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    Thank you to all of those that participated.


    Congratulations to FlyingSyringe for winning the lucky draw.


    The grid shown below reflects the final qualifying cachers as at the end of 2011.



  2. Newbie / Technical Event


    As I have a fair bit of time on my hands these days (when not chasing a FTF ), I really would like to organise a Newbie / Tech event for sometime in September / October. (This is something I really missed when starting geocaching)


    The way I see it, we should cover the following.


    •Finding and Logging caches


    •Hiding Caches (with reference to FE's "Hiding a cache in Africa")


    •Generally accepted "caching etiquette"


    •Benefits of Premium membership




    •GSAK Basics


    •GSAK Macros


    •General Q&A


    All sessions about 30 min.


    Maybe this is too much for one event?

    Perhaps the GSAK subjects should be a separate event?


    The following is needed:-

    Venue: Johan has mentioned that his saltmine training centre may be available

    Date / Time: would have to be a weekend morning / afternoon.

    Speakers: on the above topics

    Video Projector


    My thoughts on speakers (yes, I know this is cheeky)


    Finding and Logging - Noddy / DRDM

    Hiding - DiePienaars

    Etiquette - Kwenda Tafuta / Noddy

    GSAK Basics - anyone using GSAK

    GSAK Macros - Flying Syringe

    Mapsource - TechnoNut

    General Q&A - all speakers


    Of course I may be way out with the above suggestions, that is why I am posting this here - all ideas must be considered, and volunteers should please put their hands up.


    Thoughts please .....


    Great stuff TN, Diepienaars & I have had this idea for a long time now. Glad that you will be running with it.

  3. But that is the point.....there is a manner you would like cachers to conduct themselves when doing your caches, so listen to what other cachers have to say, so that you can try cache in harmony.



  4. :ph34r:


    Senario 1: They way I work it is that there is only one GPS per geocaching ID. So you can't cache without that GPS?


    Senario 2: You shouldn't replace a cache unless you have found it before AND you have the permission of the cache owner.


    Senario 3: Be polite and wait for the FTF to log the cache before your do.


    Senario 4: Don't pick up or grab a bug until it has been dropped into a cache. If it has taken too long, send the person an email.


    Senario 5: If you can't write your name on the log, you can't log the cache. Finding the plastic does not count.


    Enough for now !!


    Excellent topic.



  5. :P


    Just giving the Sandpit cachers a heads up, that I plan to host a CITO event on the 30th April 2011 or 1st May 2011 to coincide with International CITO weekend.


    I know its a long weekend, but thats why I am giving a heads up.



  6. :laughing: Bakers Challenge :laughing:


    The challenge will run for 2011, but will most probably end at the Christmas Event in December, so that we can give out a prize or two. Please note that in line with the new favorite app lauched by Groundspeak there might be a coin for the best placement as well as one for all taking part.





  7. :grin: Bakers Dozen Challenge 2011 :grin:


    A new challenge for 2011.


    All interested, need to commit to place at least one cache per month and one more in any month of their choosing.


    All entrants will stand a chance to win a prize at the the next Christmas event.


    Please let me know if you keen !!



    Noddy & KT



  8. I really don't understand why cachers bother to log at all that the cache was 6m or 10 m out. If you combine the errors of the placement cacher's GPS and the finders GPS, it is highly likely that you will always get an error. In very rare cases and usually only if the two GPS's are exactly the same will you get the co-ords to be spot on. I would only write to the cacher if the co-ords were 25 m out and this is usually only with a FTF. It adds to the fun.





  9. KZN Cachers been doing a bit of caching


    Diepienaars - 800

    KT - 700

    WAZAT - 500

    Whostops - 400

    The Fossil Hunters - 100

    Flyingsyringe - 100



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