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  1. My wife merely tolerated it at first, as I had really only taken the time to show her the park and grabs. Once I took her on some hiking finds, the light bulb went on and she started to enjoy it. Once she realized she could start her own account, and hunt during her off time at work and actually be competitive with me about it, the floodgates opened.
  2. maggi101


    Thanks for the suggestion! I was wondering what to use my amazon birthday gift on! It arrived tonight!
  3. It depends on if the phones are in the hands of users a developer wants to reach. A million Android phones in the world overall wouldn't necessarily be a good reason to make a Geocaching app. But a few thousand in the hands of Geocachers might be. One of the points I tried to make the other day is that GC.com already has a built-in mechanism to gauge how large their specific market could be for any device: The "devices owned" that users report for themselves in their user profiles. The numbers reported there should give Groundspeak an idea of when the potential market is enough to make it worth doing. A valid point, however in the case of this debate, it may not be the best argument, given the number of Android owners who have already said that we use our Androids as our primary, or secondary caching device, but are still seeking the killer app. Were there no polished apps for the iPhone that had the ability to tie directly into gc.com, I theorize that you would not see nearly as many iphones listed as primary or secondary devices that they are now. It is difficult, on a corporate level, at times, to justify the risk, but visionaries are the ones who create and cultivate a market where there isn't yet one, or one is waiting to grow with the right catalyst.
  4. Good points all. Don't get me wrong, I recognize that the iphone controls the lions share of the market, but I am very impressed with how Android has been eating away at it, at a very steady pace. I think the question of a GC.com app on Android is a very valid one. A number of devs have stated that Androids market is not nearly as lucrative as the iPhones, and not just because of adoption rate. Android users haven't seemed to embrace paid apps as much as iPhone users have. Part of this may be from the fact that it's more of the Linux of phones, and thus appeal to the people out there who are more likely to tinker with their hardware and find "free" alternative solutions. I think that with the mainstreaming of the platform, via phones like the MyTouch 3G, and the Droid, that perception will slowly change. I'm not entirely sure how well some of the android apps like CacheMate and GeoDroid have sold, but i know GeoBeagle, even with its more sparse feature set, has an overwhelming number of advocates, largely due to its (free) price point. At this point, I think that any developer would be foolish to discount Android as a viable platform. It's just not going away, and with it becoming more mainstream, and less niche, the Marketplace is only going to solidify itself for app development.
  5. You fail to mention the 1500+ registered G1 users. Given the fact that every major carrier either already has an android phone, or has one on the books, it is a bit of a pain to figure out exactly how many Android users we have here on the board. It *is* clear however, that it is a much larger growing market than pulling up one model of phone can show. it may not have the wildfire adoption rate of the iphone, but its showing steady groeth, every quarter, comfortably eating away at WinMo, BB, iPhone and Symbians market shares.
  6. Then you have a lot to learn about integrity... Agreed.
  7. Meh. I don't really care where anyone elses 644 comes from, versus their 643. As such, I think that what Road Rabbit had to say on the matter can be applied to caring about others numbers, as well.
  8. Thank you for your "opinion" which is so flawed, beside the shipping restriction there is also the customs of the country which must be considered. Many countries forbid the import of aerosols. Do you know international laws for this country? I don't but I do know if you take an areosol can to the postoffice or to UPS and tell them you want to send it overseas they will not do it. BUT since you are so much smarter and helpful why don't you offer to buy that spray and send it yourself? all you are doing is running your mouth about something you know nothing about. Wow.
  9. Woot is in the middle of a Woot Off, so unfortunately, The GPS in question is no longer available. During a Woot Off, items are sold only until they run out of stock, and usually there are only a few of any given item on hand. its sort of an attempt to move unsold stock. On a different note, in the recent past, another mod has closed down a thread in the Garage Sale forum because it was promoting a great deal for a gps on a commerical site (no, it wasnt spam, but a user letting the rest of us know about a killer price). At the time, the explanation given was that the "these forums are meant for the personal buying and selling of equipment, not to promote businesses." At the time i found this a bit heavy handed, as the user wasn't "promoting" the business, but sharing with the rest of us a price cut on a decent geocaching gps. At that time, the Mod even went so far as to edit the name of the website with the deal (thankfully, i read the thread before being edited and managed to order mine in time to put under the xmas tree. ) While I thought this a heavy handed approach at moderation, I didn't think much of it, as were are all here, playing in Groudspeaks house, and the rules are yours, not ours. I've been on the mod / admin side of the fence on some large commercial forums, and I know just how much crap you guys have to put up in the weay of spam control, trolls, and just plain jerks who enjoy arguing purely for the sake of arguing. In the end, this begs the question, what are the rules for this forum regarding users posting commercial deals on GPS equipment? Is it allowed, and if so, where? edit : it's probably worth noting that I'm not trying to ruffle anyones feathers at all, or step on toes, I'm just hoping for clarification.
  10. Thats... actually not true at all. There is international surface mail. It takes much longer, and typically costs a fair amount less, but it does avoid the complications that air shipping introduces.
  11. I find they come in handy for grabbing lamp skirt caches as well. I can lift the skirt up and they can look and grab MUCH quicker than it takes me to try to juggle lifting the skirt and trying to fumble about in there without looking entirely sketchy.
  12. I've found that having camera slung around my neck, and pausing to take the occasional picture also tends to make people less likely to bother you, particularly if you have children with you. I tend to bring Thing One and Thing Two out with me a lot when I'm caching, which, coupled with the camera, makes it look like I'm just taking pictures of the boys. If you don't have these things handy, you can always borrow a friends! (Kids, that is. I would never loan my camera out)
  13. The MyTouch 3g run 1.6. Before I sold my MT3G and went back to the G1, I was able to run both GeoBeagle and GeoDroid on it with great success. I will admit, however that lately I've been using SmittyWares CacheMate and been a bit happier with it, though that may also have to do with the fact that I like new toys. That said, I can'y until Cyanogen releases a 2.0 based ROM. I know he's slowly started working on it, though it will be a bit. I suppose that is why his ROMs tend to be more stable than nearly anything else you find on XDA.
  14. You'll find the answer to a lot of vexing acronyms at http://www.geocaching.com/about/glossary.aspx
  15. When I was having compass issues on my G1, I came across the following: http://groups.google.com/group/android-dev...c99427b31?pli=1 and Your mileage may vary.
  16. I would liken Geosense to a cross between intuition and logic. The logic part comes when you start thinking "Ok, I'm looking for something roughly the size of a film can, if I were hiding a film can, where would *I* have put it to protect from from random passerby AND the elements?" or "what would a tennis ball be doing in the bushes HERE?!" The intuition part kicks in when you being to start gravitating towards a certain area because it feels right (in my case, usually thanks to the logic part first, but thats just how my brain works.).
  17. Well that aces out the Geomate Jr i was looking at for the boys for Christmas! Thanks!
  18. You can leave them down in our area as well!
  19. I bought some pressed pennies off of ebay and leave those. My kids love them, so hopefully others do too. They included zoos, waterparks and other fun places from coast to coast.
  20. Id like one or two to help Thing One and Thing Two build their first caches, but it's likely going to have to wait a couple more weeks until we get closer to the holidays, should you still have a garage full.
  21. Oh, deer..... D'oh! A deer!
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