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  1. Team Ginger you got it. This was one of the oldest caches I've done.
  2. View of the Wall GCTBXD? No, but you are close.
  3. At witch cache is this photo taken? http://s19.postimage.org/bpeiegnr7/2010_041.jpg
  4. GC18AFJ Coert Steynberg?
  5. Scmeirei


    Congrats to Thrips reaching his 1000 mark. May there be many more.
  6. Cincol you are correct. This part of southern Africa was inhabited by several antelope because the land was rich in nutrients and the veld could carry a lot of grazing animals. In the 1800's, people came from far to come to hunt antelope. The skins are processed to "rieme" (I don't know what its called, maybe thongs?) and clothes. The area later known as the Rielmand because there was always plenty of wild to hunt and "rieme" could be made. Rieme was very useful because every ox-wagon was using it. Farmers used it for several of task, from ox ploughing to fasting their load. They didn't had any rope because it was to expensive to buy and there was very little suppliers of it so they had so make it by themselves.
  7. Take a look at: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=9007dfa3-dbb3-4b4d-9695-0b6e509599ef&log=y for a hint.
  8. Close, but think what happed in the region in the earlier days.
  9. Where does the region name "Riemland" (Heilbron, Petrus Steyn, Frankfort, Reitz, Lindley, Bethlehem, Senekal) came from?
  10. Was it maybe Gen Koos de la Rey? He had a farm in the Lichtenburg district. The British soldiers could not capture him.
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