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  1. WOW, all your comments are 'nocomment '. That is just rude. What is even your purpose of logging if you can't even leave a TFTC comment?
  2. Would like the Crater Lake and Denali National Parks if still available.
  3. Had to LOL when I read numpty, haven't seen anyone use it in quite sometime. I always get rather strange looks when I say it in the USA.
  4. Personally, I only have used the PM on the cache at the end of my driveway. I just didn't want as much traffic as a basic member cache. So, a puzzle combined with PM has limited the finds on this cache, which is exactly as I planned. It really has nothing to do with the log audit feature!
  5. 1. Participating 15 Sept. 2012 2. Received Name 29 Sept. 2012 3. Mission Complete 08 Oct. 2012 4. Mission Received 11 Oct. 2012 Thank you PINGOS for the lovely card and coin. Will post a picture as soon as I figure out how!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE
  6. It can be legit because the TO owns the coin and the tracking number. If I have a coin that I want to travel, there is nothing to stop me from writing the code out and attaching it to a purple dinosaur as my proxy. It is also possible the proxy in question was not logged properly out of the cache in Ca. and traveled to Fl. and again deposited in a cache without proper logging. Best bet, contact the TB owner for verification.
  7. 1. Participating 15 Sept. 2012 2. Received Name 29 Sept. 2012 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Received
  8. May want to look at factory outlet under Garmin, they have refurbished Oregon 450t for around $279. Good luck finding one for less then $200.
  9. Rather than relying on a unit being "waterproof", it would be wise to invest in a lanyard of some sort. Pre-emptive action to protect your investment. This one looks neat: http://www.gpscity.ca/garmin-retractable-lanyard.html B. You are so right, I have invested in a carabiner clip and lanyard for my new Oregon! Waterproof is still an important aspect for me since I also went in the lake with my other gps!
  10. When you get another, I'd highly suggest some strict rules for yourself. I've read so many people talk about leaving their GPS's at caches that I've got strict rules for myself. I'm not allowed to set my GPS down at all. I bought a carabiner clip for it, and it gets clipped to my belt when I've found the cache. My other GPS has a lanyard and it goes around my neck. It does not get set down on the ground at all!!!! When I'm at home they go in my purse or in a certain drawer. That's it. Hard and fast rules. These suckers are expensive and SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO important!!!!! I'd hate to be without them. That would really suck!!! I know what you mean, I just bit the bullet and ordered an Garmin Oregon 450t. I hope it is all that and a box of chocolates! I got a carabiner clip and a lanyard for this one! Now watch, my old one will be sitting on the counter when I get home! !!
  11. Well now I am looking at the Dakota 20 or the Oregon 450t. So much price differences in the 450tshower though, not sure of the features and the prices!
  12. Is this unit still available? Do you accept pay pal?
  13. Too late!!! I do think I will like the touch screen aspect, how is the accuracy of the Dakota?
  14. I certainly will be going with the colour screen, well worth the $$ if I can read it!! What about the touch screen, are there any noticeable advantages/or disadvantages? Also keep n mind I tend to miss place my unit.....once I found it at the bottom of a muddy lake after bailing off a canoe!!! So, the waterproof aspect is very necessary!
  15. Ok, I seem to have miss placed my GPS, I have searched everywhere to no avail! So yesterday I was browsing the net in pursuit of a new device. I came across a good price on a Garmin Dakota 10 and a Magellan explorist 310. Any thoughts on the better product? I have, or should I say had, a Garmin Etrex Legend H which I liked and it was very accurate. The only problem with it was the gray scale screen was hard for my old eyes to read, and it keeps go missing. I don't want to spend my life savings on a new device, but I don't want to go to cheap either, kind of middle of the road, but with good accuracy!
  16. Looks like the owner posted a note on the bugs page, nice to know some that are lost have a chance at resurrection! Great story!
  17. Found a 5lb. brass owl the other day in a ammo can cache in a park!
  18. Message sent through geocaching profile from Eclectic Alabama!
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