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  1. I see some people saying that the inner measurement of the container is what determines the size. I prefer the size to reference what I am looking for. If you call a bison in a giant hunk of wood a micro, I am going to be looking for a micro, not a giant hunk of wood. I would presume that the whole purpose of listing the size is so that people will have an idea of what they are looking for.
  2. I'm with you on the DNF Pride thing. It's a part of my history...I looked, I didn't find, I left, I logged. But I log DNTs as DNFs also, because my intent was to find it, and if I know I cannot get to it (muddy road, for example), I still consider that not finding what I set out to find. HOWEVER, I make it clear in my log that I assume it is still there, but that I didn't find it because of my own ineptitude (and I give the reason), so that others will know they will likely have a better time than I did.
  3. So if I looked in the browser, found PMO caches, wrote down the coords, and found and signed them, I could come back to the browser and log them?
  4. I have found higher than that, but after reading the replies I think I understand why. Thanks.
  5. Someone please tell me how this works. I have read some people saying that the official app does not show PMO caches, but I use c:geo. Would that make a difference? I'd always assumed there were dozens of caches in my area that I've never found because I am not PM, but maybe I am wrong?
  6. No, that's why I don't understand it. Why make your caches PMO? It doesn't benefit the cache, and it doesn't benefit folks like me who are not PM. It only benefits geocaching.com, because it means that if I want to find it, I have to pay. Just not sure what the appeal is. Maybe it's about exclusivity; like being a member of the extra-special subset of the hobby? Or maybe some people are genuinely interested in helping the website succeed, so they make PMO caches so that more people will pay to find them.
  7. I don't understand them, personally. They aren't being treated better because a huge number of newbies get PM right off the bat. I don't pay, so I can't see them, which means they will go un-found by me. The only entity that benefits from PM is the website itself, so when you list a PMO, you are helping geocaching.com (which is fine, of course), but not really enhancing the experience for anyone else. I'm fine with just finding the non-premium ones, and maybe some day I will get a trial so I can clean up anything I have missed in my area. But overall I figure it's a way for geocaching.com to get more money. Whether you want to contribute to that or not (there are pros and cons on each side) is up to you.
  8. I did one last year that had a high difficulty rating, but I hopped out of the car, lifted up the lamp skirt, took out the pill box, and signed the log. Then had a second thought because lamp skirts are not difficult. Looked through previous logs and found one where the person said the cache was missing, so he replaced it. More investigation of logs prior to that noted how hard it was, how you needed a tool, etc. Long story short, I found the real cache in one of those concrete bumpers. I guess someone THOUGHT it would be under the skirt, and when he didn't find it, he simply put one there and claimed the find. I removed the throwdown and told the whole long story in my log, and even requested that the throwdown "find" all the others after that be removed. (But the CO didn't remove them.)
  9. Heh, I was at a Walmart a few weeks ago and went straight for the lamp skirt...and it wasn't there. We were confused for a moment, until my kid spotted an electric plate cover on the lamp post itself! Well done, CO!
  10. What an absolute jerk. Do you know who it is? It almost sounds like someone who has it out for you personally.
  11. This is so funny; I feel exactly the same way. If people would trade up, it might be exciting to find swag. (And once in a while I have found a few truly useful things.) But people are either leaving bottle caps and rocks, or they are leaving new but boring stuff like tiny plastic toys, chimes, erasers, beads. It really DOES get in the way of looking for TBs and getting to the log! (And if the cache is very full and you take it all out trying to get to the log, it can sometimes be a hassle to put it away.)
  12. I am a gem dealer and always leave gemmy items. Everyone likes cool rocks, regardless of age or gender! I leave a lot, but I rarely take swag because most of it is not worth taking. (But I always do take coins, paper money, and once even a prepaid VISA card! I figure I've made about $50 in the last three years just taking coins from geocaches!) When a cache is in a LFL, I leave a copy of my gemstone book, signed with the date and an explanation on geocaching!
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies. My initial thought was a TD, but after reading through everything, I have decided to let it stay as it is. People are welcome to pass it by if they feel uncomfortable reaching through the stuffed animals to grab it.
  14. It is unlikely that they are geocachers. If they are, and they know the site, and the name bothers them, they are welcome to contact me to change the name or remove it.
  15. It is unlikely to be spotted unless you are a geocacher, and even then only if you are looking for it.
  16. No, I was referring to the song "Lullaby on Broadway," and the street name is Broadway. But as someone noted, it does seem apt, since a little girl is "sleeping" there now. Lullabies lull children to sleep peacefully.
  17. Interested in opinions on this. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC7WBY2_lullaby-on-stop On one hand, I can see how people would be reluctant to find it. And it may be thought of as disrespectful. On the other hand, the toys are more moldy and torn every time I go there, so I can't imagine that the memorial will be there for very long. (The person who wrote about safety is referring to the fact that you have to cross half of a 2-way street to get to it. It's in the median. It's a pretty slow traffic area and there is rarely more than one car in sight at any given time, so I don't really consider it a problem.)
  18. Ageleni


    I personally would not launch them again. They may very well still be out there, and some day one of them may show up. Then you'd have the same tag being logged in two different locations. The logs are the history of the TB. Some have glorious missions, others die young. I would recommend you start new ones instead of trying to resurrect existing ones.
  19. I recently logged on that I had found in 2013 but forgot to log back then! And my son went to all of the old ones we'd found together and logged them with his new account--most of those were archived.
  20. It's because Geocaching is mistakenly touted as a global treasure hunt, which causes newbies to think that the "treasure" inside of them in theirs for the taking. If it were more accurately described as a global hide-and-seek game, maybe people wouldn't focus so much on the "treasure" part of it. TBs look official, with their tags and numbers. A perfect souvenir from your "treasure hunt." And yeah, probably some people are just stealing them. On my one and only TB, I wrote in the description that if the finder liked the glass pendant attached to it, to please let me know and I would send them a duplicate, so that the pendant itself could continue its journey. But it was likely taken by someone who had no idea what a TB is and that they are supposed to find it on the site. I even narrowed the thief down to three possible culprits (thanks to the RESPONSIBLE geocachers before and after them who communicated that is was there and not there), and wrote to each one individually. No responses. So I assume they just liked the pendant and chose to keep it.
  21. A ziplock bag with paper inside, under a bush, in plain view next to a parking lot. No container. I figured that the container had been stolen or broken, but no, previous logs from as much as two years prior noted that it was just a baggie. The CO apparently had to come out and do maintenance several times, in response to all of the "Log was too soaked to sign" posts.
  22. What brings me joy (in addition to many other joys) is discovering things I didn't know existed. I have found works of art in the middle of the city, parks, interesting monuments, streets and streets of lovely houses, great views. My goal is to find caches. That's pretty simple! I like all of them! And I always try to get a few in when I work out of town.
  23. That's a good way of looking at it, thanks.
  24. I had one the other day that wasn't even up in a tree. Luckily, I happened to have a plastic garbage can to stand on! (Sometimes I DNF when a cache is too high, but this one was too cute to give up on.)
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