyone. I do appreciate it. I wasn't going to leave a container with a logbook, but I think I will. I might even make it into a multicache, with the mystery item giving the coordinates to the final cache box, if that makes it easier to have approved. The item won't be on the ground, so I don't think I could make it near a cache log...hard to explain without giving the answer away <grin>.
  24. Hi... I have a fun idea for a geocache, but there is no actual cache box to find. There is a poem I wrote that talks about what they will find, but they won't be able to see the answer until they find what item I've physically placed there. The poem speaks in riddles, so it isn't clear what the answer is until they find it. I was hoping they would need to contact me to reveal the answer to the riddle before they can get credit for finding it. What would I call this kind of cache, please? Mystery? Puzzle? Virtual? Thanks for any advice as we set this up.
  25. I'm glad to have found this thread, I wish mine had come with a screen protector, and I didn't know you could buy them. After 2 weeks with my new GPSr, it got pretty scratched up from a single drop. I'm going to get one of the PDF screens; thanks for making us aware that these can be bought and cut down to size.
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