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  1. What would be the fair value of this coin?
  2. Is there a market for the 2003 USA Geocoin (activated but will transfer). If so, what would be a fair value on this?
  3. Is there still a market for Anthus Laptop Geocoins (black nickel, activated but will transfer), or is this not as desirable as once was?
  4. Thanks for your prompt response. After review of the forum and many threads, I'm guessing I must have had some sort of add-on enabled at the time. I know I could view the maps with the mystery icon moved from the bogus location to the correct one. Oh well ... I guess it's time for this dog cat to learn some new tricks! On the geocaching.com website, there actually is a way to see the question mark icons at the corrected coordinates. The difference is how you're getting to the map: Play -> Find a Geocache -> Enter city/area/etc -> Search -> Map These Results -- Mystery question marks appear at the 'corrected' coords. Play -> View Geocache Map -- Mystery question marks appear at the original 'listed' coords. Of course, this assumes that each cache listing has been updated with the solved coordinates. Very nice! Thank you, noncentric!
  5. Thanks for your prompt response. After review of the forum and many threads, I'm guessing I must have had some sort of add-on enabled at the time. I know I could view the maps with the mystery icon moved from the bogus location to the correct one. Oh well ... I guess it's time for this dog cat to learn some new tricks!
  6. Unless I'm mistaken (which is entirely possible) do I remember correctly that you could change bogus mystery cache coordinates (which reflect placement incorrectly on the maps) to the correct ones (in order to see correct placement on the maps). Was this a feature? Can it still be done (and if so, how?)? Thanks for the help; much appreciated!
  7. ... a design that would also work well here in the USA (November 12, 2013)
  8. Being the CO of a puzzle that went 16 months before a FTF was claimed, my advice is "decide now" how long you want to wait if you do decide to give additional hints / clues. The longer my puzzle went unsolved, and the more folks (worldwide) that I knew were working on it, the more I felt I had backed myself into a corner about giving hints. Folks were posting about the *torture* they were putting themselves through working on it, and I wanted to help them, BUT ... I felt it might be unfair to those that were new to it to just throw things out there that might give them a "quick solve". Postings to the page were about 50/50 (those wanting hints vs. those telling me "no hints, we want to work it out ourselves"). You could bridge the dilemma by perhaps giving a new clue on each one week or one month anniversary of publication. Just my 2¢
  9. OMGoodness!! ~ I've always wanted to go to Mt. Rushmore (probably will never get to) ~ I've LOVE to win this "virtual experience" ~ Count me in too, please. HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL !!
  10. Yup, that was it. How? (why?) did it get deleted? I entered info and still didn't see the distance, but signing out and then back in did the trick. Thanks!
  11. It's missing from cache pages. I've disabled all scripts, restarted browser and computer, logged out and back in, and still not showing (since this morning).
  12. Title says it all ... once again, the distance from home to cache coordinates is missing. Anybody else having this issue?
  13. The activation code should be MINELAB. That's what mine was Yup... gotcha!! ~ it was the tracking code that was eluding my 'ol eyes!! Thanks for the reply!
  14. Received mine this week (2 of 'em) ~ they're adorable!! ~ THANKS!!
  15. Here are two that I know of ~ one of which was in my possession but I didn't plug into my laptop. This one, Freedom Flash I, has been moving since March, 2008. The 5th most recent post from the top shows pictures that were on the drive. This one, The Digital Geocache, was released October, 2007 and was recently moved by friends of mine (don't know if they plugged into it or not). Both seen to have longevity ~ 3 & 4 years respectively.
  16. Count me in (please send PM or e-mail with address). It'll be GREAT to finally have a trackable that will travel safely rather than wondering *when* it's gonna get hijacked never to be heard from again.
  17. Hope you enjoy your new coin. Happy Holidays! THANK YOU, Tennessee Jed for your kindness and generosity!! Adoption accepted ~ HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU, AS WELL
  18. Decided to peek in on the thread and saw your post. The coin you so generously donated to me in March has moved from the Netherlands to France (800 miles) since I came into possession of it. I enjoy watching its travels and using Google Translate to "read" the logs. I wanted to publicly thank you once again, Tennessee Jed!! BTW ~ if nobody steps forward with a request for a coin in Germany, once again, I'd love to adopt it. I can't get to Germany to visit a friend that lives there, so I will request that the coin stay in that country as my Proxy.
  19. I posted by submission (below) to the HistoryCaching Blog on Dec. 7th ~ Hope it Helps. Massachusetts ~ GC26Z86 ~ Start A Revolution Fort Phoenix // Fairhaven, MA Fort History - On May 13-14, 1775, the first naval battle of the American Revolution took place off our shore when the local militia, under the command of Nathaniel Pope and Daniel Egery, captured two British sloops in Buzzard's Bay. (more details and link to historical reference on blog site)
  20. Okie-doke ... nevermind Feature's working again ... if it goes missing, I'll post again. Otherwise, I guess somebody had the hiccups!!
  21. Just noticed that when I view any cache page, the distance from my home location to the cache is missing. Previously, under the Long/Lat coords it would say "xx miles" to the cache. Now, it reads "In Massachusetts" (as opposed to giving the distance). EXAMPLE: N 41° 37.944 W 070° 59.185 Other Conversions UTM: 19T E 334542 N 4610869 In Massachusetts, United States View Map If this is a bug, I'm reporting it. If this is a new feature ...Noooooooooo ... please, bring back the "xx distance to" feature.
  22. I've got a coin for you that is already traveling in Europe. It moves alot but the odometer does not work. THANK YOU so much, Tennessee Jed. I've accepted the adoption and have only edited the page to place an acknowledgment of the adoption and to thank you for your kindness and generosity! As for the coin travelling in Europe, I've read in the forums that most of them seem to have a better survival rate and travel frequently. I am sooooooooo very happy to have received this coin. THANK YOU, once again!! (9 smileys ... and 9 is also the month of my birth ... did I mention yet that I'm happy to have this coin?!?)
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