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  1. Damned colorblindness. There's something in there. I can sort of make it out. Is it a unicorn? Did you make unicorns? Its unicorns, isn't it?
  2. This is quite possibly one of the most inducing images i have had in my head so far this week.
  3. Erasers like that seems fine and fairly inoffensive. A Chick Tract would likely be viewed differently by some, however.
  4. This. 100%. My kids love finding the "neat rocks" and super bounce balls and all of that stuff. Really, thats all that matters to me.
  5. Not a problem at all. Many of us do it. Just make sure you check on the TB's mission before you do this. If you live in Ottawa and find a TB while vacationing in Calgary that wants to go to Vancouver, don't bring it back to Ottawa. Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver.. Youre making those names up.
  6. Im inclined to agree with gregnotcraig. GeoBeagle is a great, free app. If youre looking a few more bells and whistles, for a few dollars, CacheMate is where its at. It doesnt pretty much everything I want it to, and then some. At this point, Im very happy to have given my dollars to a developer who showed interest in a growing platform. It's going to take a lot to convince me to give another $10 further down the road to any of the devs who lacked the tact to at least say "At this point, we are watching Android closely as a platform to see if the installed userbase will support development costs," but rather said "We have no interest in developing for Android," then did an about face when they realized there was a base and demand to actually turn a fair profit from. Sorry, rant aside, We do 90% of our caching on our G1s, and use our Delorme very rarely. Android is a killer platform for caching, and outperforms most of our friends iPhones, or dedicated GPSr's in most conditions.
  7. With no multitasking ability, and running on the iPhone OS, it's nothing more than an oversized iPod. I'll pass.
  8. My children spend a lot of time tattling on each for doing things like cheating at Solitaire, too.
  9. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=239483
  10. We have a forum dedicated to the website itself (and any issues). I think that would yield the best results for you, as well as the chance that there are likely already discussions regarding the matter, as it seems others have had similar concerns. Though admittedly, I have not dug into that forum very deep. Best of luck! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=8
  11. To be totally honest, nothing makes me close a web page faster than unsolicited music or sound. I am usually listening to music while i am on the computer, and opening a page and having music or sounds suddenly play can be very frustrating. A lot of webpages lose my traffic because of this (not that it matters one bit, of course).
  12. Doesn't it seem odd that this geocaching trooper would claim there was a geocache under a car? That seems EXTREMELY odd to me. That's why I call bull hockey on the entire email. I dunno... I suppose it could have fallen out from under a lamp skirt, been muggled, then dropped there by the muggle, or an as yet un-hidden container that fell out of a geocacher's car. Or it just rolled out of its hiding spot - just like the OP says............. Logic is just White Noise to the impatient or disagreeable.
  13. Yay, Validation! Borrow away! Ironically, tke kids and I were out last weekend, and Thing Two, my 6 year old, found the bark sleeve on the ground, and said "Dad! We can hide a cache in here!" It just so happened that it was a perfect fit, and long enough to cover the cap as well. The bark around the cap will come off in time, I'm sure, but I covered it all in camo tape anyhow, for added measure.
  14. It's not in the same league as some of the caches in this thread, but Thing One, Thing Two and I put this one out today. Its a waterproof match container, hidden in a stump in the woods.
  15. Click My Controls in the middle of the top line. On the resulting page, in the Menu in the left column, click Manage Ignored Users. Thanks tons!
  16. I knew I had seen this post a few months back. Where is the option to do this?
  17. Huh. I would venture that putting it out for community discussion, before making one of the volunteer reviewers make the call makes sense, personally. Isn't that what discussion forums are usually for?
  18. 1. You may be able to just take it as a lighthearted comment. Some of us are happy to see an android app and just wanted to say something to show that interest. If you so chose, you could view it in the same light as voicing your agreement of a point made in a conversation, even though it was not specifically asked for. Would you feel the same if you were part of an open conversation, agreed with a statement made, and somebody else said "Im not sure what to make of that agreement. No request was made for confirmation of points presented, so that acknowledgment seems out of place"? 2. It may also have been with the intent of letting GS know that there is an interest from people who have experience beta testing in helping out. If I see a neighbor moving a heavy piece of furniture, and I'm available, I head outside and offer to help. I'd find it rather odd if another neighbor walked out and said "I'm not sure what to make of this conversation. They never asked for help, this seems like the wrong time to offer it." The offer may be taken, it may not, but its no skin off of my nose, or yours, for people to offer. 3. Sometimes, a comment is just a comment.
  19. Unless you run into someone thinking you're after their union job... Politicians are unionized?
  20. Unless you run into someone thinking you're after their union job...
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